Aamir Khan the intellectual khan -2016 horoscope predictions & Hidden Secrets by Astrology & Numerology

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About This article?

  • This interesting article analyses various planetary combinations(Yoga’s) in the Horoscope(Kundli) of Bollywood Here Aamir Khan on what makes him so famous, lucky and a Good actor!
  • It also looks at the Numbers or Numerology Aamir Khan on what helps Aamir Khan make a big name in the world or Bollywood?
  • what are the Yoga’s in Aamir Khan’s Horoscope(Kundli) that make him rich and famous?
  • Which planets in the Horoscope of Aamir Khan have given him such a big name especially in the film industry or Bollywood?
  • Which Yoga’s or combinations in horoscope or Kundli of Aamir Khan make him unique and different from others in the film industry.
  • How does the horoscope of Aamir Khan suggests a different personality, that is not easily fathomable or understandable by others😊.

  • Get to know which planets in the Horoscope or Kundli makes Aamir khan more thoughtful and intellectual types than other khan’s is in the Bollywood film(movies) industry .
  • And Much more…
  • Birth Details & Horoscope of Aamir Khan
    Name: Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan
    Date of Birth: 14 March 1965
    Time of Birth: 06:15:00
    Place of Birth: Mumbai
    Longitude: 72 E 50
    Latitude: 18 N 58
    Time Zone: 5.5
    Aamir Khan-chart
    Aamir khan horoscope kundli
    Which Planetary Yoga’s or combination Makes Aamir Khan make so much of Name and Money in Bollywood Film industry ?

  • One can clearly see the planet sun is lord of the 7th bhava or house in the lagan. now sun deals with Name and fame and also 7th bhava deals with public or people.
  • so clearly suggest great name and fame in public for Aamir Khan.;) we know this is a reality.
  • we also note that Uranus is also in the 7th bhava or house in the Horoscope of Aamir Khan. Now Uranus gives innovation and distinction to Aamir Khan in life.
  • Saturn the lagan lord is int he lagan and aspects the 7th house. not Saturn or Shani dev rules the masses and it being strong clearly suggest that with hard work Aamir Khan would rule the heart of the masses.;)
  • also Saturn or Aquarius sign makes Aamir Khan very picky and innovative in his nature and roles he plays in the film industry. 🙂 we know about his movie Lagaan etc.
  • Venus or shukra , the lord of 9th bhava, in the lagan suggest great blessings of past life karma or re incarnation for Aamir Khan. also Venus or shukra deals with arts or films.
  • note rahu or dragon’ s head in the 4th bhava suggest issues in family life for Aamir Khan and exceptional success as well for Aamir Khan.
  • arts films Aamir khan horoscope kundli
    which planetary Yoga’s or combination Makes Aamir Khan great in performing arts Like Films or Bollywood ?

  • now as we shared in the earlier section, Venus or shukra in the lagan gives Aamir Khan good looks 🙂 and yes success in performing arts like films or say Bollywood for that matter.
  • Jupiter or number 3 is in the 3rd bhava for Aamir Khan. so suggest highly creative and grand expression for Aamir Khan in his films and roles in Bollywood.
  • now the planet rah deals with shadow or films and photographing. it is on the Venus sign of taurus or vrishabha in the 4th bhava for Aamir Khan.
  • as rahu or dragon’s head is exalted- it could give great name and fame in films for Aamir Khan.
  • Moon or Chandra dev also pays roles in imagination and art /creativity for Aamir Khan.
  • it is strong in the 6th bhava. so this gives very fertile and nice imagination to Aamir Khan to recreate himself and his roles in the Bollywood films.
  • Aamir khan horoscope kundli

    Astrology Horoscope Predictions for Aamir Khan:

