Mamata Banerjee Kundli or Horoscope Of Trinamool(TMC) Congress, West Bengal Chief Minister- Indian Politician Predictions 2017

Mamata_banerjee mamta banerjee kundli horoscope tmc trinamool congress west Bengal chief minister Indian politician predictions

What is this article about?

  • This article talks about what kind of greatness Mamta Banerjee as a lady single-handedly has achieved! what planets made her struggle a lot based on her horoscope, what made her loose her father early in life, what made her study well and especially Islamic studies , what made her join Politics etc? all answered ; )
  • It further talks about the planetary combinations that made her reach the pinnacle of chief minister ship of west Bengal despite selling milk at a younger age to sustain herself.

  • The why of the same is evaluated based on the astrology and nakshatra frameworks.
  • Also, the future predictions below made for her based on major transits of Rahu, , and Saturn of her Surya kundali.
    hard life mamta banerjee kundli horoscope tmc trinamool congress west Bengal chief minister Indian politician predictions
    Why Mamta Banerjee ji has a hard life in Youth and her ability to deliver hard speeches?

  • Now let us investigate Which planets in the horoscope of Mamta Banerjee ji gave hard life to her. we know her childhood very young from 10 to 15 years mainly ruled by Jupiter, so she has a blessed life with her parents 🙂
  • . But later the 2nd house lord of horoscope Capricorn takes over for youth or young age of Mamta Banerjee ji . Saturn the ruler of Capricorn or makar rashi is also responsible for certain hard speeches and statements by her but with given with good dignity.
  • now if you look at the horoscope or kundli of Mamta Banerjee the second house of hers has Saturn ruling and is a malefic and also 4th house lord Jupiter sits in the 8th bhava. so Mamta Banerjee ji’s respected father sri promileshwar banerjee left for heavenly early in her life. when she was about only 17.
  • but still despite this Mamta Banerjee ji with her grit completed her Secondary Board examination and she has a bachelor’s degree in history and Masters in Islamic history .
  • as Saturn is ruling the second house of Mamta Banerjee and Saturn rules obstacles what is with old at 25° so this indicates hard life for Mamta Banerjee ji in her youth.
  • education mamta banerjee kundli horoscope tmc trinamool congress west Bengal chief minister Indian politician predictions
    What planets got Ms. Mamta Banerjee Ji educated despite of obstacles in earlier life?

  • The sign of Sagittarius or dhanu rules the 4th house that means the childhood was very good. That is form the age of 0 to 10 years or say 15 years of age of her life . all is great because of Jupiter ruling the lagan or ascendant .
  • and Saturn is on the Venus sign of Taurus. so she has troubles in her life but she also got into politics at that time at only at age of 15 . Saturn is a planet of masses and politics as well.
  • Saturn or shani dev for Mamta Banerjee ji sits in the 11th house of dignity and status so she won the elections by defeating the democratic Students Union of the socialist Unity centre of India.
  • art friendship mamta banerjee kundli horoscope tmc trinamool congress west Bengal chief minister Indian politician predictions
    What makes Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji so good in paintings and poetry ? 🙂

  • Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji is a self taught painter and poet as well . Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji ‘s paintings were sold for 9 crores . Now the question is what made what made Mamta banerji such a great painter and with so good expressive skills.
  • so we see that Jupiter is exalted & retrograde in the 8th house. this gives great creativity to Mamta Banerjee . Jupiter or Guru also aspects Venus the master of creativity sitting in the 12th house of Mamta banerji .so Jupiter & venus number 3 and number 6 give Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji exceptional creativity :).
  • Venus and Jupiter are well placed give mamta Banerjee great impetus to doing paintings drawings and poetry. one has to also note that Jupiter or Guru is very strong exalted for Mamta banerejee and gives great imagination to do things better especially the artistic things . Jupiter is also responsible for what made Mamta banerji so educated and had higher education.
  • eductaion no vedic islamic mamta banerjee kundli horoscope tmc trinamool congress west Bengal chief minister Indian politician predictions
    what made Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji specialize in Islamic studies and get better education?

