Horoscope Kangana Ranaut Bollywood & Fight Hrithik Roshan Kundli Predictions

Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

What is this Article About?

  • This article is a highly interesting one, based on Horoscope or Kundli of Kangana Ranaut of Bollywood film industry talks about in-depth career, personal and love life 🙂
  • It also analyses the horoscope or Kundli of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and also her conflict with Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan.
  • It tells us why Kangana Ranaut is so successful in Life, is so beautiful ;)?
  • Which planetary combinations in the Horoscope made Kangana Ranaut choose films and movies and eb such a success?
  • The article also looks at when would Kangana Ranaut could get married or fall in love relationships?
  • About Kangana Ranaut’s Future husband and also what Kangana Ranaut could expect in future :)? All.
  • The analysis is based on the powerful Surya Kundli or the Surya horoscope of Kangana Ranaut .
  • So in the latter section this article discusses the Tumultuous Love relationship of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and also Hrithik Roshan .
  • To get the most accurate results it uses the combined power of Vedic astrology and also Numbers or Numerology.
  • The article also talks the Bollywood film industry in generally in how it came into existence.
  • solar Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions
    Kangana Ranaut Solar Horoscope
    Hrithik Roshan Birth Details
    ==>was born on 23 March 1987 at Bhambla (now Surajpur),
    Kangana Ranaut:
    Kangana Ranaut horoscope gain honours
    Where is the struggle and Success indicated at a young age for Kangana Ranaut’s Horoscope or Kundli?
    Sagittarius dhanu Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions rashi

  • Now just look at the Surya Kundli for Kananga Ranaut . The lagan or ascendant is Ruled By Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.
  • The horoscope of Kangana Ranaut has sun or Surya in the Lagna.
  • sun = number1 = Name and fame 🙂 .
  • so Kangana Ranaut will get name and fame in life for sure.
  • But because sun or Surya is a malefic as well and rules the 9th house of luck .
  • So overall could cause mixed-effects for Kangana Ranaut.
  • That is great luck, name and fame and also achieving the same for Kangana Ranaut.
  • mercury budha Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • Budha or Mercury is the Lord of partnership of 7th house for Kangana Ranaut and also the career house the 10th House.
  • It is sitting close to Sun in the ascendant.
  • so Kangana Ranaut would have great dialogue delivery or communication ability and also good name and fame because Mercury rules her career as well.
  • so sun and mercury(budha) gets good energy.
  • rahu dragon's head Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • We have Rahu(dragon’s head) as well in the lagna or ascendant of Kangana Ranaut’s Horoscope.
  • The Rahu(dragon’s head) sitting here deals with Shadows and images going to the lagna or ascendant of hers.
  • Now Rahu(dragon’s head) sitting close to the career Lord Mercury or Budha clearly suggests that it could be a career to do with films film industry.
  • As film industry also means shadows and light. 🙂
  • sun Surya Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • Kangana Ranaut could get good fame due to Rahu(Dragon’s head) and Sun or Surya combination in her Horoscope and also at the same time opposite or negative fame.
  • Which was there with the fallout of Kangana Ranaut’s relationship with Aditya Pancholi and Hrithik Roshan, they both got the negative impact of the same.
  • so this all is corroborated by the planetary combinations in her horoscope
  • Bollywood Kangana Ranaut films movies
    What planets pushed Kangana Ranaut to take up Career in Films?
    Venus shukra Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • Now Venus what gave Kangana Ranaut such a choice in career in films and gave great success here in the movies of Bollywood movies. 🙂
  • Now we see the Venus or Shukra which rules Bollywood all the films are movies is strongly placed in the second house of wealth and status for Kangana Ranaut.
  • Yes it is retrograde that means she will have to struggle quite a bit to reach the top position in the films of Bollywood .
  • Venus or Shukra rules her house of 11th house of gains from friends in the Horoscope and other people for Kangana Ranaut.
  • so Kangana Ranaut got good benefits from them . but due to retrogression struggle was there for Kangana Ranaut in the film industry or Bollywood.
  • career job

  • The 10th house of career in the Horoscope for Kangana Ranaut is ruled by Virgo sign or Kanya rashi.
  • this 10th house rules and actions & career for her.
  • Virgo sign is also the 6th sign so ruled by number 6 = which in turn is ruled by Venus or shukra the planet for Bollywood or the film industry.
  • so good success for 6=Venus Kangana Ranaut is there for her.
  • also as it is in lagna it could strengthen day by day for her :).
  • love Bollywood Kangana Ranaut films movies marriage
    What is the kind of Husband Kananga Ranaut may get in future?>
    lover Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • Now the next question is that what kind of person Kangana Ranaut may marry. now Gemini sign or mithuna rashi rules 7th house of marriage and love for Kangana Ranaut .
  • also we observe that Saturn or Shani dev energy is there in the horoscope(Kundli) of hers and Saturn rules the second and third house of Kangana Ranaut .
  • ketu dragon's tail Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • also ketu or dragon’s Tail; energy is there in her Horoscope influencing her 7th bhava of the Horoscope.
  • so Kangana Ranaut may get married to a person who is deeply philosophical or deep into Dharma .
  • Gemini mithuna Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • but because of the Gemini sign is there.
  • He could be young looking young but at the same time Saturn or Shani and Ketu(dragon’s tail) could make him more philosophical or serious minded as well.
  • There could be slightly darker complexion or less light complexion than Kangana Ranaut and Ketu(dragon’s tail) would give action oriented and bubbliness as well.
  • Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions
    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Kangana Ranaut :

