Planet JUPITER in Houses


JUPITER in  1st House

You are blessed and there would be protection to your married life and job by god.

Interest in religion and good deeds to help others might be natural to you.

JUPITER in  2nd house

You could gain good wealth and status. Your speech could be sweet and giving comfort if Jupiter is OK.

You might have interest in occult.

JUPITER in 3rd house

You will try to build and expand anywhere you work.

You may connect more to gentlemanly people.

Your actions to help others and be in good company would be marked.

JUPITER in  4th house

Your mother might be more religiously inclined if Jupiter strong.

Good for your family life and fair enough family.

Your mind could be mostly on good things in life.

JUPITER in 5th house

You might take deep interest in training people, helping people, occult, astrology or religion.

You could be a natural deep thinker.

JUPITER in 6th house

Try to follow the ethics. Money flows could be blocked at times.

You should not join people who are not pro dharma or good deeds.

JUPITER in 7th house

You may marry well. Also you may get a good companion.

Your job and partnerships could work out well.

Your interest in religion and dharma could be there.

JUPITER in 8th house

Interest in occult and dharma could be there. You may do well in land deals.

You have to ensure you stay away from tantra or anything of this kind.

JUPITER in 9th house

Your interest in dharma/religion and doing well to other could be very high.

You could be naturally lucky and might have windfalls in life.

That’s a lot of money many times.

You may take deep interest in religion or doing some good to the society some time in life.

JUPITER in 10th house

You career may expand well slowly. You would see good growth in career. Gains and growth by proper actions and good deeds is promised.

JUPITER in 11th house

You could be lucky and might gain well in life. Gains from siblings are a good possibility if your Jupiter is strong.

JUPITER in 12th house

Try to follow your religion well. Let not get depressed at times.

You have to follow your ethics well.

Your interest in religion and afterlife could increase a lot sometime in life.


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