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Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Aries (March 21st to April 20th) Compatibility

Aries is a highly compassionate and an emotional sign. Who has great initiative and love? Also Aries is ruled by Fire, it is a fire sign. Now two fire signs mean a lot of fire in these relationships.

Both are highly ambitious and may not like to play a second fiddle to other.

It means high passion and love levels but also fights among the couple now and then. They should both try to relax and even out relationships to maintain it long term.

The emotions and ego needs to be kept under control. Yes love and sex could be great here. love marriage love marriage compatibility

Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Taurus(April 21st to May 20th) Compatibility

Now again Taurus is earth or mother earth, stubborn and determined – but caring and would get things done and Aries is strong willed for sure, a bit aggressive but yet impulsive.

As Taurus is earth sign and as Aries being fire helps earth to get strengthened- this is a good combination.The high emotional intensity of Aries is well taken by the Taurus sign especially if it is a woman.
Aries simply needs to go a bit slow and take care of sensitivities of Taurus and yes be assured that when Taurus responds with its bullish will power, it may be difficult to with stand the same.
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Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Gemini(May 21st to June 20th) Compatibility

Now again Gemini is a dual sign and yes ruled by mercury, also is airy and jumpy a bit. Once again as Aries is dominated by fire and fire makes the air to swell or get thinner- this means the relationships would be of a flighty nature of Aries and Taurus.

Gemini may show up restless a bit, keen desire for change and new happenings/news etc- but Aries may not always like this . Aries as is a bit on the domination side and also hasty, haste with restlessness combined together may create more of problems- so both should slow down and do Yoga may be to calm the vata or stress in the body.

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Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Cancer(June 21st to July 20th) Compatibility

The sign of cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is controlled by water and yes ruled by power of moon. The Chandra gives coldness and high sensitivity to these people. But Aries as we know is more of a fire personality and independent.

Now fire PLUS water creates steam- this is not great for the relationships and needs proper care. That is Aries has o take special care of the sensitivities of cancer person. Else cancer could get into the loop and be very depressed.
Both are active signs so relationship in terms of action would work fine.
Once this is taken care of the Aries positive approach and achievements is well taken by cancer as the lover partner and is great for the relationship as such. Aries plays and active role and cancer a passive role in the relationship and it works great!
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Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Leo(July 21st to August 20th) Compatibility

The sign of Leo is 5th sign of the zodiac and is a fire sign and yes very assertive and dominating. It’s like a lion full of energy of doing things and domination. At the same time Aries has a lot of commonality with the same. But as we can see both is FIRE!

Fire PLUS Fire creates excess fire or heat energy that both of the lovers or partners need to know how to handle the same well. If Aries dominates, Leo would respond and if Leo partner or lover dominates the Aries would respond for sure.
Both of the partners Leo and Aries need to show basic restraint and respect for each other for the partnership top work well. Yes physically both would be great lovers and passionate about sex matters.
Aries is active and Leo passive sign and at times lazy like the lion, this disparity might create issues at times.

Both are achievement oriented and would respect each others achievements. This could be a point that could keep both of you going ell apart from your physical in general good compatibility.

Over all fights, passion and high energy can be seen in the relationship.
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Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Virgo(August 21st to September 20th)

The sign of Virgo is an earth sign and the 6th sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by planet mercury or budha. So over all mercury makes it a bit restless and prone to talk much- though the earth nature gives it the balance and harmony as well.

So over all Aries being dire sign and Virgo earth sign the relationships would blossom well. Only thing is that Virgo may at times speak without discretion especially when mercury is weak or retrograde in motion, causing reaction from the Aries sign. Virgo is caring as well-so would handle the reactions well.

Virgo would take Aries a bit reactive nature intellectually and work the outcome out more amicably. Also the achievement of Aries on the material front would be well taken by the Virgo, who would generally think and act on matters.Despite being abut impulsive.

Virgo is a dual sign, so Aries may not be able to always predict the Virgo behaviour.

