Planet Saturn, The Teacher and Discipline Keeper of the Solar System.


The planet Saturn stands for management, ambition, strong personality but at the same time obstacles, upheavals and losses. It gives a philosophical taint to the personality for sure.
It is a hard planet if it is either very strong or very weak in your birth chart.
The people born under this influence appear outwardly cold – but are warm from within
This planet controls the underdog or the under privileged- so people with a positive Saturn have a special soft corner for them.
Saturn period or dasha has either given great success or great failures.
Saturn is called shani in Vedic astrology parlance and is generally the most dreaded planet of the solar system- which spares none.

When weal\k or afflicted , in transit it causes more than usual sorrows and troubles to the mankind.

Aspects of Saturn:

It aspects 3rd,7th and 10th houses strongly.
Saturn generates a lot of negative/malefic energy if ruling 6th/8th or 12th house.

You Are Ruled by Planet Saturn if:

If you are born on 8th,17th or 26th of any month or on Saturdays. Also if your ascendant in Capricorn or Aquarius or Saturn strongly aspects your ascendant or moon or your 4th house.

How to Check How Strong Saturn in Your Horoscope :

If you are well disciplined and well managed person- you could safely concur Saturn is strong. If it is otherwise, then Saturn may not be strong.
If you face more than usual hardships, obstacles, humiliation in life or in any given time- it could have its roots in either a weak Saturn or Saturn ruling 6,8th or 12th house.

Your Lucky Colour :
Dark Grey, Dark Blue and Black.
Your Lucky Stone :
Amethyst and toned sapphire
Ketu or Neptune or Dragon’s tail Mantra(Sacred Incantations):
Om Shum Shanishchariye Namaha 108 times.
Your Lucky Saturn Yantra(Amulet):
shani yantra

Interesting Facts:
A Saturn in your birth chart is like a gymnasium, it gives you hardships- but at the same time an opportunity to grow. India’s honourable prime minister sri narendra modi born 17th September( 1+7=8 = Saturn), struggled a lot during childhood- right from selling tea and doing odd jobs, but has now risen to being India’s prime minister! So you could take Saturn as a trainer of the gymnasiums – who wants you to strengthen your muscles.

classics About Saturn
Saturn has a rate of motion of 2 units ,where moon has a rate of motion ranging from 13 to 15.
Saturn is a malefic planet. Saturn is dark in colour, so people with Saturn domination have dark complexion or relatively are darker than the average. Lord Brahma rules satrun.Saturn is a neuter in nature.
Saturn rules air.saturn rules the lowest caste that is the 4th Varna in the Hindu caste system.
Saturn has an weak and emaciated and long physique. Saturn has tawny or yellowish brown eyes. The temperament is windy and has big teeth.
Saturn is said to be indolent and lame planet.
The hair of Saturn is course. Saturn rules the muscles. The place ruled by Saturn is filthy ground.
Saturn rules the year. It has an astringent taste .Saturn is strong in the west. In the dark half’s Saturn becomes strong.
During the night the night the strong planets are moon, mars and Saturn.
While mercury is strong during day and night. The Jupiter ,sun and Venus are strong only in daytime.Saturn relates to useless trees.Saturn rules multi colored robes.Saturn rules sisir ritu.
That is it rules winters and cold.Saturn is a dhatu graham.
Saturn is the eldest. Saturn is exalted in thula that is Libra.
The mooltrikona of Saturn is Aquarius first half and the rest is ( 2nd half) is the own sign of Saturn.