  • A strong ascendant = Aquarius or Kumbha rashi ruled by planet Saturn or Shani dev. It is the planet of strict discipline and Aquarius the 11th sign stands for having innovation and own strong views.
  • is reflected in his film(movies)s in Bollywood and otherwise.
  • Aspect of Saturn(Shani dev) to 7th house = marriage and Saturn ruling 12th house of losses and other troubles.
  • and Aamir Khan’s being too original and independent, could be one of their causes of marital discord and in-compatibility in his first marriage.
  • Saturn or Shani dev gives Aamir Khan , good discipline.
  • Aamir Khan’s transformation in ghazni(Bollywood film(movies)) is a real proof of his discipline.
  • Moon or Chandra dev is strong for Aamir Khan, but in 6th.
  • So he would have stable mind- but Aamir Khan might like confrontation or non-conventional views.
  • All this is true for Aamir khan 😉
  • numbers numerology Aamir khan horoscope kundli

    How do the Numbers or Numerology Proper Aamir Khan for success in life? In terms of name , fame, Money and wealth and all Good things in Life?

    Dob: 14 March 1965 (Sunday)
    Popular Name: Aamir Khan
    Birth Name: Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan

  • Birth number = 14 = 1+4=5=Planet Mercury
  • Planet Mercury (dealing with education and intellect) and his sun sign number Jupiter( given below) , gives him good taste of knowing new things and also for books and learning(Jupiter).
  • Aamir Khan’s interest in his own religion is also fairly intense and I trust Jupiter plays a role here.
  • But due to mercury he would be very open hearted and ready to take on new experiences in life and film(movies)s/Bollywood. We know all that is true for Aamir khan.
  • The sun sign for 14h March = Pisces= Ruled By Jupiter
  • Now let us look at Aamir khan’s what Aamir khan was destined to do.
  • numbers numerology Aamir khan horoscope kundli
    Destiny Number = 14(=5)+march(=3)+ 1965(= 1+9+6+5 = 21=3) = 5+3+3 = 11 = Master number and also 1+1 = 2 = Moon

  • Aamir Khan’s is born to connect to people as moon means connection(1+1=2), connection of two people means a moon.
  • Aamir Khan’s has connected to people deeply through his film(movies)s/Bollywood and yes TV programmes we all know.
  • ,li> Aamir Khan’s is an ambassador for national interest advertisements as well.

  • Name number of Aamir khan = 4= Uranus. Oops, so here we get the reason on why Aamir khan is so INNOVATIVE in his approach everywhere. The geek element in his personality has been found!
  • Mercury helps him to do innovation in new areas- we know all this is true for Aamir khan
  • Aamir khan horoscope kundli

    2016 horoscope predictions for Aamir Khan Bollywood films

  • 2016= 2+0+1+6 = 9 = Mars, mars or mangal is not comfortable with numbers of Aamir khan.
  • So the initial months of 2016 Aamir Khan may not get the right ropes and people in Bollywood or otherwise.
  • Also Aamir Khan’s needs to take care what he speaks or communicates. The 2015-year end episode of his views on “tolerance” is an example of the same.2015 ending would start getting effects of 2016( “coming events cast their shadow in advance”). So he needs to take care of the controversies.
  • On contrary, Salman khan having birth number 9, got relieved from honourable court.
  • we can see the power of planets and numbers. Salman khan has sort of come out of controversies due to his numbers.
  • Salman khans is 10/10 in 2016, shah rukh khan about 7/10 and Aamir khan somewhere 5 to 6/10.
  • Aamir khan horoscope kundli

    2016 horoscope & Kundli predictions for Aamir Khan

  • Aamir Khan runs dasha(planetary period) of sun-Jupiter till July and then sun-Saturn.
  • Aamir Khan’s Jupiter or Guru is fair but old, also it sits on a retrograde mars( dispositor), so over all delays and matters not working our well due to not so correct actions.
  • That is Aamir Khan’s has to associate with right people and hence avoid controversies within Bollywood and otherwise.
  • Saturn or Shani dev as we know is strong for Aamir Khan , though it shares some energy with sun.
  • so might create some issues at family and career in Bollywood for Aamir Khan>
  • but overall he would win over all of them and might be free from most of the controversial image he might have.
  • Also Saturn(Shani dev) has shadabala of 427. Which is fair enough for him to succeed.
  • Aamir Khan has to guard in health /nerves, especially in this time. Bollywood we know is fairly demanding.