Horoscope Navjot Singh Sandhu BJP leader resigned

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About this article ?

  • This article discusses the Horoscope or Kundli of Navjot Singh Sidhu in depth on how he became so successful in cricket and got so much of Name and fame in India and the world 😊.
  • which planetary combinations in Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Horoscope gave him so much of fame.
  • what made him a success in BJP.
  • What made him leave BJP. what made him loose with captain Amarinder Singh of Punjab.
  • all based on his Horoscope and planetary transits.
  • horoscope kundli horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party
    Horoscope or Kundli of Navjot Singh Sidhu ?
    Date of Birth: 20th October, 1963
    Time of Birth: Is Not Known
    Place of Birth: is Patiala, In Punjab, India
    Navjot Singh H sidhu Aam admi aap party candidate leaves bjp
    Basic Natal Chart or Horoscope Analysis of Navjot Singh Sidhu-what made Navjot Singh Sidhu so different from ? Vedic Astrology and Jyotish analysis :
    venus shukra horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party

  • Navjot Singh Sidhu has Venus or shukra the lord of ascendant Libra sign (Tula rashi) in his horoscope or Kundli.
  • Venus sits on the ascendant and is strong.
  • This Venus or shukra is a planet of beauty which gives him good looks, comforts in life and Success in TV shows- as Venus rules TV and media as well.
  • Venus or shukra makes Him a good host
  • Planet Saturn or Shani rules his public image( fourth house or matru bhava in his Horoscope) , it’s strong but retrograde in his horoscope.
  • Which gives Navjot Singh Sidhu reversals in public image.
  • He was at the top in cricket, then he got involved in a case and his image fell down.
  • Then Navjot Singh again came back in politics and then again in comedy shows and now as a possible chief ministerial candidate when ignored by BJP.
  • So Saturn or Shani in the Horoscope of Navjot Singh Sidhu is clearly causing reversals in public image of his.
  • Moon or Chandra and Mars(mangal) are together in second house of Sidhu giving him intense anger.
  • Which Navjot Singh Sidhu himself has accepted .
  • But we are sure he is more controlled man now.
  • Navjot Singh Sidhu Born on 20th October , ruled by Moon (20=2+0) and sun sign = Libra, by Venus in his Horoscope or Kundli.
  • It gives Navjot Singh Sidhu a very sensitive and loving nature and connection to mother land :).
  • So over all is a very nice Guy with a great love for his Mother lands India and Punjab both.
  • Navjot Singh sidhu 2019 predictions
    Why is Politician Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Image in turmoil in the year 2019 based on his horoscope or Kundli?

  • In the year 2019 since Pulwama CRPF convoy attacks in Kashmir March 30, politician Navjot Singh Sidhu who is also a cricketer attack in Kashmir his image has been impacted.
  • people do not like him! it was that for some reason it apparently appeared that Navjot Singh is with Imran Khan .
  • which caused Navjot Singh Sidhu loss of image in the country to some extent.
  • In June it was recently in the news that Navjot Singh Sidhu has been removed from key portfolios.
  • Following his conflict with captain Amarinder Singh .
  • but Navjot Singh Sidhu has not made any comment.
  • Captain Amarinder Singh also happens to be chief minister of Punjab as well.
  • planets horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party
    What do the planets in the Horoscope say about Navjot Singh Sidhu the politicians’ current situation in 2019 ?
    mars mangal horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party

  • Now let us look at what is happening in the horoscope or kundali of Navjot Singh Sidhu .
  • as the accurate birth time is not available for Navjot Singh .we to prepare the horoscope based on the Moon Lagna.
  • Now his Rashi is Scorpio sign(Vrishchika Rashi) with Mars or Mangal close by.
  • That gives Navjot Singh Sidhu great level of action that was visible in cricket he played earlier and speeches for politics he gives.
  • moon chandra horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party

  • also, he could have been a bit aggressive earlier as he was engaged in a criminal case as well.
  • because the moon is getting a lot of energy from Mars or Mangal .
  • The moon is debilitated in the Scorpio sign or Vrishchika Rashi.
  • jupiter guru horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party
    What is the Impact of Jupiter or Guru transit in 2019 for Navjot Singh Sidhu ?
    horoscope kundli horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party

  • as the moon is also debilitated , so looking at the current transits of Jupiter ruling the 2nd bhava or house of Navjot Singh Sidhu.
  • It is in transit in the lagna .
  • Jupiter or Guru transit in Scorpio Lagna or Vrishchika rashi gives him some good image at least he is a bit unpopular.
  • but un-popular has popular in it. 🙂 so at least is popular in certain sense we find that for certain things certain matters like getting the portfolios when he was OK with captain Amarinder Singh.
  • Jupiter or guru was helping him .
  • but Navjot Singh Sidhu portfolio got removed as Jupiter(guru) got retrograde for him so impacting his status in politics.
  • saturn shani horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party
    What is the Impact of Saturn or Shani transit in 2019 for Navjot Singh Sidhu ?

