Horoscope Yoga’s from Moon Or Planetary Combinations & Virat Kohli Cricket

Chandra moon yoga’s combinations planetshoroscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli

About this article?

  • This article at length discusses the Chandra or moon Yogas in any Kundli or Horoscope .
  • It looks at what are the Yogas for riches or rags or even great wealth or kingship or CEO of a company:).
  • May be great learning or person how has no knowledge or learning at all.
  • What Yogas or planetary combinations could give name and fame and what could give infamy is also discussed.
  • How could vasumati Yoga or planetary combination cause poverty or need for money, or how could Yogas like Adhi yoga make you head, or CEO of the organization and many other Yoga’s also discussed.
  • Popular Yogas Like Anaph, Sunaph and Duradhar Yogas or planetary combinations are also discussed.
  • It then applies this knowledge of Yogas as a practical example to Virat Kohli the cricket king . 🙂 on what made him a great success at a very Young age. 🙂
  • Chandra moon yoga’s combinations planets
    Chandra Or Moon’s Yogas
    chandra mangal horoscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli
    Chandra Mangal Yoga: Could it cause trouble to mother or ladies general?

  • Various Yoga’s like Chandra Mangal yoga. This happens when moon or Chandra joins with Mars or Mangal.
  • The results of this Yoga or Planetary combination are that person employs unscrupulous means to earn money.
  • They even sell women to prostitution.
  • he could treat his mother harshly and could be doing Mischief to others and the relatives as well.
  • moon chandra horoscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli

  • Very clearly see moon suggest mother and mars is an aggressive planet plus malefic planet. So impacts mother.
  • Mars rules the 8th sign , so it also means engaging women= moon to earn money by unscrupulous means or prostitution.
  • So this clearly means that earnings from not-so-great means also one may trouble the relatives as mars is the karaka for 3rd bhava- that suggest people around you.
  • awards distinction horoscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli
    chatusagar Yoga: what could give you name, fame & money ;)?

  • This Yoga is called chatusagar Yoga. if all Kendra are occupied by planets, he or she get good reputation and name and fame in life .
  • he becomes like ruler also the longevity of this person is high.
  • He is blessed with good kids and travels across oceans.
  • we see very clearly see the four Kendra’s are 1st 4th 7th and 10th house of any horoscope.
  • The Kendra’s are the nervous system of any horoscope and planets there mean they get energy when any planet is there :).
  • travel horoscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli

  • so if the planets are in 7th house it deals with good travel to distant lands so gives distant travels.
  • if the 4th house for lagan of horoscope is occupied it gets energy and one could have a good family ,home and children .
  • also if lagan or ascendant itself is occupied so planet there gives good energy to it. It helps the self and personality and gives benefits .
  • vasumati horoscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli
    Vasumati Yoga: could it cause want of money?

  • if one has vasumati yoga if benefics occupy 3rd,6th,8th, and 11th from the ascendant or from the Moon.
  • Though the person will not be independent but will always need money .so if all planets are in the malefic houses as above dusth sthanas.
  • Naturally the strength of planets goes low and impacts wealth matters .
  • sun surya horoscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli
    What could give brilliance and expertise to any one ?:)

  • In case Chandra Or Moon with reference to Surya or sun is in a Kendra( first/fourth ,seventh or the tenth house).
  • one’s riches or wealth, insight and expertise will be pretty much nothing, if in a Panaphara(2, 5, 8, 11), will interfere, if in an Apoklima(3, 6, 9, 12), will be brilliant.
  • intelligence horoscope moon Yogas planetary combinations kundli
    What planetary combinations could give great brilliance to anyone and a keen intelligence? 😉

  • One can clearly figure out that sun or Surya is treated as a malefic, so when it is in benefic houses like 1/4/7/10 from moon or in 2/5/8/11 house- it destroys lot of good qualities of the house .
  • But when sun is in malefic houses like 3/6/9 and 12(though 9 is not a pure malefic House), the negative multiplied by negative makes I positive.
  • So good results or brilliance follows. So how sun and moon are placed with respect to each other in the horoscope or kundli plays an important role.
  • planets intelligence horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
    What planetary combinations could give you great riches and wealth in life?

