INDIA What’s Hidden Ahead- Horoscope Predictions based on Vedic Astrology


About India horoscope:
What lies hidden in future of India in terms of Economy, Industry, Society, Terrorism and Politics in future based on Vedic Astrology.

Name: India (country)

Date of Birth: 15 August 1947

Time of Birth: 12:00:00

Place of Birth: Delhi

-Time Zone: 5.5

Vedic Astrology Horoscope & Predictions for India :):

  • The ascendant of India is Taurus, which is ruled by planet Venus. The planet Venus represents beauty and comfort and yes sensitivity. We know that barring certain problems here and there- India is not only beautiful and deep in its culture the people here have a great heart as well. A true representation of planet Venus.
    Venus also supports good economy, so in long run India would be playing important role in world economy- but mostly in health & beauty products. Heath includes health care software as well.

  • Taurus is and earth sign and the sign rise with its back first. Now we know India primarily is Agriculture based Country and people love their mother land due to a several thousand year old rich culture.
  • Now the sign Taurus rules the south direction and also rules night. So major focus Of India would be south. Now we know that despite Himalayas being prime repository of spiritual treasures , most of our culture is more coherently maintained in south India.
  • Taurus has an influence on villages and yes being a sign of Venus has command over business. Yes, India has a major focus on Villages as welled spite Urbanization pressures. Infact mahatma Gandhi ji wanted things that way only for India. Yes India has also been great in business, especially Information technology. India infact has an agricultural economy.
  • As Venus is a bit weak for India, so we are not getting business or other things in full throttle, soon India will get its due in terms of boost in Economy, Industry etc,
  • As the lord of ascendant that is lagan of India is in 3rd house of initiatives, it gives a great degree of initiative to the India & Its people. Looking at the degree of innovations done in the ancient past of India by the rishis in almost every area inclusive of spirituality and also look at what engineers have done at Silicon Valley of USA California, we know for sure India is an Initiative driven country. But , the planet Venus needs more strength as the strength of moon fluctuates.
  • This position of Venus also gives money and wealth, good intelligence and happiness.
  • India want to do something of their own and are courageous like a lion. India has developed its own rockets, missiles, airplanes, computers- majorly by its own mettle.
  • india anti terror trade banks
    What does India’s Horoscope Say on Terrorism,Debts,Demonetization and also foreign Trade?

  • Now looking at India’s Horoscope for anti terrorism and inflation is represented by the eighth house, the 6th house and the twelfth house . The Libra sign or the Tula rashi which is ruled by Venus rules the 6th house of India. Venus or shukra creates debt issues and problems with terrorism for India. the 8th house ruled by Sagittarius rules terrorism or sudden losses for India. the 12th house ruled by Lord Mars(Aries sign or mesha rashi) can also add to terrorism .or even large scale health issues.
  • india anti terrorism trade banks
    Why was IC 814 hijacked for India?

  • so Venus is a karaka tatwa of aeroplanes and also terror activities can happen just for example. we checked the transits and horoscope of India for the plane IC 814 in 24 December 1999 .
  • venus or shukra is very strong in the own house. Now for India venus is a sixth house lord so it getting strong at that time clearly indicates possible trouble from Enemies and opposition. Jupiter or guru the 8th lords are sitting with Saturn or shani dev. There is slight exchange of energy because Saturn sits in 3rd house of natal India. in so gives strong energy to natal Saturn as well. also the most malefic Jupiter has a seventh aspect on venus.
  • financial crisis india anti terror trade banks
    which planets control wealth and also demonetization/

  • The banks and from the Gemini sign(mithuna rashi) that rules the second house and economy would be great . when Mercury gets with aspect of benefic 9th/10th lord Saturn or stable Saturn(shani). The GDP and banks of India would do well.
  • Why did demonetization happen India?

  • Now demonetisation In India happened on 8 November 2016. in that time Mercury or Budha is in Libra(Tula rashi) at 28 degrees. It is also combust and impacted when mercury is weak . There is a malefic impact on mercury as well. also note Libra or Tula rashi is the 6th house lord for India. 6th house stands for debt and obstacles etc. so one can clearly see how economic trends of India are impacted by planetary movements.
  • Now for trade matters we have Jupiter(guru) that is ruling the 11th house .so whenever Jupiter or guru is strong in transit the trade for India or the gains for India from foreign trade will improve for sure. also note mercury was transiting the 6th house of India for debts and economic losses.
  • How do we see the future of India ?

