Horoscope Astrology of Suicide Kundli PRACTICAL Example Himanshu Roy

himanshu Roy suicide horoscope kundliastrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
About this Article?

  • The article in detail explains the Roles of various factors of Vedic astrology in a Horoscope or Kundli to cause suicide.
  • It looks at various causes of suicide and also How they connect to vedic astrology Horoscope.
  • It also looks at role of 3rd house , 7th house and all planets Like sun, Moon, Jupiter(Guru), rahu(dragon’s head), Mercury, venus(shukra) , Ketu(dragon’s Tail), Saturn or shani, mars or Mangal in the suicide chances in detail.
  • It also takes a real example of suicide of great man from Indian Film Industry
  • Then it takes up a Detailed a PRACTICAL example of Suicide by sri Himanshu Roy Ji analyze astrologically what caused him to do suicide ? For much better explanation of suicide
  • what was the role of various planets like sun, mars, Jupiter etc in his Horoscope that made Himanshu Roy commit suicide on that day?
  • which planets contribute to his mental makeup and cause issues to him?
  • what planets in Himanshu Roy’s Horoscope made Him choose police as his career?
  • what planet caused Himanshu Roy to get Cancer that lead to Himanshu Roy’s suicide?
  • What is the number or Numerology that cause Himanshu Roy to commit Suicide?
  • all explained well scientifically and astrologically and with science of Numbers..
  • All the Himanshu Roy’s details are given in the appendix
  • astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
    What is the astrology or suicide in any Horoscope ?

  • There are various causes of suicide like losing loved one, or say Failure in Love or relationships or failure in Job or career or say financial failure etc.
  • Also in many cases suicidal tendencies are carried by past life reincarnation karma as well and need Yoga or remedies and doctors counseling.
  • We know basically suicide is self Harm.
  • That is Harm to life and longevity caused by self. 🙁
  • conditions astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
    What are the conditions for suicide in any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • Now as this is done by self to self, so it should have an action of self( 3rd house) .
  • Additionally the energies for harming the self that is the lagna or ascendant be it from Main ascendant or say be it from Moon lagna or even sun or Surya Lagna in the Horoscope.
  • moon mercury astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
    What is the Role for Moon(Chandra) and Mercury(Budha) for suicide in any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • All the above has to be supported by a weak mind or mental status or proneness to depression.
  • that is found by weakness of the lagna or ascendant and also Moon and also Mercury or Budha being affected or weak in the Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Mercury rules the power to discriminate , so could cause one get depressed and lead to suicide.
  • Also say sun is weak so loss of dignity and respect and if Moon is also weak – the person is prone to suicide in appropriate periods or dashas when emotional energies are very High.
  • jupiter or guru astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
    What is the Role for Jupiter or Guru for suicide in any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • so there is a timing aspects as well to suicide for anyone.
  • A weak Jupiter or Guru could cause one go away from dharma or rightful thinking and actions and negative energies like spirits, ghosts etc.
  • They engage the mind to cause a suicide.
  • but again the timing and role of impact on the lagna or ascendant has to also to be looked into.
  • rahu dragon's head astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
    What is the Role for Rahu or Dragon’s head for suicide in any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • Rahu( dragon’s head and mars or mangal) give rashness and action and if they influence the Moon or mind or lagna( ascendant) suicide is a high chance then.
  • Ketu makes one towards self or inward.
  • too much of inwardness may cause one lose touch with reality and causing suicide.
  • astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis remedies
    What are the Solutions and Remedies for suicide thought reduction?

