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atma karaka horoscope kundli

What is this article about?

  • This article talks about what is Atma Karaka in any Kundli or Horoscope?
  • It also looks at role or significance of Atma karaka for any Kundli or Horoscope to know personality and luck, job, love etc.
  • and especially what is Atma Karaka or the soul significator for the Kundli of India.
  • It then discusses India’s Kundali or Horoscope in regard to revenue flows and other money flows( economy ).
  • All based on the Atma karaka planet of India’s Horoscope or Kundli.
  • The natural karaka for planets are also discussed and so is house of the Kundli or horoscope that represents the karakas are discussed in detail .
  • Also, analysis of possible gains and losses at the same time for India based on the Atma Karaka Kundi is discussed.
  • Additionally the role of various planets like sun(Surya), Moon(Chandra), Rahu(dragon’s head), Ketu(dragon’s tail) ,Mercury(budha),Venus(shukra), Saturn(Shani dev) and Mars(Mangal) is evaluated for India’s wealth flows based on India’s Kundli or Horoscope.
  • The article later discusses in detail the role of Atma Karaka planet in any horoscope or Kundli and how it can change anyone’s fortune or luck 🙂 .
  • We know that Atma karaka is the planet which has the highest degree in any horoscope.
  • So to help better insights and understanding an alternate analysis of India’s Horoscope based in its Arudha Lagan system is also done to help the reader to get a better grasp on matters.
  • Each and every planet of India’s horoscope and its connection with Arudha lagan or ascendant is discussed
  • what planetary conditions or Yoga’s exactly made India a success based on Atma Karaka Kundli is then again re analysed based on the Arudha Lagna System for more insights 🙂
  • atma karaka horoscope kundli role
    What is Atma Karaka and its role in any Kundli or Horoscope ?
    atma karaka horoscope kundli
    How is Atma Karaka Defined?
    calculation atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) Among the Grahas or planets from Surya or sun and so forth whichever has crossed most extreme(maximum ) number of degrees in a specific rashi or sun sign is called Atma Karaka.
  • That is the planet which has traversed maximum degrees in any sign is the atma karaka.
  • example for Atama Karaka

  • Asc Gemini 10-10-44
  • Sun D Libra 17-43-58
  • Moon D Taurus 22-05-30
  • Mars D Sagittarius 08-44-53
  • Mercury C D Libra 08-07-49
  • Jupiter C D Libra 25-11-05
  • Venus C D Libra 17-44-26
  • Saturn C 0 Libra 03-31-48
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) R Gemini 13-18-23
  • Ketu(dragon’s tail) R Sagittarius 13-18-23
  • Like here Jupiter or guru has the Highest degree so is the Atma karaka for this Kundli
  • close degrees Atma karaka horoscope kundli
    What is the approach to be adopted if the longitudes of planets is close by in the Kundli or Horoscope?

  • If in case that in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) the degrees are in-distinguishable or close by in the Horoscope or Kundli.
  • then the one with more minutes in the longitude is considered.
  • And, if the minutes are additionally in-distinguishable, then the one with higher seconds of the longitude must be considered.
  • strength atma karaka horoscope kundli
    All things considered these three are called Anthya Karaka, Madhya Karaka and Upakheta.

  • In the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) ,On account of Rahu deduct his longitude in that specific rashi or sun sign from 30.
  • The Karakas will must be chosen, as above and, according to further guidelines given underneath.
  • atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • Out of these Karakas, Atma Karaka is the most imperative or important karaka or does .
  • And has a prime say on the person, pretty much as the ruler is the most celebrated among the men of his nation and is the leader of all undertakings and is qualified for capture and discharge men.
  • significance atma karaka horoscope kundli
    What is the Significance of Atma Karaka in any Kundli or horoscope?.

  • in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) Karakas, like for example Putra Karaka, Amatya Karaka and so forth cannot prevail over Atma Karaka in the undertakings of the person.
  • On the off chance that the Atma Karaka is antagonistic, different Karakas cannot give their benefic impacts.
  • Also, if Atma Karaka is positive, different Karakas cannot prevail with their malefic impacts.
  • So one can see more tuned for positive interpretation.
  • karakas signification planets atma karaka horoscope kundli
    What are Different Karakas of any kundli or horoscope?