  • The malefic Mars-Saturn combination is happening in 9th house of kangana, along with natal Saturn in 9th.
  • Saturn or Shani affects her gains, so her gains could be impacted due to this imbroglio.
  • Aspect on her natal mercury in 12th ruling her mind and public image= 4th house and her career( 7th house) is clearly evident.
  • As mercury represents speech as well, so she (Kangana) has to be careful about what she speaks.
  • Bollywood Kangana Ranaut films movies 2019 2020 predictions marriage love films
    What are the predictions for Kangana Ranaut for come 2019-2020 and in coming future?

  • Now when Jupiter or Guru comes in dhanu Lagna or Sagittarius in transit by end of 2019.
  • It could strengthen the Kangana Ranaut’s Lagna Bhava and fourth house of public image.
  • so she or Kangana Ranaut may get into a family or deeper relationship .also she may get great gains of Saturn .
  • her markesh bhava the 2nd and wealth and status bhava also strengthens.
  • so her getting married 2019 ending and 2020 is a high chance .
  • also more films and more work in 2020 for Kangana Ranaut.
  • the chances of marriage for Kangana Ranaut are high in December 2019 ending, higher chance in same March ending in April 2020 for Kangana Ranaut
  • yes May ending and June is also good time and so is august ending and September 2020 🙂 for her marriage.
  • we wish all the best in life for Kangana Ranaut. 🙂
  • Hrithik  Kangana Ranaut Horoscope kundli
    Birth details Hrithik Rohan
    ==>Date of Birth: 10 January 1974
    Time of Birth: not known
    City of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Time of Birth: Unknown
    So we would work with Surya kundli of both
    About the conflict of Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan:

  • There is a war of words between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut, which is now being played by the lawyers.
  • Almost every day statements are being made by the respective lawyers.
  • Hrithik Roshan’s lawyer has asked Kangana to record her statement than getting into media wars.
  • Let us to an astrological analysis of the situation
  • Hrithik
    Hrithik Solar Horoscope
    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Hrithik Roshan :

  • He has Sagittarius or dhanu ascendant in his Surya kundli.
  • The deadly mars-Saturn(Mangal Shani) combination is happening in his 12th
  • Mars or Mangal is ruler of 5th house and short term “affairs” or connections.
  • The conjunction of mars and Saturn happens in 12th The house of secret connections with opposite sex.
  • Now we can see why there is so much of turmoil in this situation.
  • The harsh mars-Saturn combination affects the kind of people he( Hrithik connects to).
  • The aspect is on 3rd house , the people whom you connect to.
  • A retrograde Saturn ruling 3rd, means connection with people to do with justice( as Saturn deals with justice).
  • That is lawyers could be there and impact on his career could also be there as his natal Saturn sits in 7th house of relationships for him.
  • April was bound to be a bit tough but may be able to be a bit stiffer and he might want to introspect more and re strategize his life in May.
  • Hrithik Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions
    looking at logical compatibility of solar or Surya lagna of Kangana Ranaut with Hrithik Roshan?
    Sagittarius dhanu Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • Now Kangana Ranaut has Surya Lagna of Sagittarius sign or dhanu Rashi and Hrithik Roshan has Surya Lagna of Pisces or Meena Rashi.
  • so both lords for Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut are ruled by Jupiter(guru).so both are naturally friendly so that made them come together.
  • They will stay close together and have fun and joy. They both are good human beings and have good dignity due to Jupiter or Guru in common.
  • but at the same time we have to see that Hrithik lagna lord is Pisces sign or Meena rashi. Which makes him very sensitive .
  • rahu dragon's head Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • and it has Rahu or dragon’s head along with it so Hrithik Roshan to behave in a different manner .
  • may not be in line with whatever Kangana Ranaut would expect from him .
  • 🙂 also where to know that sun or Surya dev is sitting the lagna(ascendant) of Hrithik Roshan. that makes in very distinct in a behaviour in personality .
  • and Rahu(dragon’s head) being there in the lagna makes Hrithik Roshan Rebel at times Rash or sudden in his behaviour .
  • so that is what exactly happened that Hrithik Roshan has suddenly broken the relationship with Kangana Ranaut suddenly that is what she is feeling bad .
  • sun Surya Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions

  • Now if we look at Kangana Ranaut’s horoscope as well. she again has Rahu and sun in the lagna or ascendant. so it is also 100% sure that she will have rebel nature .
  • so both Kangana Ranaut & Hrithik Roshan could have unexpected issues due to Rahu(dragon’s head) and sun sitting in the lagna of both. 🙂 .
  • That makes them both very independent minded apart from being great human beings.
  • so this could be the source of trouble or problems between the two
  • also note that Hrithik Roshan has a strong Jupiter or Guru in the lagna so he has great gratitude as well .
  • so he may have good feelings about Kangana as well .
  • numbers numerology Kangana Ranaut horoscope kundli predictions
    what does Anka Jyotish, or Numerology say about the relationship between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut Now looking at the relationships between the two(namely Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Rohan) based on numerology or anka basis.

  • Hrithik is born on 10th of June 1974 and Kangana is born on 23rd March 1987 .
  • So Hrithik Roshan is number 10 that is number one.
  • also he is born in January that is the first month=1 so he has very strong independence in him.
  • which is very true and evident in his dances are so innovative.
  • His total numbers equal to 5 so he loves change, and he loves variety so he may not at all times focus on Kangana Ranaut- causing issues in relationships.
  • while Ranaut Kangana is born on 23rd of March that is ruled by Mercury 2 + 3=5 =Mercury or budha .
  • Also March is again Pisces sign or Meena Rashi that makes her restless.
  • Now we find that 🙂 both Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Being restless to certain extent .
  • it would have been very difficult for them to Focus on one relationship .
  • But basic root number of Kangana Ranaut is six( all total of her date) so sooner or later Kangana Ranaut would try to settle for a long-term relationships and give her full energy to a family .
  • 🙂 but sure she would love to travel and change, and fun would also be there.
  • which hopefully happen whenever she gets married she is able to adjust to the family needs.
  • May 2016 would be better for her than April.
    Kangana Ranaut
    A brief overview about Kangana Ranaut?

  • Kangana Ranaut is a Bollywood actor and now more into politics. she has been features 6 times into Forbes magazine.
  • she also has gotten the gallantry award from the state of India that is the Padma shri. It is a high civilian award for India.
  • Kangana Ranaut is originally from Himachal. also at a very young age she took up modelling in Delhi.
  • she later worked in Bombay film industry in various well-known films and movies like Gangster , metro, and fashion.
  • Later on she did great historical films like manikarnika and the Queen of Jhansi.
    Kangana Ranaut is also suggested to be the best-dressed celebrities in the country.
  • and is known to be very outspoken in the press.
  • The thoughts and views of Kangana Ranaut along with frequent reports of her personal or family .
  • and also films or profession related relationships have been intro controversy..
  • family Kangana Ranaut
    what Family and childhood of Kangana Ranaut?

  • Kangana Ranaut was born in Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. her father Sri amardeep ji is a businessman and her mother Asha Ranaut is a school teacher as such.
  • Kangana Ranaut also have an elder sibling or sister.
  • Her great grandfather was a member of the legislative assembly. also her grandfather was an IAS or from Indian administrative services.
  • In childhood itself Kangana Ranaut was rebellious and wanted things her own way. after failing in chemistry test in 12th class.
  • she felt like doing things her own way and maybe she joined modelling.
  • Initially in Bombay Kangana Ranaut struggled. But later she was successful. she had a tiff with her father as she refused his financial assistance.
  • Also Kangana Ranaut’s relatives were not happy with her joining the films.
  • But later on after her film Metro in 2007, she went good enough on things and success in films in Bollywood.
  • career job Kangana Ranaut
    About career of Kangana Ranaut?

  • Kangana Ranaut got the global film awards in 2006.The director Anurag basu got Kangana Ranaut into the romantic and crime thriller gangster.
  • Kangana Ranaut did the alcoholic character very well.
  • Kangana Ranaut gradually grew form her roles form 2004 onwards to now where she is a celebrity.
  • professionally she also connected to Shekhar suman’s son and had a relationship with him.
  • plus so was true with Hrithik Roshan. though later there was a case field in the cybercrime cell in this regard.
  • Kangana Ranaut suggested that Aditya Pancholi helped her grow in career but used her as well.
  • Bollywood
    What is Bollywood and why is it called Bollywood?

  • Bollywood is called the cinema or the films of Bombay industry. Just like we have Hollywood in California , we have Bollywood in Bombay or Mumbai :).
  • It makes the largest Hindi films. around 364 per year.
  • under the musical films where Indian cinema the largest producer since the years 1960.
  • As at that time it exceeded the American film industry’s total musical deliveries.
  • Bollywood has had both commercial or masala films and also art films or better films in that sense.
  • But now Recently the distinction between commercial masala films and parallel cinema or the better art films has been gradually getting blurred.
  • This has resulted in increased number of mainstream films