  • The solution is to do Yoga, meditation and go to doctor as and when needed.
  • also donate to old age homes and poor people.
  • sample film celebrity astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
    Sample example of One film celebrity suicide

  • he was a director, producer and actor and writer as well of films.
  • Now the 3rd house of actions lord is aggressive mars in the cancer sign or Moon sign in the Horoscope.
  • It is with rahu or dragon’s head in the 11th bhava.
  • so one can see he could take rash actions and all this energy goes to his mind or moon lagna.
  • we note that mercury or budha is also there in the 11th bhava, so this negative energy also goes there.
  • so double negative suicide energy is there.
  • Venus the 2nd bhava of markesh bhava lord is also there.
  • also Moon the mind is diseased in the 6th bhava in Aquarius sign. so give him picky , hard nature and makes Him prone to depression and rashness.
  • he was found dead in October 1964 as a suspected suicide case. he was in bollywood.
  • a more detailed analysis of suicide causes( root causes as well) of IPS sudhanshu Roy is done in further sections of this article.
  • sudhanshu roy horoscope astrology suicide

    sample film celebrity astrology horoscope Kundli suicide analysis
    Himanshu-Roy Himanshu Roy suicide ips Indian police services astrological analysis
    Birth details sri Himanshu Roy ji & His Horoscope

  • Personal details
  • Born June 23, 1963(Sunday)
  • Mumbai
  • Died May 11, 2018 (aged 54)
  • Mumbai
  • cause of death Suicide by gunshot (alleged)
  • no birth time so surya kundli or horoscope is created
  • himanshu Roy suicide horoscope kundli
    Planetary Position in horoscope Himanshu Roy IPS police
    Planets C R Rashi Longitude Nakshatra Pada Relation
    Asc Gemini 01-25-46 Mrigasira 3
    Sun D Gemini 07-29-60 Ardra 1 Neutral
    Moon D Gemini 27-39-42 Punarvasu 3 Friendly
    Mars D Leo 16-59-38 Purvaphalgini 2 Friendly
    Merc D Taurus 16-54-24 Rohini 3 Friendly
    Jupiter D Pisces 22-41-25 Revati 2 Own
    Venus D Taurus 19-02-06 Rohini 3 Own
    Saturn R Capricorn 29-26-59 Dhanishta 2 Own
    Rahu(dragon’s head) R Gemini 28-10-40 Punarvasu
    Ketu(dragon’s tail) R Sagittarius 28-10-40 Uttarashadha 1
    Uranus D Leo 08-37-50 Magha 3
    Neptune R Libra 19-48-21 Swati 4
    Pluto D Leo 16-27-03 Purvaphalgini 1
    depression negative himanshu Roy suicide horoscope kundli
    What made Himanshu Roy depression prone which ultimately lead to His suicide – astrologically and numbers plus nadi?

    • See rahu(dragon’s head) is in lagna and is in the seventh bhava of relationships(Ketu(dragon’s tail) ) .
    • Also his name number is 4 x 7, this combination type could connect one to underworld and or create mental stress and depressions.
    • also in his horoscope there is a double mercury energy and moon at the bases causing mental stress as mercury and moon cause stress and strain and are not in harmony.
    • Let us look at his moon now and fourth house or bhava represents his mind.
    • You see moon is in lagna and close to rahu(dragon’s head) and sun also a malefic.
    • Mercury the lord of fourth bhava or house in the twelfth house of mental stress, mercury naturally makes a person stress prone and twelfth house is house of stress and vyaya.
    • Also note a double mercury effects 23 June born = 2+3=5 x Gemini( 5=mercury), gives a sharp mind.
    • But at the same time Gemini or mithuna gives dual nature- at one hand a tough cop and on the other one could be very sensitive or vulnerable mentally.
    • This could have the possible cause of mental stress and depression.

    What could have caused cancer for sri Himanshu Roy Ji that lead to Depression and Ultimately to suicide- astrologically?

  • Cancer sign or karkat rashi is again cause by rahu(dragon’s head) or retrograde planets.
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) close to sun or surya could impact his (vitality/bones and blood system).
  • Moon or Chandra is close by means the heart and flow system
  • Unfortunately this is what he it seems suffered from as I just checked in one more newspaper!
  • awards distinction himanshu Roy suicide horoscope kundli
    How he (sri Himanshu Roy) got such a high position in career of police IPS?

