Ninth House Lord Placement

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  • The article below discusses the placement of the lord of the punya bhava(father & Luck) or the ninth house in various houses of the horoscope(Kundli).
  • Then in the Next Section discusses the horoscope of sri akhilesh singh yadav- who has been a former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh
  • It then in the last section discusses the 9th house of the Horoscope or Kundli of various celebrities of the bollywood,sports and politics like sri narendra Modi ji, Dhoni, Amit shah, shahrukh khan, Virat Kohli,Rahul gandhi,Anushka Sharma and many more 😉 analyzing their 9th house of luck /fortune and father to get a better feel of the subject ;).This adds a lot of value tot eh article to understand the 9th house of bhava of any Horoscope or Kundli.

  • Ninth House Lord or Bhava Kundli or Horoscope Placement- success,religion,father & luck-
    Ninth House Lord in the First House Effects

  • What combination in the 9th house suggests gains, riches and good fortune. Plus good connection to one’s father 😉 ?
    If the Ninth house or bhava lord gets into your Lord Lagna(ascendant), it makes the person self-made as there is a connection of luck and self, the Lagna. He or she gains riches and luck and hard work and also suggests strong connection of the person with father as the lord of father connected to lagan or the self.
  • what planets in the 9th bhava of Horoscope(Kundli) indicate one getting deep into Dharma or religion ? Also if Ninth house lord or Dharma’s Lord is in Lagna or First house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will be lucky (as there is an energy sharing between the house of luck the ninth house and the self that is the lagna bhava), will be respected by the ruler (ninth house is for rulers as well), be ethical (There is an exchange of energy of dharma or religion), enchanting, learned and regarded by people in general.
  • Ninth House Lord in the Second House Effects

  • If the ninth bhava lord is in the second bhava of wealth and status, it suggests that the father of the person could be a rich and influential person or a person of status as the second bhava is for status and wealth and ninth bhava stands for father. Also, it could mean good inheritance for the person from father. unless malefics do not impact the ninth house lord.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord Dharma’s Lord is in Dhan Bhava or Second house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will be a researcher( as ninth house in some sense rules knowledge and second house with gains, so gain of knowledge suggest a researcher), be of high repute to all( a combination of luck of ninth house and gains of the second house), rich, sexy and supplied with bliss from spouse, children and so forth ( second house is a secondary house of family as well).
  • Ninth House Lord in the Third House Effects

  • If the lord of the ninth bhava be in the third house, so it may mean gains in luck and money for the person through his or her writings, speeches, oration and communications through emails/write-ups etc. Also, the luck of the person could be helped by his or her siblings. The father of the person could be of average standing. If the third bhava lord is afflicted- it could mean issues and losses due to one’s writings.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord In the event that Dharma’s Lord is in Sahaj Bhava or Third house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will be invested with intimate delight( as third house governs surroundings and ninth house lord being here suggest good and blissful surroundings), be affluent, righteous and beguiling.
  • Ninth House Lord in the Fourth House Effects

  • If the lord of the ninth house is in the fourth house, it could mean great good luck for the person as one is trikona house(ninth the other is in Kendra house. It could mean one having a good bungalow and landed property for the person. The mother of the person may be learned. also, it could mean great earnings by land deals etc. It also means inheritance of fathers immovable property.
  • But if afflicted the ninth house lord could mean domestic peace is less and impacts mother’s health due to father.
  • On the off chance that Dharma’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava or Fourth house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will have a good house or houses(Luck enters his house through the ninth house of luck), movements and bliss( as fourth house rules mind as well), will have a wide range of riches and be committed to his mom.
  • ninth House Lord in the Fifth House Effects

