Discover How could yantras or number amulets (numerology) Help you transform your life and destiny?

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Discover How could yantras or number amulets (numerology) Help you transform your life and destiny?

What is Destiny Or Luck?

  • We are born with certain set of karma form the past life PLUS we add some karma from this life- the net resultant gives us what we call Luck.
  • Now the question is where GOD does the master engineer and creator store our karma?
  • He stores it in the sookshma shareer or your subtle body in your chakras.
  • So once again one may think what happens say when by Rahu dasha comes into picture?
  • At that time the specific chakras of your release energy to the cosmos along with accepting energy form the cosmos. This impacts your way of thinking and also events that come to you this time. Generally from your mooladahara chakra.
  • As a result your destiny or events or what you call luck gets defined by your past life karma and yes present karma.
  • rahu-yantra rahu ketu yantra amulet personalized success love career luck job marriage karma destiny saturn

  • So if say Rahu is negative and you by your Upayas and effort and amulets make this rahu or number 4 energy positive, it will create positive events and mindset for you. So that you attract more positive in life.
  • If this in turn or rahu energy is negative – one will attract negative people, rash people, people who are naturally rash, drunkards etc.
  • One can see clearly see in the first row 13 is the starting number and 13= 1+3 = rahu energy. Next is 8= number of Saturn the elder brother of rahu and next is 15= number of magic and Venus- shukracharya the demon GOD all friends of Rahu. That is Rahu ->Saturn->Venus negative(shukracharya).
  • Then in the next row or 2nd row is 14 = 1+4= 5-(mercury negative) , then is 12= Jupiter negative and then 10= Saturn again we have a ‘0’ or shunya here also is sun negative.
  • In the last row we have 9= number of mars, then is 16/7 = highly malefic ketu and then 11= 1+1=2-= highly negative number of moon.
  • Now the question is with so negative numbers how come positivity comes. Remember negative x negative = positive.
  • -1 x -1 = +1 simple mathematics. So keeping almost all malefic including rahu/Saturn/sun/ketu/mars/moon negative and Jupiter negative- the yantra creates positive ambience around!
  • But there are more specific yantras which are created for any person to attract manifold more positive energies- description given below.

How  & why do Magical Amulets or the Yantras Change our destiny or Luck?

  • As we saw earlier- to respond to the say rahu energy well- first thing is rahu has to be there along with other negative energies. Just like inoculation for any diseases needs the same kind of microbes to be put in.
  • So when this positive energy is added, the karma stored in the chakras is modified in accordance- so right kind of events and mindset is attracted by the wearer of yantra. For any purpose be it career/love or money etc.

Special Note on Business or Career Yantras and Love Yantras

  • We know based on numerology that number 8 is for money and also your career so in any career or money yantras- more of 8’s would be there. This is the number of Saturn that adds to the discipline levels and decision making of the person to naturally attract more money and also work harder in a planned and organized manner.
  • Also love is represented by goddess of love that is Venus or shukra= number 6, so you will naturally find more of 6’s or 2’s or other love or marriage number there.
  • So it all depends on your goal , based on which you wear the yantra or the amulet.

What is the Role of Yantras and how the power within the Yantras or amulets work

  • Just like vitamins & other supplements could help you to keep better health, but exercise and proper food you have to do along with.
  • So is true for yantras or amulets. They help to attract and maintain a specific kind of energy or prana to counteract negative influences in your horoscope or other wise to fair extent.
  • But again the person has to put his or her conscious effort .
  • The power to yantra comes from factors like
  • A) The magical numbers that are put and which represent the various natural forces
  • B) Also highly from the specific muhurtha- when the planetary conditions and numbers are most suitable to create the yantra. Like creating a mars yantra in moon period or when mars is afflicted could not yield good results.
  • C) Your faith or trust in yantra.
  • {1)Your Past karma} +(PLUS)
  • {2)Your Present Effort} +(PLUS)
  • {(3)YANTRA}

General versus specific Yantras or amulets

  • Most of the yantras are general in nature- but there are certain very specific mantras that are created for a) specific purpose and b) for you based on your horoscope
  • We tell you about how to create easily such high energy specific yantras at the most auspicious time based on power of rashi or moon/horoscope and numbers. One of the rarest & best methods to create high energy positive  yantras to get the best results.
  • One could order design personalized yantras or amulets here- the design includes the exact set of numbers to be used and location, the metal to be used, the muhurtha or most auspicious timing based on moon & numerology & Vedic astrology Horoscope to get the best results.
  • It takes us a total of 12-15 hours time to come to the correct design of any yantra or amulet for a specific purpose for a person.
  • 55% is Yantra or amulet design cost and 45% detailed muhurtha calculations cost.

ORDER Highly Personalized Design -Yantra Only(No Muhurtha)