Ninth House Lord or Bhava Kundli or Horoscope Placement- success,religion,father & luck-Akhilesh Yadav Chief minister Uttar Pradesh India-Vedic Astrology or Jyotish


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This prediction has come True 100%

Matters would bit by bit upgrade for akhilesh ji as Saturn expands some quality in Sagittarius in seventh house(Saturn is at this moment voyaging his sixth place of vighna and resistance likewise part from being feeble) of akhilesh yadav, chief minister and samajwadi party part.

This turned out as a correct desire as the issue peaked in december 2016 end when Saturn is the weakest.

Ninth   House Lord or Bhava Kundli or Horoscope Placement- success,religion,father & luck-Akhilesh Yadav Chief minister Uttar Pradesh India-Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

  • In case that If the Ninth house lord or  Dharma’s Lord is in Lagn or First   house of your kundli or horoscope, the person will be lucky (as there is an energy sharing between the house of luck the ninth house and the self that is the lagna bhava), will be respected by the ruler (ninth house is for rulers as well), be ethical (There is an exchange of energy of dharma or religion), enchanting, learned and regarded by people in general.
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord Dharma’s Lord is in Dhan Bhava or  Second    house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person  will be a researcher( as ninth house in some sense rules knowledge and second house with gains, so gain of knowledge suggest a researcher), be of high repute to all( a combination of luck of ninth house and gains of the second house), rich, sexy and supplied with bliss from spouse, children and so fourth( second house is a secondary house of family as well).
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord  In the event that Dharma’s Lord is in Sahaj Bhava or  Third    house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person  will be invested with intimate delight( as third house governs surroundings and ninth house lord being here suggest good and blissful surroundings), be affluent, righteous and beguiling.
  • On the off chance that Dharma’s Lord is in Bandhu Bhava or Fourth   house of your kundli or horoscope, the person will have a good house or houses(Luck enters his house through the ninth house of luck), movements and bliss( as fourth house rules mind as well), will have a wide range of riches and be committed to his mom.
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord  Dharma’s Lord is in Putra Bhava or  Fifth    house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person  will be close  with children and flourishing, committed to senior citizens( as the fifth house is the determinant of mind as well, and ninth house of dharma giving energy here supportive of dharma actions that is support to senior citizens), striking, altruistic and learned( house of learning fifth gets energy from the house of higher learning-dharma the ninth house).
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord chance that Dharma’s Lord is in Ari Bhava or  Sixth   house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person  will have  pitiful success(as the house of luck is afflicted by the bad energy of the sixth house), be without bliss from maternal relatives( sixth is fourth from fourth so suggest the house or family of mother) and be constantly disturbed by foes.
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord If Dharma’s Lord is in Yuvati Bhava or  Seventh   house of your kundli  or horoscope, the local bring forth satisfaction after marriage(he will have a lucky marriage), be high-minded( as this 9th house lord aspects his or her first house as well and gives good and dharma mind) and well known.
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord Dharma’s Lord is in Randhr Bhava or  eighth    house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person  won’t be prosperous( as all prosperity of the ninth house is killed by the bad influence of eight house) and won’t appreciate joy from his senior sibling.
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord  that Dharma’s Lord is in Dharma Bhava or  Ninth   house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person  will be have  great  bounty of  fortunes(The lord of luck in house of luck!), ideals and magnificence and will appreciate much bliss from co-conceived.
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord  Dharma’s Lord is in Karma Bhava or  tenth    house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person will be a ruler, or equivalent to him( as the house of luck blesses the house of actions or karma- so suggest lucky actions! Only a ruler could have the same), or be a priest( as the action would be more tuned to GOD by presence of ninth house lord in tenth house of karma), or an Army boss( ninth house is twelfth form tenth house- so house of decay or army, that generally kills boss), be righteous and dear to all.


  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord  Dharma’s Lord is in Labha Bhava or  eleventh   house of your kundli  or horoscope house of your kundli  or horoscope, the person  will appreciate monetary benefits step by step( as his house of benefits and gains is blessed by the lord of ninth house or fortune), be dedicated to seniors, idealistic and exemplary in acts.
  • In case that If the Ninth  house lord that Dharma’s Lord is in Vyaya Bhava or  twelfth   house of your kundli  or horoscope, the local will cause loss of fortunes( as the lord of house of luck would get into house of losses that is the twelfth house), will dependably spend on acts of dharma or religion ( lord  of religion in house of expenditure) and will get to be poor by virtue of entertaining  visitors(the lord of luck gets into house of expenditure).


The Ninth House Analysis of Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh yadav and 2016-2017 assembly elections Predictions

Akhilesh Yadav

Date of Birth :-  01st July, 1973

Time of Birth :-  Not Known

Place of Birth :- Etawah-Uttar Pradesh- India

Planets C     R     Rashi     Longitude    Nakshatra   Pada       Relation


Sun       D    Gemini  15-47-56     Ardra    3     Neutral

Moon     C     D    Gemini  26-54-36     Punarvasu   3     Friendly

Mars             D    Pisces   13-13-07     Uttarabhadra     3       Friendly

Merc             D    Cancer  08-43-18     Pashyami    2     Enemy

Jupt             R     Capricorn     17-08-42     Sravana       3       Debilitated

Venu            D    Cancer  07-37-10     Pashyami    2     Enemy

Satn      C     D    Gemini  02-41-10     Mrigasira     3     Friendly

Rahu            R     Sagittarius  14-09-34     Purvashadha      1

Ketu             R     Gemini  14-09-34     Ardra    3

Uran             D    Virgo     25-25-06     Chitra    1

Nept            R     Scorpion      11-40-32     Anuradha    3

Plut              D    Virgo     08-16-49     Uttaraphal   4           


 [C] – Combust  [D] – Direct  [R] -Retrograde [E] -Eclipse

SOLAR  or sun Horoscope akhilesh yadav

Sri Akhilesh Yadav Ji was  born 1 July 1973) is at the moment  20th Chief Minister of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh., he is the youngest person who has  this office.

He is the son of the former chief minister of Uttar  Pradesh sri mulayam Singh yadav ji.


We don’t have his time of birth but approximate horoscope. But still some basic principles of Vedic astrology or jyotish would apply to him.

His ninth house lord or the bhagya lord is in ascendant- it clearly suggests a raja Yoga and gains from father.

Which is clearly evident from his life.

He is lucky, rich and powerful.

The planet Saturn shares energy with planet sun, the lord of initiative and name fame for him in Kendra house 1st. So he will have good name and fame and will work hard for it( note he is born on 1st, ruled by number 1, the planet sun).

The lord of house of gains , wealth and status moon is also close in ascendant which is also a good sign.

He has to only worry about the rahu-ketu axis- as that is the only thing that could spoil his chances in elections.


Predictions for 2016-2017 assembly elections for Sri Akhilesh yadava ji

We only have his solar horoscope and no exact time of birth, also apart from  respected mayawati  ji we don’t have birth data of other people,  but still we can say that he has a very high chance( around only 30% chances to win UP 2017 elections & 70% to loose it)., He will come to slight limelight but with a stiff battle.(This prediction has already come true as there is a conflict between sri akhilesh ji and his uncle sri shiv pal yadav ji- as the saying goes coming events cast their shadow in advance . I would have expected a akhilesh ji to be more assertive now onward for 2017 – but sure 2017 means infighting in any case even after compromises by sri mulayam singh yadav ji)

One can say for sure based on rahu- ketu positions and Saturn position at the time of elections.

Yes ,Jupiter transit would slightly help his public image and he may gain a lot of image mileage now in 2017.

We wish him and all the best for future.

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