Yogas & Wealth(Money) Planetary Combinations Kundali or Horoscope(birth Chart)- Bill Gates Microsoft predictions

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About this article on Yoga’s for wealth, status and career : )

  • This article this is a very interesting article which discusses Various yoga’s in any Horoscope of planetary combinations wealth and status in details. 😉
  • various astrology yoga’s like Gaja Kesari yoga opulence due to Jupiter ;), or sunpha Yoga due to sun that could give great status and reputation to the person.
  • or say anapha Yoga that again is due to Sun and gives very good Intelligence and dressing sense to the person. Then is the duradhara yoga which makes one beautiful and energetic nature to the person . ;).
  • Later several Yoga for wealth 😉 and status are in detail all these yogis are then discuss to explain various YOgas for wealth re discussed in detail. Plus a san example to explain the Yoga’s the Billionaire Bill gates that formed windows/Microsoft is taken.
  • Yoga’s & Wealth(money) planetary Combinations in Kundli or Horoscope(birth Chart)-predictions
    yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart bill gates Microsoft predictions
    GajaKesari Yoga

  • Now this yoga is for wealth and prosperity. GajaKesari yoga happens when Jupiter or guru is in Kendra that is any of the 1st,4th,7th or 10th from the ascendant or the Moon results of this yoga are observed.
  • The person GajaKesari Yoga gets friendship from others and is polite and generous .As Jupiter or Guru in the house of the action or Karma . the behaviour of the person is therefore generally good or benevolent . just like Jupiter is a generous planet and is a planet of growth. so also due to the growth factor he/she could be builder of villages and towns or even companies now.
  • in case of GajaKesari Yoga he may have large set of people to control over them . he or she may be forgiving with good dignity in case of GajaKesari Yoga. The person may have a lasting reputation in general . Jupiter being number 3 gives lasting reputation to the person even when he/she leaves the work place. 🙂
  • Sunapha Yoga

  • Sunapha Yoga happens if barring the sun or Surya there are planets in the 2nd house from moon. Now second house or bhava deals with wealth and status. so if any planet is there. It gives strength to the 2ns house and also self earned property .it could make a person like king what. That is it could give wealth and status and reputation to the person as 2nd bhava gets more energy now due to planets being there :).
  • Anapha Yoga

  • so this Anapha Yoga is formed if the is a planet in 12th bhava from moon . as there is an exchange of energy with the 7th house from the 12th( 7th aspect of the planet sitting in the 12th) so there is a negative negative cancellation( 12th bhava= negative and 6th bhava = negative – x -=+).
  • It could mean organs are well formed for the person. he/she may have a very good reputation .is generally polite. The negatives of 6th house get destroyed. gets respect, dresses well, intelligence is also good enough.
  • as the 12th house gets good energy here so the person may renounce the world as well later in life.
  • Durdhura Yoga

  • This Durdhura Yoga happens when there are planets on either side of the moon. it’s good energy for the 6th house due to 7th aspects from 12th bhava. also good energy in 2nd bhava of wealth and status and also the 12th house gets fair enough energy.
  • As the planets are there on either side of the Moon . 2nd bhava good energy makes one good and of bountiful nature . also a good positive nature is there for the person.
  • Less chance of debts as 6th bhava energy gets balanced. and also conveyance may be there because second house deals with status & conveyances for a person.
  • Yoga’s or planetary combinations for Great Affluence or wealth(money)

      yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart  predictions

    • Yoga for exceptional wealth & Money 1: In any Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart), Ought to a Rashi(or sun sign) of Shukra(Venus)(This could be Taurus(vrishabha Rashi) or Libra(Tula Rashi)) be Putra Bhava( the fifth house of children and Arizona house of well being) and be involved by Shukra(Venus) himself, while Mangal or Mars is in Labh Bhava, the person will get incredible wealth(money).
    • Explanation of Yoga or planetary combinations: The reason is Venus or Shukra is the planet of comfort and wealth(money) and fifth house deals with good energies- so when the sign of Venus and Venus itself is there is the fifth house – there is a high chance of getting rich. At the same time eleventh house considered malefic or bad so when bad or malefic planet sits in the eleventh house, it gives action or energy to the wealth(money) flows- making one rich.
    • yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart  predictions

    • Yoga for exceptional wealth & Money 2: Given a Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) for that matter, Ought to a Rashi(or sun sign) of Budha(Mercury) be in Putra Bhava( Gemini/Virgo or mithuna/Kanya Rashi) and be involved by Budha(mercury) himself, as Labh Bhava is possessed by Chandra(moon), Mangal and Guru, the local will be exceptionally prosperous.
    • Explanation of Yoga: Mercury here is the planet of trade and money flows so if in a benefic house both the Rashi and mercury is there (trikona house of the fifth house), there is a high chance of one becoming rich. Also, Mars gives action to the flow of money and Jupiter and moon the mind being there adds to the wealth(money) flows in the eleventh house.
    • yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chartmukesh ambani