  • If the ninth bhava lord is in the fifth bhava or house the or s children and especially sons and 5th bhava is Putra bhava , may have success and may be recognized all over. also his or her father could be an influential man as the ninth and fifth bhava both are really great and connection causes the greatness of the father.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord Dharma’s Lord is in Putra Bhava or Fifth house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will be close with children and flourishing, committed to senior citizens( as the fifth house is the determinant of mind as well, and ninth house of dharma giving energy here supportive of dharma actions that is support to senior citizens), striking, altruistic and learned( house of learning fifth gets energy from the house of higher learning-dharma the ninth house).
  • ninth House Lord in the Sixth House Effects

  • If the ninth house lord is in the sixth house, it could suggest basic health issues to father and possibility of chronic health problems as the ninth house is of father and sixth bhava of bad health.
    If the benefics are nearby the sixth house lord, so with the good energy it could mean gains through success in legal matters as the sixth house stands for legal matters as well. But if malefics are there with the sixth house lord in the sixth house it could mean lost of legal issues and stress for the person.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord chance that Dharma’s Lord is in Ari Bhava or Sixth house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will have pitiful success(as the house of luck is afflicted by the bad energy of the sixth house), be without bliss from maternal relatives( sixth is fourth from fourth so suggest the house or family of mother) and be constantly disturbed by foes.
  • Ninth House Lord in the Seventh House Effects

  • If the ninth bhava lord is in the seventh house, so As the ninth bhava energies get into the seventh bhava and other good indications are there- then the person may lead a life of a saint. Also as seventh bhava of wife or husband gets good energies it generally means a good life partner. Also, the ninth house and seventh house are for foreign travels and when both have a connection here- in Kendra bhava of seventh- means great success and distinction in foreign lands. It also means as ninth bhava is the house of father, success for father in foreign lands.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord If Dharma’s Lord is in Yuvati Bhava or Seventh house of your kundali or horoscope, the local bring forth satisfaction after marriage(he will have a lucky marriage), be high-minded( as this 9th house lord aspects his or her first house as well and gives good and dharma mind) and well known.
  • Ninth House Lord in the Eighth House Effects

  • If the ninth house lord sits in the eighth house, it could mean less longevity to father as ninth bhava is the physical body of the father. if the malefic impact the ninth bhava lord it may mean issues in inheritance. There could be less money and issues due to the responsibility of the father. But if benefics are there so overall property inheritance the karaka for the eighth house is good enough so means good inheritance, and if malefic are there as ninth bhava is for religion or dharma it may mean one may destroy religion or leave one’s religion.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord Dharma’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava or eighth house of your kundali or horoscope, the person won’t be prosperous( as all prosperity of the ninth house is killed by the bad influence of the eighth house) and won’t appreciate joy from his senior sibling.
  • ninth House Lord in the Ninth House Effects

  • Now if the ninth bhava lord is weak or afflicted by malefic it impacts the longevity of the father. if strong it could give great fortune and good position for father and gives good health and longevity to the father. The ninth house is for travel abroad so one may travel abroad and earn distinction.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord that Dharma’s Lord is in Dharma Bhava or Ninth house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will have great bounty of fortunes(The Lord of luck in house of luck!), ideals and magnificence and will appreciate much bliss from co-conceived.
  • Ninth House Lord in the Tenth House Effects

  • If the lord of dharma gets into the house of karma, the tenth house it means the person would do good karma. He or she could get good distinction in life due to good energies of house ninth coming into the tenth house. There could be openness and helpful nature of Jupiter. They will follow the ethics and be very helpful due to Jupiter influences.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord Dharma’s Lord is in Karma Bhava or tenth house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will be a ruler, or equivalent to him( as the house of luck blesses the house of actions or karma- so suggest lucky actions! Only a ruler could have the same), or be a priest( as the action would be more tuned to GOD by presence of ninth house lord in the tenth house of karma), or an Army boss( ninth house is twelfth form tenth house- so house of decay or army, that generally kills boss), be righteous and dear to all.
  • Ninth House Lord in the Eleventh House Effects