  • in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),The Graha or planets nearest Atma Karaka as far as longitude is called Amatya Karaka(2= represents Amatya). Also tailing each other as far as longitude are Bhratru Karaka(3= signifies brothers),
  • Matru Karaka(4=signifies mother), Pitru Karaka(5=signifies father),
  • Putra Karaka(6=signifies children), Gnati Karaka(7=Gnati karaka) and Stri Karaka(8= karaka for wife or lover).
  • putra karaka atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),These are Char Karakas, or capricious significators.
  • Some consider Matru Karaka and Putra Karaka, as in-distinguishable.
  • On the off chance that two Grahas have a similar longitude, both turn into the same Karaka.
  • in which case there will be a deficiency of one Karaka.
  • In that condition consider consistent significator with regards to benefic/malefic impact for the concerned relative.
  • steady karakas atma karaka horoscope kundli
    what are the Steady Karakatwas in any Kundli or horoscope?.

  • In the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),The more grounded among Surya(sun) and shukra(Venus )) shows the father, while the more grounded among Chandra .
  • or moon and Mangal(mars) demonstrates the mother. Mangal(mars) means sister, brother by marriage, more youthful sibling, and mother.
  • Budha(mercury) rules maternal relative, while Guru(Jupiter) shows fatherly grand-dad. Spouse and children are,
  • individually, indicated by shukra(Venus) and Shani(Saturn).
  • From Ketu note spouse, father, mother, guardians in law and maternal granddad. These are steady Karakatwas.
  • houses atma karaka horoscope kundli
    What are the Bhavas or houses Related to various karakas of the Kundli or Horoscope?.

  • In the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) These steady significances are logical from the Bhavas, numbered from the said consistent Karakatwas.
  • The ninth from sun or Surya means father, the fourth from Chandra or moon mother.
  • The third from Mangal(mars) siblings or brothers and sisters.
  • the sixth from Budha(mercury) maternal uncle, the fifth from Guru(Jupiter) children.
  • The seventh from shukra(Venus) spouse and the eighth from Shani or Saturn passing.
  • The scholarly ought to consider all these and announce related impacts in like manner.
  • yoga
    Yoga Karakas (common associates).

  • in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) Grahas or planets get to be Yoga Karakas.
  • In the event that they are in shared points indistinguishable with claim Rashis or sun signs, praise Rashis or sun signs, or inviting Rashis or sun signs.
  • In Karma Bhava a Grah will be fundamentally so. Grahas essentially (not being in inviting, possess, or magnification Rashis or sun signs) in Lagna(ascendant).
  • The Bandhu(fourth house) and Yuvati (seventh house of marriage and love, sex)Bhava do not turn out to be such Yoga Karakas.
  • distinction king atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) Indeed, on the off chance that they be put in different Bhavas or houses.
  • yet with so much poise, as specified, might get to be Yoga Karakas.
  • With such Grahas even a man of mean birth will turn into a ruler and be prosperous.
  • One conceived of illustrious scion or the king.
  • then will definitely turn into a lord. In this manner the impacts be announced, considering the quantity of such Grahas and the request the local has a place with.
  • IndiasNationalHoroscope02_29112008 atma karaka India horoscope kundli birth chart income revenues trade business job earnings Vedic astrology jyotish188px-Flag_of_India.svg atma karaka India horoscope kundli birth chart income revenues trade business job earnings Vedic astrology jyotish
    what kind of gains and profits could India expect ?
    Atma Karaka, INDIA Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart), Income and Trade- Vedic astrology or Jyotish
    Jupiter guru India atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • The lord of the eleventh house is in sixth house in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) of India.
  • So with Jupiter or Guru ruling this house and the 12th sign that is a spiritual sign or rashi.
  • Means that India could earn well in sciences to do with religion and spirituality.
  • That includes Yoga, Pranayama, Astrology, Mantra based healing and counselling centre.
  • The AYUSH initiative of India is really great in this regard, as clearly reflected in its Horoscope.
  • We know India has been a world teacher in Yoga and Jyotish or Vedic astrology.
  • Also sitting in sixth house in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) Of India suggest.
  • India could gain by legal services.
  • That is outsourcing of other countries legal services and also education to us( as Jupiter rules legal matters and also sixth house).
  • As sixth house of India’s Horoscope rules health and Jupiter connects to Ayurveda or higher sciences in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) for India.
  • These areas could give good boost.
  • As Jupiter or guru is in the sign of Libra or Tula rashi in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) of India- so matters to do with law.
  • Bringing in harmony in the world, also India supporting sciences like Yoga and Pranayama could be a good boost for India in the 21st 🙂
  • atma karaka classics article
    Atma Karaka, India Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart), Income, Revenues and Trade- Vedic astrology or Jyotish
    Atma karaka in the kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) is defined realistic from among the 7 Grahas, viz. sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn( or surya,Chandra,mangal,Budha,Guru,Shukra and Shani) .