  • despite a hard childhood/ youth of Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji the fourth house of Mamta Banerjee rule By Jupiter sign Pisces(meena rashi) and Jupiter is a blessed sign and exalted in 8th house in cancer sign or karkat rashi. so this very clearly indicates that Mamta Banerjee good get good education and because it is placed in the 5th house from the fourth house(8th) and retrograde .
  • so it is a high chance that Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji’s higher education would be in some knowledge which is alien to her own culture that is Islamic Studies. Jupiter is for Vedic studies and vedanga, but being retrograde it gives opposite results.

  • also Jupiter is a philosophical planet and in the cancer sign plus exalted & retrograde. This gives Mamta Banerjee a good philosophical outlook of things . also for Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji as 4th Lord in 8th also causes lot of misery for her.
    struggle in Youth and the father leaving for heavenly abode is clear indication.
  • also this combination makes Ms. Mamta Banerjee ji be religiously inclined as well . as Guru or Jupiter would give good spirituality sooner or later to her.
  • Mamata_banerjeeH mamta banerjee kundli horoscope tmc trinamool congress west Bengal chief minister Indian politician predictions 2017
  • Which Planetary Combinations Make Mamta Banerjee the Current Chief Minister of west Bengal TMC Congress So Unique?

    • Given the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of west Bengal chief minister and trinamool(TMC) congress leader mamta banerjee- Based on her ascendant – she is Jupiter or Guru that ins in the eighth house of cancer.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- He Jupiter is exalted in the eighth house- so clearly indicates that she will deal from land in some sense. Her opposition of land acquisition and her subsequent winning in 2011 clearly spells out this fact. proves her clout as a women Indian politician against the communists.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- The dhanu rashi or Sagittarius sign in ascendant clearly gives her a kind heart(the lord Jupiter is a benefic), a tinge of conventionality and yes dominating & critical nature.
    • Sagittarius sign also makes her dominating and aggressive as Sagittarius or dhanu rashi is a fire sign. All the above traits are 100% correct for mamta banerjee.
    • For the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of the west Bengal chief minister mamta banerjee- Sun or surya the lord of luck and fortune the ninth house and the karaka for fame and position is in the first house or ascendant. Gives her such a high position and name and fame. Also gives her bounty in winning matters
    • Mercury the lord of seventh house of political relationships and also the tenth lord is in the first house or Kendra giving her very quick ability to solve problems and communicate.
    • Infact Rahu being close to mercury gives her a rash temper and she might speak with authority and aggression. All is true for her birth chart.
    • Given the special kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Ketu the malefic and sitting in the seventh house of love relationships and aspecting the lord mercury or budha – makes double aspect and keeps her un married throughout life. She might later in life either marry a very religious person or take up spirituality for sure. This house also deals with her relationships with the Indian politics.
    • Looking closely at the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- A strong and retrograde Jupiter might make her interested in occult and tantra and also might make her very conventional or critical in nature. Such people want to stay in the past or don’t like much of change. Her resistance of land acquisition is a hint in this direction. Based on her birth star or nakshatra or birth star she would have splendid appearance and surely understood .she would be generally be tranquil by nature and a decent guide Also she would have solid reason and be resolved She would have good insights however with an insecure personality.
    • Mamta banerjee would also have blessing in expressive arts. She have great period 25-35 and 50-56 . She would also have aggressive nature now and again. She won a landslide victory by her TMC congress victory in 2011, when she was 51 years old. Once gain a grand victory for the Indian politician.

    Why did Mamta Banerjee Choose Politics as a Career? Based on her Kundli or Horoscope.

