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  • This highly interesting article analyses the Horoscope of the porn star and Bollywood actress sunny leone various Yoga’s and planetary combinations on what made her enter Porn or Bollywood film industry.
  • Also which planets in the Horoscope or Kundli made Sunny Leone so wealthy and successful both in the porn industry firsts and then the Bollywood film industry?
  • Each planet like sun, Mercury, Venus(shukra), Rahu(dragon’s head) and Ketu (dragon’s tail),Jupiter or Guru is analysed to know exactly what got sunny leone based on her horoscope into the porn industry?
  • also what makes sunny leone so successful and wealthy in the Bollywood film industry as well?
  • sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions

    Birth Data & Other Data:

    Her Birth Name = Karenjit Kaur Vohra
    Her Current Name = Sunny Leone
    Name: Sunny Leone
    Date of Birth sunny leone: Wednesday, May 13, 1981
    Time of Birth: 14:30:00
    Place of Birth: Sarnia
    Longitude: 82 W 40
    Latitude: 42 N 59
    Time Zone: -5.0
    horoscope sunny leone kundli predictions
    what Astrological factors Made Sunny Leone made go for porn Films based on your Horoscope ?

  • As we are not sure of her time of birth. So, we are using the moon Lagna(ascendant) or Chandra Lagna( moon ascendant) for horoscope to check what made Sunny Leone go for Porn film industry.
  • porn films sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    What roles does Moon or Chandra play in Horoscope or Kundli for sunny Leone to enter the porn industry?
    Now the moon for Sunny Leone is a big weak . Though it is in Lagna or ascendant , but it is close it is close to Saturn or Shani dev.
  • Saturn or Shani is Lord of 6th house of obstacles and issues and suggests deviation from normal of mind for Sunny Leone.
  • Moon or Chandra represents the mind of Sunny Leone.
  • also, in the Navamsha chart or the d9 chart the Moon rules 12th house and this house is for sex and other kind of mental health issues.
  • so all this energy gets into the mind of Sunny Leone.
  • jupiter guru weakness porn industry sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    What Role does Jupiter or Guru Play for sunny leone to get into the porn industry based on her horoscope or Kundli?

  • We note that in her chart, Jupiter, or Guru The Lord of mind for Sunny Leone is close to moon.
  • Jupiter rules the public image and mind for her(4th house) so it gets full energy that is negative form 12th house for Sunny Leone
  • rahu dragon's head pron industry sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    What role does Rahu or dragon’s head play to make sunny leone enter the Porn industry?

  • We also know that Rahu(dragon’s head) is malefic planet and makes the person Rebel in life sits in the cancer sign(karkat Rashi) of hers.
  • so this sends a lot of lot of malefic energy to her mind .
  • which are in opposition to the society also the malefic Ketu sits in the 5th house so makes her take up new challenges plus makes her distinct in and different in thinking .
  • so sunny leone contribute her to get into the porn business
  • bollywood sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    what made Sunny Leone later on take up Films or Bollywood movies and with success?

    venus shukra sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    How does Mercury(budha) and Venus(shukra) in the Horoscope catapult sunny leone to Young roles in the Bollywood industry?

  • we can clearly see that Venus or Shukracharya which is the lord for films and Bollywood is very strong and is placed in the 9th house for Sunny Leone.
  • which means great wealth and status to her films also the career. the job or career lord is Gemini(Mithuna rashi) that is the 10th House Lord and the lord of same is mercury(budha) which is sitting close to Venus .
  • so it very clearly suggest that anything to do with youth and young people as mercury is a young planet and has do with youth or movies will give her good money luck and fortune . 🙂
  • mars mangal sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    What is the role of 8th house lord and mars or mangal in the horoscope to decide the destiny of sunny leone?

  • Please note that 8th House Lord which rules the porn industry and sex related things is very strong for Sunny Leone and it is with mars or Mangal itself. we note there also Sun .
  • which is The Lord of 12th house is there which is ruling the sex and other things are there. so, 12th bhava lord sits in the 8th house.
  • Both being malefic houses creates a natural vipreet raj Yoga based on basic operating principles .
  • so this suggests that she could do great in films to do with sex industry and also sexy film specially.
  • we wish her all the -best in life.
  • numbers numerology sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions

    Numerology Horoscope & Predictions for sunny Leone:

    Dob: May 13, 1981
    Popular Name: Sunny Leone
    Birth Name: Karenjit Kaur Vohra