  • If the ninth bhava or house lord is in the eleventh bhava or house, as these are tow benefic houses. it could mean great wealth and gains to the person and also help from friends as the eleventh house is house of friends. But if the ninth bhava is weak or afflicted- the friends may be unfaithful and harm the wealth of the person.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord Dharma’s Lord is in Labha Bhava or eleventh house of your kundali or horoscope house of your kundali or horoscope, the person will appreciate monetary benefits step by step( as his house of benefits and gains is blessed by the lord of ninth house or fortune), be dedicated to seniors, idealistic and exemplary in acts.
  • Ninth House Lord in the twelfth House Effects

  • If the lord of the ninth house is in the twelfth bhava, both deal with religion so the native may be religious. But as ninth bhava is for father and twelfth house for diseases- it may mean bad health to father and less longevity. But as luck is going to the vayay bhava , so one may have worked very hard in life and may not get great gains.
  • In case that If the Ninth house lord that Dharma’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava or twelfth house of your kundali or horoscope, the local will cause loss of fortunes( as the lord of house of luck would get into house of losses that is the twelfth house), will dependably spend on acts of dharma or religion ( lord of religion in house of expenditure) and will get to be poor by virtue of entertaining visitors(the lord of luck gets into the house of expenditure).
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    The Ninth House Analysis of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh yadav and assembly elections Predictions
    Akhilesh Yadav
    Date of Birth :- 01st July, 1973
    Time of Birth :- Not Known
    Place of Birth :- Etawah-Uttar Pradesh- India
    Planets C R Rashi Longitude Nakshatra Pada Relation
    Sun D Gemini 15-47-56 Ardra 3 Neutral
    Moon C D Gemini 26-54-36 Punarvasu 3 Friendly
    Mars D Pisces 13-13-07 Uttarabhadra 3 Friendly
    Merc D Cancer 08-43-18 Pashyami 2 Enemy
    Jupt R Capricorn 17-08-42 Sravana 3 Debilitated
    Venu D Cancer 07-37-10 Pashyami 2 Enemy
    Saturn C D Gemini 02-41-10 Mrigasira 3 Friendly
    Rahu R Sagittarius 14-09-34 Purvashadha 1
    Ketu R Gemini 14-09-34 Ardra 3
    Uran D Virgo 25-25-06 Chitra 1
    Nept R Scorpion 11-40-32 Anuradha 3
    Plut D Virgo 08-16-49 Uttaraphal 4

    [C] – Combust [D] – Direct [R] -Retrograde [E] -Eclipse
    SOLAR or sun Horoscope akhilesh yadav
    Sri Akhilesh Yadav Ji was born 1 July 1973) is at the moment 20th Chief Minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh., he is the youngest person who has this office.
    He is the son of the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav ji.
    We don’t have his time of birth but approximate horoscope. But still, some basic principles of Vedic astrology or Jyotish would apply to him.

    His ninth house lord or the bhagya lord is in the ascendant- it clearly suggests a Raja Yoga and gains from father.
    Which is clearly evident from his life.
    He is lucky, rich and powerful.
    The planet Saturn shares energy with planet sun, the lord of initiative and name fame for him in Kendra house 1st. So he will have good name and fame and will work hard for it( note he is born on 1st, ruled by number 1, the planet sun).
    The lord of the house of gains, wealth and status moon is also close in ascendant which is also a good sign.
    He has to only worry about the Rahu-Ketu axis- as that is the only thing that could spoil his chances in elections.
    9th house horoscope kundli predictions celebrity
    Discover if there is anything in Common in YOU and the celebrities like rahul Gandhi, Shahrukh Khan, Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma 😉 etc based on your 9th House?
    Ninth House lord in the first house or bhava- Aamir khan

    Narendra Modi Ji- for him the ninth house lord in the first bhava.