    • Look at her over all destiny number based on simple numerology = she is born on 5 January 1955 = 5 +1 +1955(=20/2) = 5+1 +2= 8= Saturn or shani. This Saturn or shani would push her into hard life and management roles. Yes being a chief minister is the highest management role anyone could have.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- A strong sun in the first house and a strong Jupiter promises her a good position and gain in life. Also rahu with sun gives success in politics and also possibility of defamation.
    • But also note her mars or Mangal is very weak in the third house of initiatives or people who surround her. This is an old planet- this could make her aggressive and give her success only with difficulty. She gained prominence late in political life.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Her mars is on Aquarius and is very aggressive there- so this could cause her to have high tempers and rash actions at times.
    • Her mars is also an atmakaraka for her( planet having highest degree)- so she will later in life realize that impulse of haste or aggression of any kind would not help her. Instead forgiveness is needed- this would be her spiritual lesson in life.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Her lord of career is mercury the tenth house(Virgo or kanya rashi_ and also the relationships, that is the seventh house lord(Gemini or mithuna rashi) , this along with sun the lord of the ninth house makes is a raja yoga karaka for her to get a position where she could use her quick intelligence( mercury/budha), the depth of through and concern for the downtrodden or the underdog (Jupiter in eight house) and also diplomacy and politics – rahu sitting close in the first house.
    • The above combinations clearly indicate that she is bound to become a well known
    • Her moon or Chandra is exalted in the sixth house vighna with Taurus or vrishabha rashi, this gives her a firm mind but she would be involved in fights as moon is in the sixth house of obstacles and vighna and conflicts
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Moon in Taurus sign the vrishabha rashi is the second sign of the zodiac gives her the basic grit and stubbornness to win in life, there could be a love for music and harmony despite fights and issues cause by the weak mars. She would be devoted to mother and motherland. There is a tendency to dominate others- as she would have a curious power to dominate over others. They could be unyielding with a lot of determination in them.
    • They could be stiff necked. Good power of endurance both mental and physical like the bull it represents. but when they love something- they are the most yielding and pliable.They have good memory and like literary work. They love pleasure and society includes their mother lands like India. Being dominated by Venus they would be wonderful hosts and hostesses. Good taste for food and management of her party the trinamool(TMC) congress. Affection has greater hold on them than passion. She would always fight in open and hate tricky nature. They could be jealous , but forgive easily bye emotions by simple feeling of kindness. Jealousy could drive them to fighting and temper tantrum and violence- which they regret later.
    • As leaders they inspire love and devotion and & often have great responsibility imposed on them.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjeeMercury in the 10th house
    • Gives creative and fictional writing skills.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Sun sends energy to the 10th house
    • This gives son(sun is also a karaka for son), vehicle, money/fame/power and government service. Good name. Ancestral property as sun is the karaka for father and ancestors. Fond of music and good personal magnetism.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Her 10th house lord in 1st house
    • The person would win the battle of life and rises in career, by sheer dint of courage and effort

    mamta banerjee tmc trinamool congress 2019 predictions
    What do the stars say about Mamta Banerjee in 2019?