  • Birth number of sunny Leone = 13th = 1+3 = 4 = Rahu or Uranus or dragon’s head. This gives her the streak of un conventional and rebelliousness in her.
  • Rahu or Uranus makes people rebellious and yes Rahu(dragon’s head) and Venus(shukra) both together rule the porn industry as well .
  • ( that is Rahu(dragon’s head) negative Venus9shukra) negative could concern with porn star(sex industry) or any luxury that is not conventional).
  • The sun sign for sunny Leone for 13th May = Taurus= planet Venus rules this sun sign. Gives her the doggedness to pursue matters .
  • and Yes enhances her success in Film(Bollywood) and also porn star(sex industry) as the industries are controlled by Venus majorly. The earth element gives her the basic perseverance to follow up.
  • Now let us look at her destiny. what she was destined to do.
  • destiny numbers numerology raja Yoga sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    Does the destiny number in numerology of sunny Leone suggest she would be at the top of her career?
    Destiny Number = 13+5 + 1981 = 13+5+ 19 = 37 = 3+7=10 = 1+0 = 1 =SUN.Oh

  • so she is born to be leader! One can clearly see that this is what is happening in her life. She is a leader of cinema in some form, be it porn star(sex industry) or Bollywood.
  • sunny leone numerology astrology
    mars mangal sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    What is the role of Mars or Mangal for sunny leone’s Number chart to give her an aggressive streak ?
    Name number of sunny Leone = 9= Mars

  • Now Mars is a good friend of Venus her sun sign in some sense and could create a very aggressive and daring personality along with her Rahu in birth number.
  • The name number is also in harmony with her destiny number.
  • rahu dragon's head sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    How does Rahu or dragon’s head propel sunny leone in her career ?
    One can clearly see for sunny Leone that Rahu(dragon’s head) /Sun(Surya) and Mars(Mangal)- a lot of fire in her personality, which helps to strengthen her earth element, Venus. We know the success reasons!
    sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions

    Astrology Horoscope & Predictions for sunny Leone:

  • She has Leo ascendant.
  • Sun the lord of ascendant for sunny Leone is weak and sits in 9th.
  • So, she is an adjustable lion.
  • A weak sun could give issues with fame or infamy and this could be a cause for her introspection as the sun is Atmakaraka for her.
  • Mars sits near the sun for Sunny Leone and is combust and causes action and leadership in her.
  • Gives her a headway in Bollywood.
  • Her career house has Venus, that is strong but combust in own sign, gives the reason for being famous .
  • and at the same time being in limelight for not so good reasons due to the sun making it combust.
  • The lagan lord for sunny leone is in the ninth/ 9th house makes her fortunate and protector of religion or dharma that she follows acting and working for films.
  • despite all this she could be religious minded .
  • she also could have Good speaking skills.
  • she Could also be rich and have happiness on account of her husband spouse(Daniel Weber) and the children she may have.
  • Sunny leone , in fact, has 3 children. sunny leones Father may be well placed and one will earn well from inheritance and also she or sunny leone would have great paternal property.
  • Father could be relatively well known, philanthropic in his approach towards life and also god fearing or following his religion well.
  • her father was born in Tibet and had been brought up in the capital city of Delhi.
  • career job sunny Leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    Career House 10th for sunny Leone in her Horoscope- what does it predict?

  • As 10th lord Venus or Shukra of sunny leone e is in 10th bhava itself, so she could be very successful in her career, so she has been in the film industry.
  • and also command respect and honour from people. Which all is true, and she is commanding respect from the entire world!
  • she may become restless and hence has to avoid being fickle minded.
  • merciry budha sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    Did mercury or Budha in the Horoscope make sunny leone work for tax films ?

  • As mercury the karaka for knowledge for her(sunny leone) is in the 10th(tenth) bhava she may have good knowledge in astrology or mathematics related areas.
  • it seems has had a fair knowledge of taxes that have to do with maths as she worked for a tax firm as well.
  • sunny leone may tend to acquire more and more knowledge sooner or later in life. May become a scholar or intellectual or lead a social movement(note number 1 destiny of hers- that is SUN!) later in life.
  • also, she may learn many subjects and would get respect for the same.
  • she needs to be careful or her eyes.
  • 2nd house sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    Does the 2nd house lord of sunny leone’s Horoscope suggests she would have great wealth?

  • As 2nd bhava or mercury sign of hers(sunny leone) is in the ninth bhava, that is 8 bhavas away so ill health in young age possible for her.
  • As the second bhava is just after the first bhava and represents young age.
  • yes she could be skilled as the eighth bhava also represents hidden skills.
  • one can see the correlation of various bhavas and how the distance between bhavas also make a difference.
  • she will also have a lot of wealth and opulence in life! all this is 100% true for her!
  • sunny leone astrology numerology horoscope kundli predictions
    About Sunny Leone:

  • The vivacious sunny Leone was earlier a porn star(film sex industry person) and now a Bollywood star with her sex comedy mastizaade released earlier.
  • In the article below we see how Vedic Astrology and Numerology have to say about her and see what made her a success in Porn Industry and then Bollywood industry.
  • Plus we also analyse the core of her personality and destiny.