  • On account of a day birth, if Chandra or Moon, set in its own particular Navamsha(d9 divisional or Varga Chart).
  • or in an amicable Navamsa(d9 divisional or Varga Chart), gets a Drishti(aspect) from Guru or Jupiter the well-known benefic, one will be blessed with riches and bliss. As Jupiter is for riches and bliss.
  • Also as moon representing the self is strong and gets good energy suggests good things happening to the native or the first house- that is moon.
  • fun luxary intelligence horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
    Could Moon and Venus or shukra confirm the Luxury in your life?

  • If One or born or conceived at evening time, he or she will appreciate or have good comforts .
  • if Chandra Or Moon is in its own Navamsha(d9 divisional or Varga Chart) that is in the karkat or cancer Navamsha , or in a friendly Navamsha(d9 divisional or Varga Chart), accepting a Drishti(aspect) from shukra or Venus.
  • Here the moon or Chandra represent the self or the body .
  • which is well placed in the navamsha and gets good energy from the planet of comforts that is Venus giving this prediction.
  • what could reduce the wealth and status of any person?

  • In an opposite circumstance, the Drishti(aspect) from Guru, or from Shukra(Venus) on Chandra Or Moon .
  • Then it will make one run with little riches, or even without that.
  • sun surya horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
    Adhi Yoga- what could make you a head of any organization?

  • Adhi Yog from Chandra Or Moon. If in case benefics are there in eighth, sixth and seventh, checked from Chandra Or Moon, Adhi Yog acquires.
  • That is a benefic like Jupiter(guru), Venus(shukra) or mercury(budha) is in the 8/6/7 house .
  • As per the quality of the taking an interest Grahas, the person concerned will be either a lord, or a clergyman, or an Army boss.
  • A benefic like Jupiter /Venus or mercury has a cooling effect.
  • so presence in the malefic houses like sixth and eighth house is countered by the presence of the benefic over there.
  • wealth horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
    Wealth & Prosperity Planetary Combination or Dhan Yog.

  • If there are benefics like Jupiter, mercury or Venus or moon positive in the Upachaya, checked from Chandra Or Moon, one will be extremely prosperous.
  • With two benefics, put in the third, the sixth, the tenth and the eleventh, one will have medium impacts concerning riches.
  • if in case solitary benefic is there, the riches will be irrelevant.
  • One can clearly see that third house, sixth house and eleventh house are considered malefic in classical text and – benefics act as a coolant or massager to these houses.
  • moon horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
    Sunaph, Anaph and Duradhar Yoga or planetary Combination- that give riches and distinction in your life?.

  • In the event that there is a Graha or planet other than Sun(surya), in the second from Chandra Or Moon, Sunaph Yog is framed.
  • if in the twelfth from Chandra Or Moon, Anaph Yog is formed.
  • if in the second and twelfth from Chandra Or Moon, Duradhar Yog is brought about.
  • One with Sunaph Yog will be a ruler, or equivalent to a lord, supplied with insight, riches, distinction, and self-earned riches.
  • What is the Explanation for Anapha, Sunaph and Duradhar Yogas ?

  • As the second house is for wealth flows/status and riches.
  • Also twelfth house is of luxury and indulgence, a presence of planets here somehow magnifies the effects of these houses.
  • Sun is considered a malefic and destroys the good effects.
  • anpah yoga horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
    Anpha Yoga= does it mean great riches and great ability to serve?

  • One conceived in Anaph Yog will be a ruler, be free from sicknesses, temperate, acclaimed, beguiling and glad.
  • One conceived in Duradhar Yog will appreciate joys, will be magnanimous and enriched with riches, movements, and great serving power.
  • kemdrum horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
    Kema Drum Yog.= could it cause loss of knowledge and loss of money and abject penury?

