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About this article

  • This article in-depth analyzes the impact of Rahu( or dragon’s head) in any Kundli Or Horoscope on wealth, status, money, Job, relationships or any matter.
  • Also in what planetary configuration of Rahu in Kundli or horoscope one may have gains from foreign lands or from old people.
  • It also looks at how Rahu could make one rebellious in any society.
  • It helps you know even only based on your Birth date that if you have a strong influence of Rahu or dragon’s head.
  • 🙂 This is a very unique feature of this article in that sense.
  • This article also tells us which months have more influence of Rahu(dragon’s head) in them.
  • The article further analyze the role of Rahu in the Horoscope or Kundli of Kim Jong Un who is the dictator of south Korea.
  • 😉 How Rahu or dragon’s head defines Kim Jong Un’s most of the personality behavior interestingly.
  • Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    What is Rahu or Dragon’ Head all about?
    Is Rahu or dragon’s head in any Kundli or Horoscope one of the most malefic planets?

  • Dragon’s head is actually the one of the most malefic planets in Vedic astrology and is a close cousin of the same.
  • Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    Why is Rahu(dragon’s head) in any Kundli or Horoscope called a shadowy planet?

  • Rahu actually is the intersection point of the plane of the ecliptic of the zodiac and the orbit of the moon.
  • It is treated as very important in the Vedic astrology; western astrology treats it close to Uranus.
  • negative Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope terrorist Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    Does Rahu or dragon’s Head in Kundli or Horoscope represents the Underworld?

  • It is a retrogressive, rebellious and lazy lethargic planet. It represents the hidden that is the people of the underworld/criminals/foreign lands/whisky/ignorance and excessive phobias or fears a in a person.
  • Rahu or dragon’s head gives a lot of work and bad karma of the past life. It makes the person dull and aggressive. At least not following the society norms.
  • numbers numerology Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    Does Rahu(dragon’s head) Rahu Kundli or Horoscope operate mostly on the mental plane?

  • It operates at e mental level that is the mind of the person.
  • If Rahu is positive for you in your horoscope- then it gives the talent to do painting
  • Also writing and also editing as number 4 is involved.
  • It also brings fame success or being attractive physically.
  • It also gives gains from old people and foreign lands.
  • numerology Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    How you could be affected by Rahu or number 4?
    if you are born in which dates or months of the year then Rahu(dragon’s head) has a stronger influence on your Kundli or Horoscope?

  • Based on Vedic Numerology you would be impacted by Rahu(Dragon’s head) if you are born on the month of august and September to some extent.
  • Also people born in January and February has some Rahu influence as these months are rules by Saturn or number 8= 4 x 2, and Rahu(Dragon’s head) is 4, the half brother of the same.
  • Which are the secondary dates of any month when Rahu( or dragon’s head) could have a strong hold on your Kundli or Horoscope?

  • Rahu or dragon’s head also impacts you strongly if you are born on 4th/13/22nd or 31st of any month.
  • Also if you are born ion 14th/24 or any month, plus late night of 3rd/12th/21/30th.
  • How is the Total of Your Birth-date indicate role of Rahu(Dragon’s head) in Your Kundli or Horoscope? Also if your sum total of your birth number or destiny number comes to number 4 like 14 nov 1995= 14+11+ 24 = 49 = 4+9 =13 = 1+3=4 = Rahu(Dragon’s head)
  • So you can see that Rahu has a wide and varying influence on our lives.
  • lagna ascendant Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    What happens if Rahu or dragons’ head influences Your lagan or ascendant in your Kundli or Horoscope?

  • Whenever Rahu(dragon’s head) in your kundli or birth horoscope aspects your ascendant or lord of the same or your moon sign rashi or moon, Rahu(dragon’s head) would show its effects of sure in your behavior.
  • Even if in transit Rahu aspects your ascendant or lord or moon sign or moon, the effects of Rahu on your personality or behavior described above would come to forth.
  • Also aspect on the fourth house of mind could give some effects of Rahu or dragon’s head.
  • houses bhava Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    How could Rahu or dragon’s head modify the significations of houses it aspects in any Kundli or Horoscope?

