Aries Gemini Compatibility


Aries (21 march OR 20 April)-Gemini (May 21st to June 20th) OR Mesha -Mithuna rashi Compatibility

Basic Aries Taurus Compatibility (mesha and vrishabha rashi)

  • Now Aries is a fire sign and Gemini is Air, we know Fire makes the Air more restless and blowing around. So these relationships may not be very fruitful or stable as such unless Aries mellows down the behavior a bit of his ways to connect to Gemini personality and also not get angry and adjust with the changing and dual nature of Gemini.
  • The Gemini is naturally restless and changeable and desires more fun and change and yes the Aries is passionate enough to be charming always for Gemini passion Aries has is well enjoyed by Gemini. You both may enjoy outings or some risky adventure or even investments and fun and have a gala time together.
  • The Gemini sign needs to control on being restless and too changeable as Aries may get annoyed due to the same. Also Aries needs control on being more aggressive as else Gemini in that case may look at alternatives or try to come out of the relationship.Aries would never even come to know as Gemini is very good to talk. You both have to avoid being in a stressed out situation to enjoy love together.
  • The Aries needs to understand Gemini’s excitement, need for change and may be haste and changeability is a part of the nature, which Aries may at times feel conflicts with its goals in life. But yes at the same time Aries needs to control its impulsiveness and anger towards Gemini.
  • The sexual union between Aries and Gemini may be flighty may not be very intense, but more of a passing one. You both(Gemini and Aries) need to relax, do Yoga(especially Gemini) and understand each other at a much deeper level and then get engaged physically.
  • The Aries and Gemini both are dominating, but yes Aries would be on a higher side. In fact the Gemini could be fun and change loving- but exacting in regard to conventions. Religion or some kind of faith could be a savior for both of you.
  • Aries-Gemini Love & Marriage Compatibility

  • Gemini’s have a double nature though Aries may be too straightforward, now this could create odd situations for both of you. Gemini may say something and Aries goes after the same and doing it, but the next moment Gemini change its mind and all is gone! This could create great anger in Aries mind.
  • Multiple talents and quick mind could enchant Aries, who is also passionate and hasty, but haste -haste approach in family life or matters could be source of more trouble in life for love and marital matters.
  • diplomacy of Gemini could again enchant Aries- who would be willing hear the praises and adulation, this p[art of the interactions may work great for you both.
  • yes critical nature of Gemini may get sharper responses from Aries. Gemini needs to be careful on what it says to Aries to maintain good peace and harmony. The passion and positive energy of Aries has to go in keeping Gemini happy whenever it is depressed.
  • You both may love speed- now this could be good and bad , that is it may help you both grow in career fast but at the same time quick expectations may not always come true. so leading to frustrations – this has to be looked into

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