  • Barring Sun(surya), ought to there be no Graha with Chandra (Or Moon), or in the second as well as twelfth from Chandra (Moon).
  • or in a Kendra from Lagna, Kema Drum Yog is framed.
  • One conceived in Kema Drum Yog will be especially censured, will be dispossessed of knowledge, learning, diminished to penury and risks.
  • Virat kohli Chandra moon yoga’s combinations planets
    d9-virat-kohli moon Chandra yoga’s planetary combinations kundli horoscope virat kohli ipl 2017 cricket predictions
    Virat Kohli- The IPL cricket Guru- Does Her have Anapha/Sunpha/Durandhar Yogas & Other wealth Yogas in reference to His Rashi or Moon sign? Application of the above classical Vedic astrology principles

    • In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, Let us first see how well placed his moon is in his chart, also does it have a malefic or benefic aspect on the same.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, As sun or surya is in the second house from the moon.
    • so is better protected for good wealth and status, than being in Kendra houses of first /fourth /seventh or tenth house.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, Rahu is in the sixth house form the moon sign or rashi.
    • Which is house of enemies and opposition, so that helps him to crush his opposition in cricket.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, But his Saturn on Shani in the fourth house , so family life could be affected.
    • He lost his father at a very young age.
    • Moon or Chandra is in Capricorn or maker rashi in the eighth house, so not very great.
    • This gives him some discomfort in the first part of his life.
    • He does not have an adhi Yoga
    • Let us look at anpha Yoga ,But we should note the planet of comforts and wealth and prosperity Venus is close to moon.
    • Also Venus represents women or girls- they are also close to Virat Kohli, he has lot of female fans, be it Anushka Sharma and others.
    • In the second house In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, from moon, though he has sun.
    • but he also has mercury in the second hsoue. So this makes him like a king as the mercury the lord of intellect, money is in the second house of dhana from the moon .
    • As there is no benefic in the twelfth house form moon, so no sunpha or dhurandhar yoga.
    • Virat Kohli
      5th November 1988
      10:28 AM (Unconfirmed)
      Delhi, India
      virat kohli horoscope moon Yoga's planetary combinations kundli
      What could Virat Kohli expect in IPL matches ? Predictions for future.

      • He or virat kohli did not perform great in the recent IPL cricket matches in February /march- the reason is he was running
      • He is running Rahu-Saturn sub period

      sub sub periods/pratyantar dasha
      MON till 4/ 3/17
      MAR till 4/ 5/17
      RAH till 8/10/17
      JUP till 25/ 2/18

    • In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, His Saturn(Shani) is lord of second and third house and would give mixed results.
    • It would give him good status and wealth and at the same time rahu sitting in the third house could give totally unexpected results.
    • he has to take care of his shots in batting and also is decision making as a captain
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, The mars or mangal period till May 4th 2017 would give him good results.
    • He would be fairly aggressive and winning position in IPL cricket.
    • He may shot to fame in this time- with an image of aggressive captain or player.
    • In rahu period he may give exceptional results- either great wins or great failures. He could do well as well by discipline and well-planned batting and captaincy.
    • Based on the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, May 2017 and also April ending could be a real hard time.
    • It could be full of surprises for him. If he is able to practically cash situations and work in a planned and with precisions.
    • he will succeed else may could be a real frustrating time for him in terms of performance in the IPL matches.
    • He may perform exceptionally well after July 2017 in the IPL cricket matches. He could get recognition and praise for performance.
    • His work pressures might be at the top as a captain and also as a player or batsman.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, Infact July 2017 would start giving him some positive results and yes more responsibility towards his actions and the IPL cricket team he heads.
    • Based on the kundli or horoscope of Virat Kohli, August 2017 he would be investing more in may be changing his strategies for improves performance and September 2017 he could reach the pinnacle of the performance in the IPL cricket matches .
    • and also international matches , by say mid of September 2017.
    • We wish him all the best in life.