Akshay kumar the Action Hero of bollywood-2016 horoscope predictions & Hidden Secrets by Astrology & Numerology


About This Article

  • This article analyzes the numbers or numerology(anka Jyotish) for Bollywood Hero Akshya Kumar and then analyzes his horoscope or Kundali.
  • It checks how both the Numbers and Astrology point to the great success of Akshay Kumar in detail and good depth.

  • About Akshay Kumar(Birth Details):

    Get to know what makes akshay kumar more action oriented best karate black belt of the bollywood film (movies) industry as compared to other hero’s.

    Birth Data & Other Data of Akshay kumar:

    Akshay Kumar

    Name: Akshay Kumar

    Date of Birth: Saturday, September 09, 1967

    Time of Birth: 12:05:00

    Place of Birth: Amritsar (Punjab)

    Longitude: 74 E 55

    Latitude: 31 N 37

    Time Zone: 5.5

    Numerology Horoscope & Predictions for Akshay kumar:

    Popular Name: Akshay kumar

    Bity his Birth Name Is: Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia

    • Birth number = 0 = Planet Mars, Born on 9th month again reinforces his influence of planet mars. We now know why he is the best ACTION Hero in bollywood film(movies)! Also the best martial artist.
    • The sun sign for 9th September = Virgo= Ruled By Mercury, being the sign which is earthy and also mercury gives him practical intelligence.
    • Now let us look at akshay Kumar’s destiny. What akshay kumar  was destined to do?

    Destiny Number =  9+September(9th Month) +1967(=23) = 9+ 9+23(=5) = 23=5 = Mercury

  • Now mercury here gives two strong mercury influences. That is restlessness, desire to take lot of risks, have a lot of experiences and yes be a teacher too. We know he has been taking a lot of risk doing his stunts for Bollywood films, he wants to experience a lot and he  had a strong desire to be a martial arts teacher.
    • Name number of Akshay Kumar = 1= sun. Makes him a leader and gives him good name in Bollywood and otherwise. His sun is in Leo in his birth chart.
    • He is also very creative and now involved in family film/movies of Bollywood that come mostly from his highly creative number 9 and yes earthy sign Virgo.

    More detailed Numerology of Akshay Kumar

    Now based on full name of Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia using a system fo Numerology we get

    the name 1 is
    the name 2 is
    the name 3 is

    so his basic number is 11+20+ 14 = 45 =9= mars
    also his first number =11

  • mars mangal numerology akshay kumar khiladi
    Now let us look at the numbers of Akshay Kumar the Bollywood actor. The first number of Akshay Kumar for Rajiv is number 11. The sum of the numbers is number 45 .so number 45 gives him great action because 4 + 5 is = 9 that is the number of Mars or Mangal. This is planet of action and energy we already know. we know for sure that that he is a great Martial Artist and he is very good in Thailand martial arts Muay Thai and also Japanese martial arts that is karate .
  • that is one of the core reasons he could do the khiladi series very effectively .so this number 45 will give him good honour and image in society .it gives a person great dignity and respect for the seniors .all which is 100 % percent true for Akshay Kumar .he has great reverence and respect his father who was a wrestler as well and who motivated him to take up take up sports .so that’s the reason Akshay Kumar is a fitness freak.
  • moon chandra numerology akshay kumar khiladi
    now as we shared Akshay Kumar also has Rajiv that is number 11 in the starting of his name/ so that number 11 give some great inspiration and idealism which has kept him high in the bollywood film industry. that’s reason he came up from the rank of a chef in restaurant to a superstar in Bollywood film industry .if a person follows ethics and spirituality he or she will remain successful in life. which is true for Akshay as he has is followed ethics and he is very loyal to his wife Twinkle khanna and also to his parent’s number . This number 11 gives Akshay Kumar great image in society
  • Now let us look at the full name fo the pseudonym Akshay Kumar
    the name 1 is
    the name 3 is

    What does the full pseudonym of Akshay Kumar work like?
    sun surya numerology akshay kumar khiladi

  • The pseudonym Akshay Kumar based on Chaldean numbers or numerology full name number is Akshay(13) + Kumar(15) is equal to 28 . Now 28 is 2 + 8 is equal to 10 is equal to Sun or Surya . also in 28 us notice number 8 is for Saturn or shani so this means a great struggle for the person . Plus success or victory that is the number 1=sun only after great struggle 🙂 of Saturn .
  • so success for the person with number 28 is there but with struggle which is 100% percent true for Akshay Kumar. that he has to struggle immensely . we already know that he struggle from a very menial job or low quality films/movies to this position of a super star.
  • rahu dragon's head numerology akshay kumar khiladi
    show the first name number of Rajiv=13, & which is 1 plus 3 = 4 and is number of Rahu so that stands for a Rebel and it suggests that Akshay Kumar rebel and Rash at times. 🙂
    we have known that Akshay Kumar does his martial arts stunts without the duplicate as well there is an element of rashness and risk as well in Akshay Kumar. This clearly is the rahu + mars combination speaking.
  • The number 4 or Rahu gives Akshay Kumar good struggle and helps him come out of negative dead-end circumstances like a Bigg Boss . as 13 is a number of struggle and revival and it gives good discipline to Akshay Kumar.
  • Akshay Kumar wakes up at Brahma Muhurtha at around 5:00 a.m. in the morning and goes to gymnasium so all this indicates that how accurately numerology is able to predict about Akshay Kumar’s life :). he maintains discipline that is number eight in 28 of his name number and also his spirituality or ethics that is number 11 in his first name Hariom. 🙂
    so all is mostly well for him.

  • horoscope predictions for Akshay kumar

    • 2016= 2+0+1+6 = 9 = Mars, mars is not comfortable with numbers of akshay kumar, especially mercury.
    • So he has to take calculated risks, in the year starting especially
    • He has to be careful of accidents and other risks of being operated etc. this year
    • Latter part of the year April onward might work out a bit better for him.
    • His success could be rated as (5 to 7) points out of 10 this year.

    Astrology Horoscope & Predictions for Akshay kumar:

    Akshay Kumar-chart

    • A strong ascendant = Scorpio ruled  by planet mars. The Mars is placed in Scorpio, it makes his action part much stronger. But mars also rules 6th house, so he needs to control too much of risk taking.
    • Also rahu in 6th could give him some rashness in approach- that he has to take care of.
    • Moon the lord of 9th is a bit weak and old in 12th. Aspects of rahu-ketu axis, with rahu sitting in mars sign, suggests he might lose his parent figure relatively early in life. This again is true in his case- he lost his father relatively early in his life.
    • Ketu close to moon gives him ability to be independently and exceptionally, for the bollywood stunts himself.
    • All this is true for akshay kumar

    2016 horoscope predictions for Akshay kumar

    • He runs dasha(planetary period) of ketu-mercury
    • His mercury is in Virgo(8/11  houses lordship), but a bit com-bust. So AS suggested in numerology above same is true with astrology. He could have gains mostly, but needs to take calculated risks by use of discrimination when doing stunts are signing any document in bollywood
    • He has to take care of what he speaks as mercury is afflicted.
    • Jupiter transits to his 11th house in mid year makes things better for him after July 2016.