Aries Taurus Compatibility


Aries(21 March to 20 April)-Taurus(April 21st to May 20th) OR Mesha-Vrishabha rashi Compatibility

Basic Aries Taurus Compatibility(mesha and vrishabha rashi)

  • Aries (mesha rashi) is a Fire sign and Taurus (vrishabha rashi) is an earth sign. Now as Fire helps to build up strong earth or earthen pots – so your relationship in general would be fulfilling and supportive to each other. Yes there would be jarring notes that you need to read below. As Aries is passionate and intense in nature is easily taken by Earth nature of Taurus how is generally compassionate and caring, and yes forgiving in nature due to Venus rulership.
  • The relationship between Aries and Taurus could be of a very intense nature and a deep one- especially sexually very compatible if the man is Aries and the woman is Taurus. The Aries’s highly emotional and yes angry nature would be balanced by the caring nature of the Taurus sign.
  • The Taurus sign could be very family oriented, beauty and comfort oriented and says trying to beautify home and making it a comfortable place to live in for the Aries. The latter Aries could always be on a high spree.
  • The Aries has to appreciate and respect the Taurus’s helping and caring nature to build the family smoothly and avoid any harsh words or actions. As else once Taurus or vrishabha is raised to anger it could fight back like a bull. The Taurus sign is basically insistent on its views, so may insist on views, which may annoy there Aries and may lead to fights.
  • Sexual compatibility of Aries and Taurus could be good. The Aries would be fairly dominating and so needs to take care of sensitive nature of the Taurus.
  • Taurus due to being 2nd sign ruled by Venus May be hyper sensitive nature – this is what Aries has to take care of. The Aries has to ensure he respects the sensitive feelings of Taurus and ensure that there is No imposition of its views on Taurus for a happy relationships.
  • Aries-Taurus Love & Marriage Compatibility

  • Aries is a highly passionate sign and Taurus a Venus driven romantic sign, so love and sex here could be highly passionate and romantic. This is especially true if the man is Aries and woman is Taurus.
  • The leadership and initiative of Aries would be respected by the Taurus person, but yes Aries does not need to cross the bounds and interfere. Taurus may be busy doing the beautification of matters at home or family front and may not like any interference in the same.
  • In the same manner the stubbornness of Taurus may annoy Aries to a great degree leading to verbal or physical abuse by Aries in some cases. Both of you could be highly focused for work , though Aries needs to learn to work with patience. But work wise you may have different attitudes but both would like to achieve.
  • Taurus people have great tolerance , but that has not to be taken for granted by Aries- they need to respect the nature of Taurus and yes the inherent forgiveness of Taurus and not to repeat any mistakes as such. Also Taurus could be very social oriented and Aries at times may want to achieve their life goals at any cost. This attitude needs to be balanced always to keep the family life peaceful and happy one.
  • Taurus could be showy to the world and Aries may be more driven by facts or tell things frank-s this could lead to difference in perception between the two. Negative circumstances may depress the Taurus, so Aries needs to take care of this aspect for Taurus and keep it happy
  • Aries is passionate and has a good sex appeal and at the same time Taurus could be jealous, so Taurus may suspect the Aries which Aries may find annoying. But some caring words form Aries would solve a lot of issues for Taurus and it would be happy.
  • Taurus has the key to harmony and rhythm – on the contrary Aries could be rash and direct at times, these factors need to come in harmony and alignment with each other for best results in married to love life.

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