  • As the ninth house rules the fortunes and luck and the first house the self. The Ninth bhava in the first house means success and luck through self-effort. This is 100% true Sri Narendra Modi ji’s is a self-made man.
  • Which proves the efficacy of Vedic astrology.
  • The lord of the ninth bhava or house for Aamir khan is in the lagan bhava. so clearly suggests one would grow in fortunes by self-effort. this is mostly true for the film actor Aamir Khan. As Libra(Tula Rashi) is a good sign and in Lagna, the seventh lord or lord of relationships sun is there.
  • This combination Makes him a success in public dealings as seventh bhava deals with public dealings. Venus or Shukra dev is strong with being lord of Libra in the first bhava. so also with Saturn there though combust- means good success and fortune by well planned and distinct effort. The 11th sign of Aquarius stands for distinction.
  • Aamir Khan’s father Sri Tahir Hussein as an Indian film producer and a good director. Note Venus is fair enough in Kendra giving his father Sri Tahir Hussein great distinction as well

  • salman khan example ninth house lord in third House

  • Now Salman Khan in his horoscope has Jupiter the lord of the ninth bhava is in the third bhava or house. so suggesting he would get success through his communication and oration. that is 100% true he being a film actor would get recognition by proper oration or commentary on his dialogues.
  • Also note that the lord of the fifth house of writings and creativity is in Salman khan’s ninth bhava or house. suggesting his father could be great in creative writing skills that are 100% true and Salman Khan’s father Sri Salim Khan is one of the topmost Indian writers.

  • Ninth House lord in the third house or bhava- smt. sushma swaraj BJP

  • Now looking at the horoscope of respected smt. Sushma Swaraj Ji, the lord of the ninth bhava is the sun in the third bhava. so sun in itself gives great prominence to her father who was a prominent leader and member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).
  • also this combination of the ninth lord in the third bhava makes her well at oration and communication skills. As Rahu is close by to sun for Sushma Ji, it could cause her image issues in speeches or writings. she has to be careful. she was in controversy due to Lalit Modi issue.

  • The ninth bhava or house lord in the fourth house- Kapil Sharma the comedian.

  • for kapil Sharma, his lord of ninth bhava is the moon and it is weak in Aquarius in the fourth house. But still connection does the fourth bhava and the ninth bhava gives good honour, money and property to comedy start Kapil Sharma. the weakness of the moon gave less longevity to his father. also, the fourth house is eighth from ninth so it is the house of longevity and also death for his father. Mercury the lord of the eighth house is also there nearby impacting his longevity of the respected father who was in police.

  • Ninth House lord in the fourth house or bhava- shah rukh khan

  • The ninth bhava lord Aries(Mesha Rashi) or the planet of action for Shahrukh Khan gives his father a good physique. which was true as Shahrukh Khan said his father was 6 foot 3 inches tall, typical Pathan built. Shahrukh Khan’s father, a Sri Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, was an Indian independence activist in Peshawar now in Pakistan frontier province. It also gives Shahrukh khan landed properties and beautiful bungalows.
  • yes Shahrukh Khan has one of the most beautiful bungalows. Also says shah rukh khans mother would be a rich and fortunate lady.
    Mars (Mangal) is strong along with Ketu, so gives him exceptional bungalows and yes cars or vehicles as well.

  • Ninth Bhava lord in the fifth house- Rahul Gandhi
    The ninth bhava lord of the

  • Rahul Gandhi ji’s chart is sitting in the fifth bhava or house. so giving him a father who was learned and illustrious. Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji indeed was a distinct personality person- he was the former prime ministers. His father’s longevity got impacted as the markesh bhava moon aspects the ninth lord.

  • Ninth House lord in the sixth house or bhava- Katrina Kaif

  • the ninth house lord is in the sixth house or bhava of hers. he ninth bhava lord is Jupiter as the 9th house has Pisces sign there. As Jupiter(guru) is strong for her in the sixth house though retrograde, it means her father would be a good person. Also, she could gain good wealth legally form him as well.
  • Katrina Kaif’s father Sri Mohammed Kaif is a businessman and a British national and hails from Kashmir. Obviously, a strong Jupiter gave her a well to do father and in business and from a good lineage that is Kashmir.