  • For Mamta Banerjee the year 2019 her key planet Saturn or Shani is in the Sagittarius or Dhanu sign. the planet Saturn rules her second or third bhava or house. For Mamta Banerjee, it is in transit sitting in the lagna so this is a Raj Yoga Karaka primarily because the house of wealth and status initiatives or action is now in transit sitting on the Lagna current.
  • but from April 2019 to July 2019 Saturn or Shani is retrograde. So the actions or political actions done by Mamta Ji and her status may not improve significantly as she might have expected. One has to note that Saturn or Shani is sitting in the 11th house of gains and friend s or well wishes. so now taking Janata or the people, as well-wishers would give gains to her due to Shani dev?
  • But as we know Saturn is retrograde or reversed in energy this time. The planet sun also has issues as Saturn comes close to her natal sun in the lagna of her horoscope. We know she had faced strong tiffs with the BJP government protecting the senior most IPS officer. Also for Dhanu Lagna people (she has Surya Lagna as dhanu), Sun rules the 9th house or the house of Fortune so Saturn retrogression could impact the same. Also for her Ketu transits her Lagna. Now Ketu is very weak and always runs retrograde and this would aspect her seventh house for political alliances and partnerships.
  • As analyzed above, she has to, therefore, be careful about her alliances and partnerships as also Rahu also gets into her 7th house she has to be careful about connecting to the right people and not connecting to the wrong or negative rebellious people.
  • Especially t the people were Rebel fight against the law so as Rahu comes in the 7th house of relationships. Mamta Banerjee may also have to travel to distant lands like Delhi as well. Travels could be in Haste especially when Rahu comes neat bhava Madhya for mamta Banerjee. Also, note that guru or Jupiter the Planet of Grace and Surya Lagna Lord in the house of Scorpio the 12th bhava is not at all great for Mamta Banerjee. This could mean till Nov 2019 there is a lot of stress for her.
  • In fact, self-put aside all the good benefits of Saturn and wealth and status coming to her from Saturn. Now, this is a very serious situation for Mamta Banerjee need to take good care of her health and also keep tabs on her political aspirations. as the year 2019 could be a very emotionally demanding time for her.
  • This is especially the month of April to be very hard and she might get in contact with negative /rebellious people and or get in conflict with the law and negative people be careful on this part john would be better but she needs better care. Needs care of health in May 2019.Also in May, she has to care about what she speaks as else it will land her into trouble. IN summary 2019 could be an emotionally stressful time for her as Jupiter is retrograde this time. so she needs to take more care of health and yes image overall.
  • we wish Mamta Banerjee best of luck in 2019 a hope in 2019 she takes care of what she speaks all over the year in general or even what she publishes. AS this could work against her. But in the coming year 2020 when Saturn gets strengthened by Jan 2020. Her position and public image would definitely get stronger as Saturn would come in the second Bhava of power and Jupiter would be in the lagna so the year 2020 is going to be great for her a new starting altogether.:). Ego is to be kept in reins to avoid falls or scandals as law master Saturn would control all for her. we wish her all the best in her life. 🙂
  • What does 2017 and 2018 Hold for Her- forecast?