  • For Navjot Singh Sidhu we know Saturn is Lord of 3rd and fourth(4th) house, so this is the lord of initiatives & people connection(3rd house) and yes public image & mind( 4th house).
  • This planet Shani dev or Saturn comes into his 2nd house of wealth and status.
  • But as Saturn has gotten retrograde recently, so is actions will not pay off well.
  • plus as the 3rd house also rules with Communications. so Navjot Singh Sidhu’s communication with people will not be great .
  • also as Saturn or Shani rules the fourth house of the public image of Navjot Singh Sidhu.
  • His image would also go down more intensity after may ending 2019. one can clearly see.
  • ketu dragon's tail horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party
    What is the Impact of Ketu or dragon’s Tail transit in 2019 for Navjot Singh Sidhu ?

  • Ketu is currently transiting in 2019 in Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wealth & status house .
  • also his natal Ketu is there in the 2nd bhava making Ketu impacted more intense.
  • we know that the house is of wealth and status and is also Markesh or killer house.
  • so whenever Ketu or mars like planet goes here, it gets the negative energy of that house.
  • so this clearly indicates that there would be a decline in the wealth and status of Navjot Singh Sidhu .
  • also we need to suggest that Navjot Singh Sidhu has to be careful about what is speaks because Ketu impacts his second house of speech .
  • at the time of Pulwama attacks on CRPF in Kashmir Ketu had come in the 2nd bhava of Navjot Singh Sidhu.
  • double ketu dragon's tail horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party

  • so beyond March 2019 as double Ketu energy is there in 2nd house of Navjot Singh Sidhu.
  • Much more care is needed for Navjot Singh Sidhu .any comment just like the Pulwama attack comments and connecting with Imran Khan may be with good intent.
  • But still, it could have been interpreted in a negative sense because of the planetary situations.
  • horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party
    Summary of 2019 and 2020 for Navjot Singh Sidhu

  • one can very clearly see that all the factors that are the major transits Saturn(Shani), Rahu(dragon’s head) and Jupiter(guru) are working against Navjot Singh Sidhu the politician.
  • saturn shani horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party

  • In addition as Saturn(Shani) and Jupiter(guru) are retrograde so 2nd bhava of wealth and status is badly impacted.
  • so for coming few months till Jupiter gets direct by July 2019. he has to be careful.
  • By July 2019,Navjot Singh Sidhu would regain some official status and may be getting more comfortable with his Congress party.
  • But sure he would take much better decisions and enjoying better luck after September- October 2019 when Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Saturn or Shani would be direct in motion.
  • Plus Jupiter or guru gets into his 2nd house of status. But this would happen only by November 2019 ending and Saturn would get into Capricorn in 2020 the 3rd house of Navjot Singh Sidhu .
  • helping him somewhat to consolidate his position and standing in Indian society and politics.
  • but we also see a lot of re-strategizing effort and introspection happening at Navjot Singh Sidhu’s end in 2020. he goes more towards religion and dharma . also 2020 could emotionally a disturbing time for him and he may have more partings/separation in 2020.
    we wish him all the best in life.
  • leave bjp horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party chief minister punjab
    Why Did Navjot Singh Sidhu Leave BJP and His Chance of becoming a Chief Minster( 2016-2017 predictions)- Vedic Astrology

  • He left BJP as the Saturn and mars are badly conjunct and release very negative energy in his 2nd house ruled by mars and mars sitting on the same and ruling 7th house of relationships.
  • This made Him Quit BJP
  • By the year 2017 Saturn would be in his 3rd house with natal ketu aspecting his Luck also Jupiter sin 12th gives energy to his luck and house of public image that is 4th
  • He also would be out of sadhe sati the first two critical phases.
  • 2016 ending and 2017 would be a bag of surprises and a lot of work for Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu and details and data collection a and yes ACTION, if he is able to take it.
  • he just has slightly above average chances(60%) to win or become Chief minister of Punjab .
  • A more conclusive answer could be given based on birth chart of his political opponents in this race.
  • Now we know he has started a new party- clearly look the predictions of 2016 ending and 2017 bag of surprises.
  • his meagre chance of become a chief minister and lot of work for him pattern(he has started his own party so more work) has all come true for him!
  • We at astrozing.com wish him all the best in Life!
  • horoscope navjot singh sidhu bjp aap party
    who is Navjot Singh sidhu?Politician Cricketer or both?
    Navjot Singh Sidhu the BJP leader resigned from Rajya Sabha-to join AAM ADMI Party (AAP) with Kejriwal- His Prospects of Becoming CM of Punjab? Vedic Astrology or Jyotish
    About Navjot Singh sidhu:

  • The popular commentator was nominated to the Rajya Sabha in April
  • He is a former cricketer turned politician and has left BJP to join AAP ( AAM Admi party) and a potential chief ministerial candidate.
  • He will play a big role in Punjab elections next year. He will meet Mr Kejriwal in Punjab in a few of days.