    • Yoga for great prosperity & wealth & Money 3: For a Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart), Ought to Simha Rashi(Leo sign) be Putra Bhava(That is the fifth house is ruled by Leo or sun) and be possessed by sun or Surya himself, as Shani(Saturn), Chandra(moon) and Guru(Jupiter) are in Labha Bhava(Eleventh house of gains), the person will be extremely prosperous.
    • Explanation of Yoga: Sun strength increases in the fifth house giving exceptional initiative and royal yoga, plus a malefic Saturn sitting in eleventh house pacifies negative energy of eleventh house, along with benefic moon( That is mind is there on money) plus guru or Jupiter blessing the same – enhancing the chance of earning money with proper initiative and discipline.
    • yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart indira Gandhi

    • Yoga for Great leadership wealth & Money 4: Ought to Surya (sun) and Chandra be in Labha Bhava(eleventh house), as Shani is in Putra Bhava(Fifth house) indistinguishable with his own Bhava, the local will be exceptionally rich.
    • Explanation of Yoga: Given any Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart), Saturn in the fifth house would give great discipline to earn and moon in eleventh gives that mind is on earning money plus sun gives leadership or distinction in terms of money flows. So one could be very rich.
    • yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart celebrity legend

    • Yoga for great wealth & prince hood 5: Ought to Guru(Jupiter) be in Putra Bhava(fifth house) indistinguishable with his own Rashi(or sun sign) that is Sagittarius & Pisces( dhanu Rashi and Meena Rashi), as Budha(mercury the planet of commerce and money), is in Labh Bhava, the local will be extremely princely.
    • Explanation of Yoga: Jupiter is a natural benefic and gives benevolence being in the fifth house in its own sign gives great benevolence in terms of money, plus mercury the lord of wealth(money) in some sense is in the eleventh house of gains. One could gain a lot in terms of money.
    • 440px-Bill_Gates_June_2015 yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart bill gates Microsoft 2017 predictionsbill-gate yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart bill gates Microsoft 2017 predictions

      Which planetary combinations or Yoga’s Make Bill gates So rich?

      Name: Bill Gates

      Date of Birth: 28th October 1955

      Time of Birth: 20.58 Hrs.

      Place of Birth: Seattle, USA

      • One can clearly see that one of the above clear combinations is there for wealth(money) and money.
      • How does the Libra sign or Tula rashi contribute to a wealth Yoga for Bill gates?;) For bill gates Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) the software mogul, His lord of the fifth house is Venus or Shukra( it is ruled by Libra sign or Tula Rashi) along with Venus in it this forms a wealth(money) Yoga.
      • which planets or Yoga’s in the Horoscope of Bill gates Give great zeal to him? :)) For the Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of bill gates, Also lord the eleventh house of health(money) flows is mars or Mangal – the planet for action and it sits in his fourth house of mind. Giving him excess passion and zeal for money as well apart from technology boost.

      What planetary combinations made bill Gates create such a large operating system of DOS or windows?

    • which Yoga’s and planet in the Horoscope of Bill gates Give him the zeal to create new things;)?Now looking at the tenth House of career or karma horoscope of Bill Gates. he made a big success into software development, creating DOS and also Windows operating system. Now what we find that his tenth House is ruled by Pisces sign or Meena Rashi. That is by the planet Jupiter or Guru that is the Planet of expansion .this planet sits in the third house or bhava of the great initiative for creativity. The third bhava or Sahaj bhava stands for doing new things and also writing things like software creatively :). so the creative aspect of Jupiter number 3 makes it possible for Bill Gates to create or write altogether new operating system.
    • which planetary combinations in the Horoscope or Kundli of Bill gates suggest keen and quick intelligence for the computers? 😉