  • now we will analyse future of India the future of India. It depends on good houses like the seventh house ,the fifth house which is of education and learning, plus the third house which has to do with information technology. IT is where India is a leader. also the 9th house where Saturn or shani dev rules the Judiciary and politicians and also corruption. It also deals with higher education policies.
  • 3rd house of India and significance?

  • so now looking at 3rd house as we discussed in other articles. The lord of 3rd house Moon or Chandra is well placed in the third house itself. that means India would do very well in it . or any mater to do with 3rd house activities.
    also India will continue to do well and grow well so that’s why the Wipro ,Infosys and TCS and other IT sector companies have come up so well !
  • 5th house of India and role it plays?

  • then comes the fifth house of India and it rules children and religious Institutions for India. Virgo or kanya rashi rules this house .The lord of the 5th house mercury is there in the 3rd house and it is 11th from the 5th, so still malefic. so education policy of India may not be the best .we know that that India’s education policy as imposed in the starting and still following that but till now great.
  • but as Mercury or budha ruling the mooltrikona sign of Virgo sign is there. so India would do well in maths photos and accounts Chartered Accountancy and it too well . bashisth narayan singh, presence of sundar Pichai as Google CEO point at all this.
  • 6th and 7th house of India and role of the same?

  • in regard to health matters as well because vi sign deals with health we know. now looking at the 7th house it is ruled by mars or Mangal and is sitting in the second bhava or house of the horoscope.
  • The house of India also has Ketu(dragon’s tail) energies . so India could do super trade with other countries 🙂 and could grow significantly. as ketu is there and mars sitting in 2nd house of India Kundli or 8th form the 7th house means unexpected troubles in relationships for India. There could be unexpected problems could come true terms of trading with other countries like China ,Pakistan and Bangladesh can be done but with basic care safeguarding our own interests.
  • Role of 9th and 10th house for India?

  • now looking at the 9th house, it also rules politicians and higher education policies for India . so for both 9th and 10th hsoue.So overall Saturn(shani) is ruling this house and is sitting in the third house of initiatives . so it is sitting in the 7th house from the ninth house so that means that would be good enough but not that great for India but still sitting the Kendra with reference to the ninth house
    means that higher education and quality of good policies will slowly improve. we know that governance has gone a sea of change since past decade with more accountability at hand.
  • Policies would slowly evolve for sure. 10th House career lord is again Saturn Lord and is placed in 3rd that is 6th house from the same. so despite obstacles and struggle, India will do perform well it will you very well in the but it would be slow process.
  • horoscope predictions for India

  • Rahu transit in 4th house aspects 10th house and 8th house and also 11th. So it might impact the image of the person. We know the pathankot recent attacks of terrorism in early January 2016 are a reflection of these effects as rahu is about to get into 4th
  • Rahu could cause Unexpected work or issues at industry front could crop up(Like labour problems or decline in productivity)- but Jupiter would balance it well (look below readings). That is Jupiter would provide the buffer for all the ups and downs by Rahu. People who are rebellious(terrorists) could gang up against India, as we have seen in the Year starting and also In Jan mid as well of 2016.Jupiter and GOD would help India to fight these people well.
  • Months of April, September and November almost every year might need more care form India’s perspective to guard health of politicians and guard its borders better.
  • Un expected issues in gains could be there. This transit helps the soul of India that is spirituality- so it will get a boost. It means other sciences like Astrology, Numerology, Ayurveda,Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Yoga etc should get a boost this year as well.
  • The transit of Jupiter in 4th house also helps improvements and changes at home(country).That means betterment to the Indian Economy and yes more jobs for the Youth. Also more family additions or more boost to construction Industry could be there. It might also mean acquiring of new technologies from foreign countries by India.
  • As there is an aspect on 10th house of career it might means good time for career Of India as Nation. More percentage of Pay hikes, more influx of foreign money into India. There could Career expansion (means much more jobs) and fun and travel related activities In India. Fun filled actions (More focus on fun. Tourism etc).
  • There is an aspect top the 8th house, so means improvement in landed property, interest in occult, astrology and ancient sciences could be there. Improvement in longevity and gains could be there