  • The ninth house or bhava lord in the sixth house or bhava. Sachin tendulkar

  • The mars(Mangal) are very strong in the Capricorn. so it gives some bad health to father- but again gives good inheritance to father. There is a blessed Jupiter(guru) around – so gives him good fortune and luck to Sachin Tendulkar.
  • It gives a good fortune with a struggle for Sachin. we know how much Sachin Tendulkar has struggled in life.
  • As mars are in the sixth house and also Jupiter is around, Sachin Tendulkar’s father, Sri Ramesh Tendulkar, was well-known in Marathi Novel. the blessed Jupiter from the fifth bhava sends energy to the Sachin’s father house lord or mars. Giving his father great literary and writing skills.

  • The ninth bhava or house lord in the seventh house- Sanjay dutt
    This gives Sanjay

  • Dutt a great career and success. As the ninth bhava lord and the seventh house connects. It also brings in fluctuations of fortunes as the moon is the lord of the ninth house. It also suggests greatness of his farther Sri Sunil Dutt ji. he was a great actor of his time. This combination could also take Sanjay Dutt to foreign lands. he has been going there for shootings and his daughter is also there in the USA.

  • The ninth bhava lord in the seventh house for Priyanka chopra

  • Now, this is a great combination for success in life. it means she would travel to foreign lands, she would get a noble and lucky life partner. all this is true for Priyanka Chopra in real life. she has travelled to foreign lands for various shootings. she may also take up ascetic life later as Jupiter aspects the Lagna.

  • The ninth bhava or house lord in the eighth house- Amitabh Bachchan

  • AS the ninth house lord is in the eighth house and is a benefic. That means great gains and legacy form his well-reputed father. sri harivanshrai Bachchan. Mostly the benefic occupy the eighth house so give him great gains form father and otherwise.

  • Now for the film actor Ranveer Singh(now the husband of actress Deepika Padukone) the lord of the ninth bhava Venus is in the ninth bhava itself. suggesting that he would be very lucky and also his father would have a good position and good enough longevity.
  • Venus the lord of arts here suggests that he or Ranveer would get success in cinema and arts.

  • Deepika Padukone the lord of the ninth house is in the third house and also with sun and Venus

  • The lord of the third house for Deepika Padukone being in the rid house suggests that her father would be creative, sportsmen are creative, Plus sun and Venus being close by suggesting that he (Prakash Padukone) would be at the top in whatever he is. Plus Venus nearby gives him or Prakash Padukone the handsomeness or good looks.
  • Also mercury the lord of the ninth house= air and Venus is elevation so in some sense suggest badminton game as third bhava or house is for arms or bhuja as well.

  • Ninth House lord in the ninth house or bhava- Sri Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

  • As the ninth bhava lord is in the same bhava as ninth along with mars. so suggest strong and well-placed father. but who could be a strict disciplinarian may be. It gives him or Sardar Patel a great status. It gives him or Sri Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel religious inclinations or dharma as well.
  • This combination Also gives basic prosperity as a farmer to his father Sri Jhaverbhai Patel. But due to the agitation of mars and Saturn(Shani) here in the ninth bhava, the wealth and status may not be extraordinary order.

  • The ninth house lord in the tenth house- Anushka Sharma

  • The lord of the ninth house of bhava is strong in the house of career or the tenth house.So being a benefic and strong in the tenth- would make her or Anushka Sharma very powerful and successful in life. She or Anushka Sharma would also be very generous due to the ninth bhava being Pisces ruled by benefic Jupiter and also in the tenth bhava.
  • Yes Anushka Sharma has been the highest paid actress and she is married to Virat Kohli so overall makes her rich and powerful.
  • Infact she is one of the most popular and at the same time highest-paid film actress in India. She is also honoured with several awards in the film industry, including one Film fare Award from seven nominations.
  • On the charity front as indicated by ninth bhava lord being in the tenth bhava. She or Anushka Sharma also supports various charities and various causes to help humanity. This includes gender equality and also animal rights. Anushka Sharma is also the co-founder of the production company that has the name of Clean Slate Films.
  • The ninth bhava being in the tenth bhava and strongly indicates a well placed and good father. Anushka Sharma’s father Sri Colonel Ajay Kumar Sharma, has been an army officer. Army and police deal with mars or Mangal.

