Aries Leo Compatibility


Aries(20 March to 20 April)-Leo(July 21st to August 20th)OR Mesha Rashi & Simha Rashi

Basic Aries Leo Compatibility OR (mesha rashi and simha rashi Compatibility)

  • Aries is a fire sign and Leo is also a Fire sign, so you both have the fire element in common – it means a lot of energy and heat getting generated in this relationship. That could mean a lot of fights and adjustment issues coming in the relationships.
  • The best bet lies in control of passions/anger both ways and also impulse to react, instead understands and adjusts to each other’s needs and viewpoints.
  • You both have a fiery nature, you both are strong willed and anger prone. So You both need to cool off and may be connect to nature, do Yoga etc for best results.instead Use your high passion levels to connect to each other well, rather than get into fights.
  • Your sexual life could be very fulfilling & passionate, as Leo understands the emotions of the Aries well and is a bit diplomatic and less dominating. Aries has to be careful of the words that are spoken by it. Also Leo has to be careful that Aries would strongly resent any criticism- so appreciation is the only medicine Aries would love to have. As both of you are achievement oriented that would work out fair.
  • The sign Leo needs to understand that the Aries could be more fight prone or atleast agitated, so instead of being fixed in its approach- let the Aries be more open towards the Leo partner. This is a relationship that could be of a highly flighty in nature. You both love change and especially the Leo.
  • If you are able to travel a lot this satisfies your basic instinct to putting you at peace, so naturally a lot of matters would remain in control.
  • Aries-Leo Love & Marriage Compatibility

  • The ambition of Leo would be well reciprocated by Aries, who itself is an action oriented achiever. But there should be not conflict of ego as such here. Both of you want to rise above the flock and so you may connect together to create a niche status for self and your family. This attitude could bring you together.
  • Domination of Leo may not be well taken by Aries and there could be a backlash in matters. But even if Aries mis steps or gets angry Leo is large hearted generally to forgive the other.
  • You both that are Aries and Leo have open thing in common that failure could bring your spirits down and make you very depressed. But you both have leadership’s qualities and patience so you could do very well together to achieve great heights.
    You both need to take care of what you speak as you both could be upfront in saying whatever you would like to speak. So care of choice of words is secret to success.
  • Leo would generally be loyal to Aries despite Aries having deviations in behaviour and at times relationships due to the passion levels within. But yes cheating act would hurt the Leo for sure, so Aries has to take special care of this in love and love relationships.Loyalty is something relationships that Leo would give to Aries.

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