Jupiter(Guru) Transit to Libra(Tula rashi) India Horoscope(Kundli) predictions 2017-2018

jupiter-new-2017 jupiter guru transit libra tula rashi india horoscope kundli predictions 2017 2018 aquarius aries gemini kumbha rashi mesha mithuna rashi
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Jupiter(Guru)  Transit to Libra(Tula rashi) India Horoscope(Kundli) predictions 2017-2018

Is  your moon(Chandra) is in Jupiter  or does your Jupiter aspects your natal moon/sun or lagna in transit in 2017-2018-then what happens?

  • Have you ever wondered what happens when Jupiter(guru) is in your moon or Chandra bhava( that is cancer sign or karkat rashi) or directly influences your moon or sun sign or lagna.Jupiter influence makes one more towards dharma, it makes one dutiful and more ambitious in career whoever this influence grows in our life.
  • Jupiter or Guru in any horoscope or kundli(birth chart) is also a planet of duty or delivery- so if in this time and work or duty is assigned to you there are higher chances that you would deliver the same.
  • You will be very positive and organics towards life in the Jupiter’s influence. There could be more ebullience in your personality and you would like to help even your enemies. This is the great  quality of the dharma guru planet Jupiter. You will be funny and amusing like a child. You will do things more playfully now.
  • Your level of hard work would increase significantly and so would be your degree of responsibility towards your job or organization if guru or Jupiter aspects any of your lagans or moon in natal chart or in transit effects. Like not Jupiter is in Libra sign the 7th sign of the zodiac.
  • So if Jupiter or Guru would aspect any planet of house corresponding to Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi),Aries sign( mesha rashi) and also Gemini sign( mithuna rashi). These houses in your horoscope or kundli would get the due blessings of the benfic Jupiter provided Jupiter is not very weak, not afflicted or malefic in your horoscope or chart(kundli).
  • You will receive blessings of your senior, your elders and express full creativity corresponding to the bhavas corresponding to Aquarius/Gemini or Aries sign in your horoscope.
  • But as a rule horoscope or kundli(birth chart) Jupiter is a Guru the teacher so it gives a great amount of struggle as we all  to you for those houses or planets involved before it would bless  you with grace. But generally your experience would be great on those houses.

What is the Impact of Jupiter(guru) transit from Virgo(kanya rashi) to Libra sign(Tula rashi) for India’s Kundli or Horoscope?

IndiasNationalHoroscope02_29112008 jupiter-new-2017 jupiter guru transit libra tula rashi india horoscope kundli predictions 2017 2018 aquarius aries gemini kumbha rashi mesha mithuna rashi

  • For India horoscope or kundli(birth chart) 8th bhava and  11th bhava is ruled by planet Jupiter and Jupiter is in the 6th bhava in the natal chart and now it is aligned with Jupiter again.
  • The 8th bhava lrdo isn 6th forms a raja yoga , but lordship of 8th is  malefic- so Jupiter or guru is both malefic and benefic( due to inherent nature) in the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of india .

Why is Jupiter a malefic and benefic both for India ruling the eighth bhava and the eleventh bhav or house of India’s Horoscope or kundli?

  • 8th bhava we know is the house of mass deaths. We know recently there were mass deaths unfortunately recently elphinstone road railway station in a stampede . On Friday 29th September 2017. This is 29(2+9=11=1+1=2) + 9+ 2+0+1+7 = 2 + 9 + 1 = 12= 1+2=3 =Jupiter. Also note for India Jupiter rules the 8th bhava of mass deaths unfortunately. So India has a lot of negative Jupiter vibration hidden in the birth chart. In one sense it could mean a great deal of spiritual knowledge could come out for India a and India should come forward to share the spiritual wealth/astrology and Vedic mathematics with the world.
  • In India’s independence horoscope Jupiter is old at 25 degrees in the Libra or Tula sign.
  • Also Mumbai blasts in 1993 happened in 12 March 1993 Friday, March is also the 3rd month of Jupiter. Once again rest is history. The total of the date is number 9= 3×3.
  • On the fateful day one has to note in the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of India  Jupiter the 8th bhava lord and also the 11th bhava lord is again in Libra at around 191 degrees = 30x 6 + 11 degrees, So almost near bhava madhya for India that is which is a 8 degrees.
  • One has to Note that India’s partition happened in bloodshed(mass deaths) in 1947 when Pakistan and India was created. So one can see the core cause the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of india  of Jupiter ruling the 8th bhava indicating mass deaths for India in 1947 partition.
  • Note 26th November Mumbai attacks 26 November 2008-29 November 2008 23:00 (26/11)-so it is almost the 27tth November as the attack continues till 30th as per English dates.  27 + 11(November) + 2008(2+0+0+8= 10/1) . Jupiter is in Sagittarius or dhanu rashi at 27 degrees in the house of death  Note horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of india  Jupiter is weak so could not protect the signifactions of the 8th bhava
  • The above illustrations are Just to show that yes indeed for India Jupiter or Guru is both a boon and curse. The ancient traditions and conventionality of Jupiter when taken to an extreme form a curse in terms of castesism but if positively the spirituality/culture and dharma is taken we are the best in the world.

Now what are Predictions for 2017-2018 India only based on Jupiter(Guru) transit?

  • As in the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of india   As 8th lord(eighth house lord) is in the  6th bhava(sixth house lord), so two negatives combine and we get positive. This is raja yoga karaka and could lead to material affluence and also name and fame  for the individual.
  • But as the 6th bhava(sixth house or vighna bhava) is the house of diseases as well so India has to be careful  about  diseases, loss of revenues for India , thefts in terms of theft of electricity and more corruption  and court matters  as the sixth bhava or house deals with the same.
  • in the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of india   So over all as Jupiter gains strength we should expect positive effects for India.
  • Saturn or shani as well in the 8th bhava would give more longevity and foreign connections as Saturn gets into the dhanu rashi from vrishchika rashi or Scorpio sign.
  • Financially there may not be very significant gains. But India would gain a lot on the international forums on terror matters resolution.
  • Also new land reforms could come up, along with ayurveda and ayush or traditional medicines getting more boost. There might be a slight increase in terror and military conflict with Pakistan or military conflict with china again when Jupiter start losing power and or Saturn is weak in transit.
  • Ideally accepting Vedic astrology as a science just like social sciences and accepting its probabilistic nature large scale mahamrityunjay japam or vibration therapy for the nation should be done at every such transits when there a possibility of loss over and above avoiding delays in grants has to totally eliminate  such events  to happen at all.
  • Long Live India!

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