    • It gives him some very good knowledge and also a deep one. that itself is for operating systems that means intricate software writing. his lagan is Gemini or Mithuna Rashi . Now Gemini ruled by mercury is for computers or mathematics. It is this planet that gives him such very quick and good intelligence and also great ability to write software.
    • he uses this good intelligence to do new things like writing operating systems. sun the dispositor of Jupiter(where is Jupiter the tenth lord sits) its weak on Saturn sign in the 5th house .but still it is ok sun or Surya being the dispositor gives distinction to bill gates. Sun the planet of initiative naturally gives new initiatives and ability to do new things for Bill Gates.
    • which planetary combinations Or Yoga’s give Opulence and gains to Bill Gates? 😉 Bill gates sun or Surya is close to his Venus or Shukra planet. That is the planet of opulence and gains. It is also for creativity and beauty and the ability for the person to do things in altogether different ways creatively. we can see the power of Venus in the Bill gates chart or horoscope. we note that in fifth bhava sun or Surya is there. It gives new ways of doing things and is a strong Yoga to do new things in new ways. so one can clearly see how the sun, Jupiter and Venus contribute to the DOS and windows.
    • SUN bill gates sun surya (+) JUPITER bill gates sun Jupiter (+) VENUS bill gates Venus==>

      WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEMbill gates windows operating system
      yoga’s wealth money planetary combinations kundli horoscope birth chart awards
      what made Bill Gates A phenomenal success in life or he became world number 1?

    • which planetary Yoga’s Give Great mathematical and computer oriented brain to Bill gates? as we have seen that Bill Gates was working in the area of computer software for a long while has the Gemini Lagna which stands for Mercury or computers he was born to be successful in computer-related areas or mathematics related areas . his sun or Surya being The Lord of the third house of initiatives.
    • Does Bill gate get good energy from the past life Karma in this incarnation? based on the Yoga’s of his horoscope? It is quite natural that he would be a success in doing new things .sun is fairly placed in the 5th bhava. there is a strong Venus there. the sun is for gains and great creativity. It is the lord of action & hard work plus Karma. Saturn or Shani is it is the lord of the ninth house. so overall this also gives Bill Gates horoscope great blessings form his past life(9th bhava) and fortune plus name and popularity.
    • d9 or navamsha chart of bill gates- the windows Guru
      bill gates navamsha d9 horoscope

    • Are there Yoga’s for unexpected Lottery Like gain for Bill gates? 😉 Note in d9 or navamsha chart the planet Jupiter or Guru is lord of the ninth bhava of Purva janma or past life incarnation Punya and sits in the second bhava of wealth and fortune.saturn or Shani the lord of gains is again in the third bhava of initiatives and activities. this suggests great gains by proper action. Rahu sitting in the eleventh bhava suggest unexpected lottery type gains.
    • How is computers and wealth related for Bill Gates based on his Yoga’s in kundli? The lord of the tenth House guru of bill gates gives great growth and wealth/money to Bill Gates. Now mars Lord of eleventh of gains and opportunities is OK in the fourth bhava. This is Raja Yoga Karaka. Mercury is in Virgo sign also sits there strongly placed in own sign. Mercury stands for computers and also money flow.
    • what do the planets or Yoga’s say about the health of Bill gates? so overall this Yoga suggests gains from computer related work or mathematics for Bill Gates. which is 100% true. the made a mark in this area. moon The Lord of the second bhava of wealth and status is fairly well placed in the tenth House. That is a Kendra bhava. it all suggests great gains and wealth for bill gates. It is a good Rajyog that 11th Lord is in the 4th bhava. Plus and second bhava Lord is in the 10th bhava. So overall the planetary combinations are very good for health and gains for Bill Gates. That is, especially in the software area.
    • What Bill gates Could expect?

      • In Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of bill gates, Saturn or Shani transit his seventh house of relationships and job in his horoscope or kundli ruling the ninth house of luck and fortune and also eighth house of losses- so there could be unexpected layoffs at his company Microsoft.
      • Saturn rules the house of dharma- so he would be ethical in removing people – only the low performers and not only or money.
      • Plus some people in the company might get exceptional raise in salary or money in the year 2017.
      • Saturn conjunct or aspects mars this could give hi annoyance this year and his image could come out a bit aggressive in the year 2017.
      • Microsoft might miss on some targets or may have to work very hard to reach the targets due to mars and Saturn energy exchanges.
      • Jupiter would protect and bless the public image of Microsoft in 2017, and September onward as it transits into the fifth house of bill gates horoscope- it would give impetus for his philanthropic activities, keen interest in Indian philosophy and yes increased focus on research and development.
      • Microsoft might stop too risky adventures or research after September 2017- but still continue with the basic research and especially green research.
      • Who is Bill Gates?

        • Bill gates were born as William Henry “Bill” Gates III. He was born on October 28, 1955, he is now an American business magnate, he is also an investor, author, and last but not the least a philanthropist.
        • In the year 1975, Gates and Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft, which became the world’s largest PC software company.
        • Bill gates during his career at his company Microsoft, was on the positions of chairman, CEO and chief software architect.
        • He has a Net worth of US$86.9 billion (April 2017)

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