Over all with basic considerations the relationship should work OK.
Aries-Virgo CompatibilityKnow More love marriage compatibilitylibra1-resized love marriage compatibility
Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Libra(September 21st to October 20th)

The sign of Libra is represented by the symbol of balance or Tula; also it is ruled by Venus and is an active sign. The quality of the sign is air.

Now Aries is fire and action oriented and heat with air may mean a lot of motion or gas but not much results for the relationship many times. Venus as such is a calm planet and yes homely so this aspect of Libra would help the relationship fro sure. Plus also add to the caring nature of the Libra sign.

Aries is action oriented and achiever in life and so is Libra and active sign, so this aspect of their could match well. Libra could take good care of the family and comfort matters as it comes naturally to the sign. This could help Aries a lot in adjustments in home and professional life.

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Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Scorpio(Oct 21st to Nov 20th) Compatibility
Now the sign of Scorpio is ruled by mars or Mangal it is a fiery planet and so is Aries ruled by mars. This makes the relationship between the two a bit eventful. But one has to note that Scorpio also has a water element or some cooling element in it and mars is fire.

Fire Plus water carets steam- so it may not be a great relationships – but just OK. One has to note that Scorpio is passive sign and Aries active, so Scorpio may take just some interest in achievements for the Aries and not much. This may cause some issues in the mind of Aries.

Aries may be more focused on external achievements like home/job etc, but Scorpio may be more focused on internal achievements at times- like helping the lesser privileged or say poor people. Yes there is some balance here in the relationships.

Aries-Scorpio CompatibilityKnow More love marriage compatibilitysagittarius1-resized love marriage compatibility
Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Sagittarius(Nov 21st to December-20th) Compatibility

Sagittarius or dhanu rashi is a fire sign and also is the 9th sign of the zodiac starting from Aries. It is also a common sign that means it has a mixed effects of movement or action and also remains fixed. While Aries is moving all the time.

Aries gives good action and Sagittarius is a mix of action and stagnation, the stagnation part may come in a bit conflict with the Aries personality. As Aries wants action and motion mostly. Also both Aries and Sagittarius are fire signs and Fire PLUS Fire is too much of fire. So it would be a very passionate relationship along with great amount of tiffs both ways.

Aries would have its ego and will power and Sagittarius may also have good knowledge and strong belief in his or her convictions- causing tiffs and togetherness both time to time. Sagittarius have more religious inclinations may come for compromise- but again would have certain strong ego issues or may fight back if Aries has said something awkward.

But the strength of Sagittarius and Aries both is achievement, Aries achieves on the action world and Sagittarius gets into more good action and reading, so this could cement the relationships.
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Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Capricorn(Dec 21st to January 20th) Compatibility

The sign of Capricorn is the 10th sign of zodiac and is ruled by planet Saturn and also is an earth sign like taurus.At the same time it is an active sign.

So over all as Aries has strong fire element and Capricorn also has earth element, these two complement each other. As earth gets strength from fire. So the relationships between Aries and Capricorn are more fulfilling than other signs that are not earth signs.

Capricorn has the philosophy and tolerance of Saturn to handle any quirks or aggression by the Aries. Aries also enjoys the basic originality of spirit of Capricorn sign.
Aries works for external achievement like home, office and Capricorn for job or some achievement for the society that may cool his or her soul.

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Aries-Pisces(February 21st to March 20th)

This is a fire and water combination, so expect the ups and downs in relationships. The fiery Aries has to mellow down a bit. The Pisces needs some trust building. Let Aries try to do the ground work with comfort.

You both are warm and friendly, but both might be highly strung. So control on passions and what you say or do is much needed.

The Aries could be aggressive and the Pisces could fight back for domination. You both love fun and people and outings- it’s better to express your emotions and energies in the right Manner.

The Aries should respect Pisces’s being conventional or more ambitious and not to pass any harsh remarks in this regard.

The Aries would be fairly dominating needs to take care of sensitive nature of the Pisces.

May be due to hyper sensitive nature of Pisces. The Aries has to ensure he respects the feelings of Pisces and there is No imposition of his views.