  • From his moon lagan and also the surya lagna- both the same he has surya or sun the lord of initiatives’ or the third bhava and in lagna.
  • So in cases contact with sun type people or politicians and also senior IPS police and dignitaries.
  • Sun or surya aspects the seventh bhava of relationship and job- so one could have a job where one may have prominence.
  • The lord of career is Pisces the Meena rashi, ruled by dev Guru Jupiter in the tenth bhava itself-so naturally gives honor and expansion in work.
  • Jupiter or guru the lord of 10th house is on own sign Pisces or Meena rashi, so career or job gains if living near water bodies. Pisces or Meena rashi is the 12th sign of the zodiac and represent water bodies like sea near Mumbai.
  • There is a Rahu(dragon’s head) close to his lagan or ascendant- causing him to work and connect to under-world people or people to do with crime as well. As rahu(dragon’s head) represents the underworld.
  • Also rahu(dragon’s head) in lagan indicates mental stress prone disorders- just a possibility. Let us check by moon and other measures.
  • numbers numerology Himanshu Roy suicide horoscope kundli

  • name 1 = 39, name 2 = 0 name 3 = 22
  • LIFE PATH number is = 48 [3]-Jupiter or guru
  • BIRTH DATE Number is = 23 [5]=mercury or budha
  • NAME NUMBER is = 61 [7] =Ketu(dragon’s tail)
  • POWER NUMBER is = 109 [1]= sun
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) in name for Himanshu Roy ji
  • himanshu Roy suicide horoscope kundli
    Why did he(Himanshu Roy IPS police officer) choose police- based on Vedic astrology , nadi astrology and numerology?

  • As discussed he has a strong action line of sun(surya) , that is in lagan and made him brave guy in the limelight with crime(rahu(dragon’s head) ).
  • His 7/10 bhava lord are Jupiter indicating a royal honor for him.
  • Mars or Mangal be planet for police is in the third house of action sending energy to his sun.
  • So working or IPS or Indian police services was a natural choice for him
  • Also based on nadi his Saturn(Shani) is in the sign of Capricorn, the 10th sign representing masses( In fact police also controls masses) and next planet is Jupiter(guru) in Pisces- this could represent Mumbai as near water body sea. So, controlling masses near a sea or water body is there for him.
  • Then comes mercuryy and Venus more to do with money. So, he was involved in satta investigations etc.
  • Note his core number by June is Gemini or mithuna rashi= mercury and also 23 born = 2+3= 5= mercury.
  • That makes him sharp and quick minded person.
  • Conclusion:

  • Also in such cases astrologically ayush or ayurda (longevity)should be calculated and then the specific graha causing the cancer, or the issue identified and remedies for the same done.
  • So, we combine astral and normal remedies for best results.
  • India has lost a brave soldier of police we pray for his should rest in peace.
  • himanshu Roy suicide horoscope kundli

  • sri Himanshu Roy ji was born on the 23rd of June in the year 1963. He left for the heavenly abode on May 11th, 1963 unfortunately due to suicide. he was said to be suffering from terminal cancer and also depression.
  • he was an IPS officer of Maharashtra cadre in the 1988 batch. also, he graduated from the prestigious Xavier’s College, Mumbai .
  • some of the sensational and high-profile cases he handles were
  • . IPL Indian premier league betting cases and also spot fixing . this was against vrindu Dara Singh. To investigate alleged links between bookies and spot fixers.
  • . also, on investigation of shoot out or firing on Dawood Ibrahim’s brother Iqbal kaskar.
  • . also, the murder of the journalist J dey.
  • . murder of law graduate Pallavi Purkhayasta
  • he shot himself on May 11th, but he could not be saved even when taken to the hospital. he was also suffering from cancer.
  • disclaimer:

    • The article is written purely for research and education. Any other use of this article or interpretation or In appropriate use of the article would be the individual’s responsibility
    • We are assuming the birth data is accurate
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