Sri Rajnath Singh ji honourable Home Present Minister of India -2016 predictions & Forecast



Sri Rajnath Singh the former chief minister of UP and present Home Minister Of India. ? what is on store for him in year 2016? His 2016 forecast /predictions through science of Vedic astrology

Name: sri Rajnath Singh

Date of Birth: 10 july 1051

Time of Birth: not known

Place of Birth: Bhabhar (Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh, India

Time Zone: 5.5


Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for sri Rajnath Singh :

  • The solar ascendant of sri rajnath Singh is Gemini sign, which is ruled by planet mercury. The planet of intelligence and quick thinking. We can clearly see this quality of quick thinking in sri rajnath Singh
  • This planet along with quick thinking could make a person restless- may be to do something for the nation.
  • As this sign rules the west, whenever it is weak in transit or afflicted by malefic .it could give trouble from the west. The recent pathankot terror attacks happened when mercury was weak along with other factors- leading to pressure to the honorable home minister.
  • The lord of the chart that is  ascendant/lagan is in the 2nd house of wealth and status.  So sri rajnath Singh ji  is bound to gain gains in wealth, status, and would have  admirable  qualities . The person is also religious minded & well respected. All the above qualities are confirmed for a person like sri rajnath Singh ji  . His being in BJP strongly suggest his religious mindedness, also he does have gains/status and wealth- all that is needed for a person.

2016 horoscope predictions for sri Rajnath Singh

  • The transit of Jupiter in sri rajnath Singh ji  3rd House in the year 2016  helps in keeping  his initiatives successful. It gives him  company of good and positive  minded people.

It helps him in his career.

His inclination to dharma or religion could increase more.


  • The shadow planet Rahu transit in 3rd suggests he has to take well thought initiatives. Also sue his discretion before he believes others on any matter.

Rahu could create issues with his career and relationships in political circles.

Following the ethical part is the best bet.


  • Aspect on natal moon and Venus of sri rajnath Singh ji by rahu, could create obstacles to his status and image and also could lead to un expected travels.
  • Venus aspect could affect his comfort and give some tensions with subordinates.
  • Aspect on natal rahu in 9th suggest, new kind of thought process or views about religion and turns in luck could be there for him in the political He might shoot to fame as well for wrong and right reasons both.
  • Rahu and Jupiter transit both suggest guarding on political image and yes political  Especially as the year 2016 comes to an end.
  • July & august 2016 could be great times for him to come into prominence .


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