  • Some say that Rahu(dragon’s head) will turn into a Karaka when there is a condition of closeness regarding longitude between (two) Grahas or planets as there is an energy exchange here and rahu(dragon’s Head) could act like that planet.
  • However some say, that the 8 Grahas, including Rahu(dragon’s head), will must be viewed as independent of such a state.
  • money India atma karaka horoscope kundli
    India- analysis of Income , Revenues and Trade & Economy.
    What may benefit and what may not for India?

  • Now looking at India’s kundli clearly see the sun(Surya) has the maximum degree and is in the Lagna rules by the Pisces sign or Meena Rashi.
  • So sun or Surya is the True Atma Karaka Planet for India.
  • Lagna that that is the first house lord in the 10th so that means by proper action and industry and yes effective management India could create a Raja Yoga for itself.
  • Now this is what exactly has happened for India.
  • India has done a lot of action or karma to come up in the world.
  • Which has to lead to great success for her in industries and all this has contributed to revenue growth for India.
  • One can see how the Atmakaraka planet sun or Surya defines a new chart which is based on Jaimini astrology.
  • But clearly suggests great money and especially money working in the medical industry or Industries that have to do with Ayurveda or yoga .
  • Jupiter guru India atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • All the above again is reflected in the d1 or Lagna chart or horoscope(Kundli) of India.
  • also added sign now Jupiter or Guru karaka car factor for the origin of Dharma is a direct connection with the spiritual Heritage or culture of India.
  • India would gain significantly and also Jupiter or Guru rules wealth and trade.
  • Also one may note that Rahu(dragon’s head) all the planet in the 12th house of India which means that India could gain from countries like USA America and European Nations League England Germany France Italy etc.
  • In industries to do with mind or Mental products like books or education or training and teaching as Rahu(dragon’s head) rules abstract or not so tangible things at times.
  • 6th bhava India atma karaka horoscope kundli
    Could health related tourism be a great hot for India?

  • Also coming back to Jupiter or Guru and sun the lord of the sixth bhava is in the first bhava, suggests a connection of wealth and health matters.
  • In India’s lot of medical tourism is there and people from Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and other Arab countries come here for treatment.
  • Saturn Shani India atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • As Saturn or Shani is the lord of the tenth bhava and also sits in the 11th bhava with Venus the planet of comfort and care industry.
  • A lot of Call Centres have mushroomed in India and done well.
  • and medical care centre have come up.
  • This clearly shows karmically India could earn money in these areas.
  • arts India atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • India could also earn money lot of yoga on cultural arts great India also has Mercury the planet and Lord Of self-image and foreign Lands for India in a house of Fortune the ninth bhava.
  • India created the greatest mathematician of the 20th century Ramanujan and did very well in IT(information technology) as well.
  • Infosys, TCS, HCL, and Wipro are great biggies in this arena we know.
  • so looking at trade in the horoscope of India- IT or computer related trade, training, and Yoga/Ayurveda trade.
  • This could help India and so could wealth or money flows happen in the above areas.
  • And add significantly to the money flows of India.
  • India jaimini atma karaka horoscope kundli
    what does India’s Jaimini horoscope based on Arudha Lagna say about India?
    taurus vrishabha atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • We know that for India the lagna is Taurus or Vrishabha rashi. Taurus is in turn is ruled by Venus or shukra and sits in the third house or 3rd bhava of India’s horoscope.
  • Now if we count the number of houses from Lagna it is in the third house where the lagna venues are sitting.
  • so the arudha Lagna for India is sitting in the 3rd house from 3rd.
  • That is 3+ (3 – 1) = 5th. as we count from the third house it 3 houses away. so the 5th house is where the arudha lagna is sitting. that is ruled by Virgo sign or Kanya rashi.
  • computers technology atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • It obviously says that India would be having the qualities to lead in the world trade very well because Virgo is great with trade.
  • also as Virgo deals with information technology as well due to mercury rulership.
  • so India could, do great with information technology and computers science.
  • Virgo atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • So overall we can see how clearly the Arudha lagna defines what kind of energies is flowing in India.
  • we know that Indians are well respected in countries like USA & Europe.
  • also people from India are considered very intelligent people. same Mercury/Virgo(budha) both are ruling information technology .
  • That is the reason Sundar Pichai leading the world’s largest IT company GOOGLE.
  • Azim Premji and Narayana Murthy ji Infosys have done so well!! the same applies to Microsoft , it also have many Indians working for them.
  • money wealth atma karaka horoscope kundli India
    Additional check by arudha system of Vedic astrology for India’s wealth and gains?
    Venus India atma karaka horoscope kundli
    How does Venus in the kundli or Horoscope of India suggests great gains?