  • The ninth bhava lord in the eleventh bhava for Indira Gandhi in the eleventh house

  • The combination of ninth bhava lord being in the eleventh house for Indira Gandhi Ji- makes her rich and influential. It also suggests influential fronts and also the father. Pundit Nehru the first prime minister of India was her respected father.

  • The ninth house lord in the eleventh house- Virat Kohli

  • now the ninth house lord being in the eleventh house, both being great houses – one is of luck and fortune the ninth bhava and the other of wealth and gains and friends. so this combination makes him or Virat Kohli exceedingly rich. It gives him great grace from friend ’s.
  • Now sun representative of his father in the Libra sign(Tula Rashi) is weak and debilitated- so it did not give great longevity to father of Virat Kohli. he dies very young. It also suggests that Virat Kohli’s father would be the fairly well-placed man- His father(Virat Kohli) Sri Prem Kohli, was a criminal lawyer.
  • note Libra sign or Tula Rashi has to do with balancing or judgment so law or lawyers are also in the purview of the same.

  • The ninth house lord in the eleventh house- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • The lord of the ninth house is Venus(Shukra) and is in the eleventh house just like Virat Kohli. so gives great friends and gains and money for the person. The person would gain great position in life and the lord of fortune the ninth bhava and the eleventh bhava of gains connect here.
  • Venus being the lord of Taurus(Vrishabha Rashi) the ninth bhava sign suggests great opulence and Venus is a planet of opulence. This combination could make him very rich which is true for Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  • The lord of the ninth bhava is on the sign of cancer(Karkat Rashi), but the lord of cancer that is the dispositer of Venus(Shukra) is very weak for Mahendra Singh Dhoni at 0.11 degrees.
  • So this indicates that his father Pan Singh worked in junior management positions in MECON company. so overall the placement of the ninth bhava lord in the eleventh bhava gave great riches- but at the same time, the weakness of Venus due to the weak moon as dispositer gave not so big position to his respected father.

  • The ninth bhava lord in the eleventh bhava for Amit Shah in twelfth house

  • The ninth bhava lord of a father for Sri Amit shah ji is in the twelfth bhava or house of vayay. so means Mr Amit Shah would have come up from good background or means. As the ninth lord of his is weak on the 12th house on the enemy sign of Venus that is Leo.
  • Also, it does not suggest a high longevity for father. So he the father of Amit Shah was a good businessman of PVC pipes. He will be religious – but would have to struggle very hard in life to rise. we know he had to go to jail also before coming to prominence.

  • The ninth bhava or house lord in the twelfth house- Abhishek Bachchan

    The lord of

  • the ninth bhava Jupiter is in the twelfth house, but is fair enough and connects to the fourth house. so as the fourth house is the lord of the image, it suggests his father would be an influential man. Also Saturn the lord of the tenth and eleventh bhava gives him great gains as it sits in the fourth bhava and sends energy to the ninth house lord.
  • Predictions for 2016-2017 assembly elections for Sri Akhilesh yadava ji

    We only have his solar horoscope and no exact time of birth, also apart from respected Mayawati ji we don’t have birth data of other people, but still we can say that he has a very high chance( around only 30% chances to win UP 2017 elections & 70% to lose it)., He will come to slight limelight but with a stiff battle.(This the prediction has already come true as there is a conflict between Sri Akhilesh ji and his uncle Sri shiv pal Yadav Ji- as the saying goes coming events cast their shadow in advance. I would have expected an Akhilesh ji to be more assertive now onward for 2017 – but sure 2017 means infighting in any case even after compromises by Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav ji)

    One can say for sure based on Rahu- Ketu positions and Saturn position at the time of elections.

    Yes, Jupiter transit would slightly help his public image and he may gain a lot of image mileage now in 2017.

    We wish him and all the best for the future.