Planet Neptune / Ketu Or Dragon’s Tail, The traveler cum philosopher of the Solar System.


This planet ketu is considered to be the adjunct of shadow planet rahu or Uranus.
But at the same time it has some qualities similar to moon and some qualities markedly different from moon.
People born under this influence could be found to be restless, they love change and travel a lot. Being close to moon a watery planet- they love to travel by sea.
At the same time Neptune/ketu people could be very original minded, inclined towards studies and might have strange ideas of religion or philosphy. They could earn well due to their brain power.
Books could also be their point of interest. They might have peculiar views and ketu/Neptune people might take a keen interest in occult or religions or some deep study.
Ketu is also said to be a magnifier of any aspect, so say if ketu is in 3rd house , the house of initiatives of any person, the person might take exceptional initiatives

Aspects of Ketu or Neptune or Dragon’s tail:

Ketu or Neptune as per Vedic astrology has 3 prime aspects. That is 5th/7th and 9th.

So if the aspect of ketu is on 7th house , means contract is love life, if it in on 10th, means professional contraction or losses if in 2nd house- means money losses etc,

You Are Ruled by Planet Ketu or Neptune or Dragon’s tail if:

If your ascendant or moon sign has ketu present or aspect of ketu , or you are born on 7th, 16th or 25th- you are ruled by ketu or Neptune.

How to Check How Strong is Ketu or Neptune or Dragon’s tail in Your Horoscope :

If you have good depth of thought, You are very choosy, not bitten by dogs and some basic interest in travel and philosophy. You might have a fair enough strong ketu.

Your Lucky Colour :
Green and Yellow
Your Lucky Stone :
Cat’s eye and moon’s stone.
Ketu or Neptune or Dragon’s tail Mantra(Sacred Incantations):
Om Kem Ketuve namaha 108 times.
Your Lucky Ketu or Neptune or Dragon’s tail Yantra(Amulet):

Interesting Facts:
Ketu is a part if rahu-ketu axis and the dreaded kaal sarpa yoga. If rahu/Uranus is present in any house, it may give foundations- but it would give material gains as well- but ketu many times means contraction of the activities where it is placed.

Ketu as per classics

Rahu and ketu are ascending and descending nodes of moon. That is the planets of the solar system revolve around sun in a plane in ellipse shape. As moon is the satellite of earth, it revolves around earth in a orbit inclined at around 5.1 degrees with respect to the motion plane of other planets (sun, mars, earth etc.).
The average daily motion of Rahu/Ketu is 3’ units. as per drika ganit(astronomical calculations). Where moon is from 13-15 units.

Ketu e treated as malefic grahas/planets. ketu forms the planetary army. A Ketu is close to Rahu.
Ketu rules scientists or investigators.

ketu rules the mixed caste.
ketu represent 3 months.
ketu in jiva divisions.

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