Aries Aries Compatibility


Aries(March 21st to April 20th)-Aries (March 21st to April 20th) OR Mesha-Mesha Rashi Compatibility

Basic Aries Aries compatibility

  • Aries and Aries is a fire and fire combination as Aries is a fire sign, so you both have the fire element- it means a lot of energy and heat as fire with fire makes a lot of heat and energy. That is fights are possible – unless the high energy is directed for some constructive work for the family and basic understanding and peace due to YOGA.
  • The best bet lies in control of your emotions and impulse and yes to properly understands and adjust & respect to each other’s needs- be it mental, physical or spiritual.
  • These relationships of Aries with Aries ( Mesha Rashi with mesha rashi)could be a very fiery relationship with both parties trying to get the upper hand in any situation. You both of you very passionate and may be easily angered.
  • If you both are able to control your passions and anger you may have very satisfying relationships. Also you both could be highly achievement oriented or ambitious- so if you could direct your energies in the right track the life is yours.
  • The speech at both ends should be a properly controlled.
    Any kind of impulsiveness at Aries end could lead to great amount of problem in terms of physical and verbal abuses.
  • The heart of the matter is to avoid any physical or emotional threat to other and enjoy the passion in your relationship. The sex life or physical relationships could be could be very passionate and intense.
  • This combination is like two strong personalities together, so learn to adjust to each other. The Aries and Aries both need to develop some tact and acceptance for each other for the relationship to work out.
  • Aries – Aries Love and Marriage Compatibility

  • You may both as lovers or marriage partners be very passionate and intense in your relationships. You could have great desire to do and achieve and yes you both don’t want any interference in matters. So this is the point you have to take care of as you both may have great initiative to look into each other’s life- but you need to ensure that it is not interfering in nature. Else the other person would rebel or respond in accordance.
  • You could be successful in life, but ensure that does not get to your heads as that could cause more issues in handling children or kids or anything of that matters .One of you would start may be directing the other one that is where the problems could start off. Else if you could take the success constructively sky is the limit. Sweet talk by people around in neighborhood or office could make one of you a bit proud -so just a word if you could caution, if you could handle this you are done.
  • In making any decision about family matters or love matters you have to use patience as the first thing to do. You both would listen to logic and reasoning as that is a basic quality you would have . Use it to your best to handle this.
  • Honesty in relationships is good- but both of you have to take care of the words that you use. Being upfront is OK, but with the basic sweetness of diplomacy is much needed. So basic sweetness and anger avoidance in any communication is much needed.
  • The Male Aries being too masculine may have difficulty in understanding the females mind. So that sensitivity has to be developed. The discipline is OK, but strictness at both ends has to be avoided.
  • You both would be fearless and would protect your rights or family’s rights fearlessly.
    risk taking and going out in safaris or risk prone stuff of lonely trekking etc is possible for you in love or married life.

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