  • Also if in your kundli or birth horoscope Rahu is in the same house or sign or aspects by it 5th/7th or 9th aspect to any sign or house or by placement in your kundli or horoscope- it will impact the significations of that house/sign and yes the planet it aspect of course.
  • kim Rahu shadowy planet kim jong un korea war 2017 predictions kundli horoscopekim-korea-horoscope Rahu shadowy planet kim jong un korea war 2017 predictions kundli horoscope
    Rahu in the Horoscope of Kim jong UN of Korea?
    How does Rahu(dragons head) have strong influence on Kundli or horoscope of Kim Jong UN of Korea?
    kim jong un Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope

  • He is born 8 January 1984 = 8 + 1+ 1984 = 8+1 + 22 = 31= 3+1 = 4= Rahu. Now we know that his behavior is out of convention and not in conformity with the society.
  • He is a strong dictator which has created furore in USA as well.
  • Rahu gives a lot of discipline to any dictator – but also makes him or her rash or aggressive and rebellious, apart from making them original in approach in doing things.
  • What is the role of Rahu(dragons head) and Saturn for war in Korea due to Kim Jong UN of Korea? The current war issues is due to in his kundli or birth horoscope Saturn getting weakened in transit and he having A lot of Rahu and Saturn effects.
  • As his birth time is not available- we take his surya kundli.
  • Saturn has transited his twelfth house of warn and destruction and rules his family/country Korea and also his actions.
  • Saturn is not comfortable and weak in mars or Mangal signs Scorpio- so making him behave in a war like fashion now in 2017 more.
  • Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope
    Does Rahu(dragons head) in the Kundli or Horoscope make Kim Jong UN of Korea function in a war like fashion?

  • In his kundli or birth horoscope Now Saturn that is retrograde now and rules his third house of actions, makes his actions in a reversed direction or rebellious more.
  • Saturn takes energy from Venus which is the lord of war and conflicts and rules sixth house and also lord of gains the eleventh- thus giving more thrust top war like actions.
  • Also energy from malefic ketu or dragon’s tail though far way from Saturn mostly.
  • Jupiter is in Sagittarius sign, so give good enough ego to Him. also conventionality and greatness in self is there.
  • Jupiter or Guru if excess strong in any Horoscope or Kundli could make a person like a dictator at times.
  • Mercury or budha is there in the Horoscope or Kundli with Jupiter or Guru for him. so gives him quick intelligence to make quick decisions and handle Political matters as well.
  • We also note that sun is there in the lagna, so this clearly gives him leadership skills and also a big ego that has to be massaged to survive. Jupiter plus sun suggests ego for Kim jong un.
  • Also Pisces or meena rashi in his Horoscope or kundli and otherwise as well is ruled by Jupiter rules Kim jong un’s personality. so sooner or later he might explore more of afterlife, Yoga and meditation and more of Vedic cultures.:)
  • Gemini or mithuna rashi influence on the personality gives him the ability to demonstrate mutability or change.
    he can slip between a very strong personality to a very weak one easily.
  • he has the ability to quickly change his decisions. Much needed in Political situations.
  • role of Virgo gives Kim jong un great connection to his Mother land North korea.
  • It may sometime help him to connect to farmer.
  • Ketu or dragons tail just ahead of lagna or ascendant in Scorpio sign. gives him a strong personality and also makes him aggressive plus involved in hidden activities.
  • yes we know he was able to create nuclear warheads even without USA having awareness of the same.
  • he also has the planet of indulgence or Venus also in Scorpio or vrishchika rashi in his Horoscope or Kundli.
  • so gives King jong Un great sexual passion.
  • also having ketu or dragon’s tails and Scorpio in the environment, he would have a lot of secret affairs or sexual relationships.
  • also note the 12th bhava or house is involved here.
  • rahu dragon's head horoscope kundli kim jong un
    Impact of Rahu in Kim Jong-un chairman of Korea war predictions in 2017 with USA
    Predictions About Kim Jong-un Chairman Korea 2017

  • But all would be over by October, the problems could peak in august and then slowly start ending and by ending 2017 he would try to go for truce with USA when Saturn comes back direct to his first
  • In Kim’s kundli or birth horoscope Saturn would absorb good energy from Jupiter & sun (past life good karma) and he would focus more on building relationships and all his war posturing would be gone by September 2017.
  • We expect more peace in the world by august 2017 ending and September 2017 onwards slowly.
  • Long live all nations
  • Rahu dragon's head kundli horoscope

  • Kim Jong-un conceived 8 January 19 84 is the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and incomparable pioneer of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), generally alluded to as North Korea.
  • Kim is the second child or offspring of Kim Jong-il and his associate Ko Yong-hui.
  • Little Before taking force, he had scarcely been found out in the open, and a significant number of the exercises of both Kim and his administration remain covered in secrecy.