  • now looking at the 2nd Bhava of India that is Rule By Libra sign or Tula rashi. The planet Venus rules the 2nd Bhava from arudha lagna.
  • venus are sitting in the 3rd house from the lagna(ascendant) of India and that is the 11th house from arudha lagna.
  • so that very clearly suggest great gains for India and wealth flows would be there.
  • the 3rd bhava lord sits in 11th bhava.
  • so for India interestingly 2nd bhava lord venues sits in the 11th house from arudha Lagna.
  • sun Surya atma karaka horoscope kundli India

  • we also note in the Horoscope or Kundli that Sun or Surya is there in the 11th house from arudha and 3rd house from lagan for India. This is along with moon, Saturn, and Pluto plus mercury.
  • money atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • obviously, sun or Surya here means that India could do very well and make gains in doing business in innovative work and also do leadership roles .
  • yes it is a leader in IT or information technology and also later it could become the hub for yoga or ancient sciences like astrology and Ayurveda.
  • The planet moon suggests that India could win well in any sensitive or creative work .
  • so India could do very well in such work.
  • which is hundred percent true for India. India exports lot of arts and crafts to the rest of the world .
  • mercury budha India atma karaka horoscope kundli
    Could the Judiciary outsourcing grow great for India based on its horoscope or Kundli?

  • We also note that in the Arudha lagan of India and also 3rd bhava from lagna we have mercury there.
  • which deals with money flows and also an information technology)(IT) .
  • also one has to note that where go is a six sign Virgo is there and number 6 rules the Judiciary of India .
  • so this could become a part of growing Outsourcing of soft software and other work related to judiciary of other countries.
  • >saturn shani horoscope kundli atma karaka
    Does Saturn or Shani dev support heavy industries and Public sectors to do with steel and bid machinery in India , based on its horoscope or Kundli ?

  • We note that Saturn or Shani dev is there . It rules hard engineering stuff. that is to do with metals.
  • something to do with the civil engineering.
  • Now India has many public sectors which have made a name in the world like ONGC and Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited(BHEL).
  • also the Engineers India Limited.
  • all these companies are making good money because of the expertise of India in hard engineering stuff.
  • and India would keep supporting in the heavy industry .
  • Pluto India atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • We need to note that Pluto is also there. This planet supports Innovation and also Pluto is number 0 that deals with spirituality.
  • so India is a huge potential to deliver to the world in terms of spirituality.

  • What do the ruler ship of planets in 11th bhava say about India?

  • Mercury rules the career or 10th house and also the lagna itself .
  • That is doing with thing to do financial services .
  • or anything to do with studies, academics, education sector and yes computers and information technology for India!
  • The planet moon rules the house of Gain itself .
  • so travel industry can do very well for India.
  • Saturn or Shani is The Lord of 5th house that is for investment and children and also 6th house deals with judiciary & conflicts .
  • so India could work as a healer of conflicts 🙂 because it has the science of astrology/Ayurveda and other things here.
  • Plus also yoga here in India. also overall in education India could be a good leader.
  • venus shukra atma karaka horoscope kundli

  • The planet shukra or Venus rules 9th house of luck and Fortune for India from arudha Lagna Virgo.
  • and also the second house of Wealth gains for India . it is in the 11th house of India shows the hospitality industry, Hotels for India and also Indian arts can go to the highest Pinnacle if properly marketed!
  • we can clearly see how arudha Lagna gives very clear insights about working of India and where it can profit the most!!!