    • On 2017 January Transit of Saturn happens in Mamta banerjee’s 8th House from Moon:
    • This transit could result in loss of wealth and comforts for the person. The initiatives or the endeavours of the person(That is mamta banerjee ji) are not fruitful. There could be a fear for penalty from the government or by say the centre. The troubles are very high as the eighth house is activated. Stomach troubles could be various problems. There is a slight chance that she suffers from eye trouble and his or she with wicked women could bring up troubles. Eighth house transit it is as fearsome as sade sati.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjeeTill September 2017 mamta banerjee the current chief minister of west Bengal Transit of Jupiter in fifth House from Moon:
    • This transit of Jupiter or guru from natal moon is considered auspicious, this could mean full of enjoyments and This protects her from malefic transit of Saturn, but not after September 2017.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Every effort of the person(mamta banerjee) brings in gains and results. There could be promotion or gain in status as Jupiter transits fifth house and the karaka of fifth house is Jupiter plus aspects the ninth house of luck and fortune. The business investments in west Bengal give good returns or steady returns. The native is logistic and wise.
    • As deep thinking and blessing of GOD is activated in this transit. There could be auspicious ceremonies at home of the west Bengal chief minister. The stocks to do with west Bengal government might go up stock markets that are of speculative nature. she may donate liberally for social causes. One may get rewarded with good position.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- After September 2017 and in the year 2018 – mamta banerjee has the Transit of Jupiter in sixth House from Moon:
    • This transit is not auspicious , this could cause health issues to the west Bengal chief minster mama banerjee ji GOD forbid. The money flow to the business investments in west Bengal could be affected and the person could come into conflict with subordinates within the TMC congress( Trinamool congress). Due to transit of sixth house stomach troubles could also come to fore on the health front. The enemies could trouble the person. The behaviour of the person may not be up to the mark- that Saturn or shani affects health and thinking. The unsocial behaviour may not be liked by the people around. That is conflict with the people around is possible.
    • Transit of Rahu in Fourth House from Moon for mamta banerjee of Indian Politician mamta banerjee:
    • Rahu transit in the fourth house is not auspicious as her the education or basic studies of facts gets affected. Mamta banerjee may have to stay foreign or away from the family comforts- that is peace would be less.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- Transit of Rahu in Fifth House from Moon after September 2017 and 2018 for the Indian politician cum chief minister mamta banerjee:
    • Rahu transit in the fifth house could give confusion in mind and trouble to the subordinates as fifth house rules the subordinates and thinking of the person.
    • The person might gain in speculations as rahu could give unexpected results- so any quick or random decisions could help her. Also she might connect more to women of other religions.
    • Given the kundli & the Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjee- 2017 and 2018 Saturn sun conflict
    • She should be more hands on and Use your work in hand(goals at personal and professional life) to discover the very best from this time period. She can find excellent accomplishment by means of efficient by using self-control on herself. Indeed power struggle at home & office could possibly be there. Mamta banerjee has to Ensure you don’t get in to a rivalry scenario at often office ( within trinamool (TMC)congress) or home front. A lot of opportunity to get recognition of your
    • She may get into conflict with people in power. Properly thought out efforts beyond doubt could
    • Give you the desired gains.
    • For the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of chief minister mamta banerjee- 2017 and 2018 Saturn mercury conjunction for Indian politician mamta banerejee
    • Expect many changes from could be do the job, funds with opportunities in the event that almost anything happening. There could be opportunities in business/work for the state of west Bengal in addition to fun/outings/ for her more\ communication/meetings as well.
    • Nevertheless she in particular might not be in a position to appreciate completely as a result of do the job force. There could be combining impulsiveness\ in addition to rationalism in situations. Following the fundamental efforts can be done- outings or travels within west Bengal state or outside in addition to excitement could possibly be relished. She has to Prevent staying disturbed and luxuriate in pleasures with focus not getting affected.
    • Looking at the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of mamta banerjeeThe conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in 2018 and 2018 effects for Indian politician of trinamool(TMC) congress
    • She could Expect surplus do the job in addition to responsibility- please do not disregard the details of almost any subject that you simply cope with now. There could be more that average blocks and problems and even be delays. She has to Act as people oriented in comparison instead of self applied oriented. Beneficial time period with regard to her trinamool(TMC) congress party in addition to her career growth in the event that concerns well thought out.
    • We wish her all the best in life
    • appendix

      Mamta Banerjee Kundli or Horoscope Of Trinamool(TMC) Congress, West Bengal Chief Minister- Indian Politician Predictions

      What are Some Interesting Facts about Mamta banerjee- the current west Bengal Chief Minister?

      • Mamta Banerjee Is an Indian Politician Popularly also known as Didi was born 5 January 1955 in calcultta or Kolkata. Mamta banerjee has been the Chief Minister of the state of West Bengal since the year2011.
      • Born ad5 January 1955 (age 62)[1]

      Kolkata, West Bengal, India

      • She has been reported to be the first woman to hold the office. She has also been the previous railway minister and also minister of coal.
      • She has also been minister for the state of west Bengal for Human resources and also help the department of Sports and Youth development. Also the department of women and child development for the state of India.

      How did mamta Banerjee rise to such prominence as now the chief minister of West Bengal?

      • Mamta Banerjee Fought against the land acquisition policies of the government and opposed the same by the that time communist government in the state of west Bengal’s the government that time was planning special economic zone at the expense of the farmers.
      • Mama banerjee had a landslide victory in the year 2011 does the party TMC congress alliance. She was able to defeat the over three decades hold by the communist party(Marxist) left government.
      • She has been named as the one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2012. She was also listed as most influential person or people by Bloomberg Magazine
      • She has also been voted as the most honest politician of India in the year- By the members of India against corruption.