Balika Vadhu star Pratyusha Banerjee ‘kills self’, probe on suicide and murder angle-astrology & numerology causes?


Pratyusha Banerjee was an Indian television well known  actress. She started her career with the Hindi serial Balika Vadhu as Anandi which was very popular. She was fondly  known as Anandi by her TV audience.


Name: Pratyusha Banerjee

August 10 1991

As exact Time of Birth Not available , we will do  solar  kundali  for her.


What makes  Pratyusha Banerjee Different:

  • As one can easily see , she has a combust moon in 1st house, now moon represents her mind.
  • The moon or her mind is strong in some sense as it is swgrahi( in own house cancer), but afflicted by sun the lord of 2nd house of wealth and status.
  • Sun gives a boost to her self esteem and desire to achieve the most. This is confirmed by the fact that she is born on 10th= 1+0=1= Sun, she is a number 1 person. Also she is a LEO, the King of the jungle.
  • So she could be very strong willed and very much careful for her image . She would have a strong self

2016 horoscope – what could have caused the unfortunate event for Pratyusha Banerjee


  • The hard transit of Saturn and mars, both enemies in 5th house of her thinking cause’s turbulence in her mind, this transit affects her career & relationships as well. Gains impacted and so is 2nd house of status and wealth flows a possibility. Not necessarily- but a possibility.
  • Saturn rules 8th house for her, and Saturn is lord of death other wise and in ruler ship as well. So a strong chance of harm to body either by self  or any other agency is possible.
  • This year 2016 is number 9, and her numbers  strongly interact with this number 9, and vibrate with lot of energy. Number 9 could give issues in love relationships, court cases and accidents/murders etc- as ruled by fiery mars.
  • The Date april-1 , is in line with her birth number 1, makes it a d-day for the lady unfortunately. As 1-1 energy gets too strong for her to deal with.
  • There is absolutely no denial that she was a strong lady, but given possibility of emotional period, loss of self worth and strong willed ness may be in other direction could cause sucide as well(LEO ‘s as a sun sign is not able  to take such looses in relationships and image very well , though strong willed). So I would not rule out sucide logically based on numbers and Vedic astrology .
  • A visit to proper counsellor, doctor and wearing a pearl might have helps a lot.

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