Valentine’s Day Check for FREE! Your LOVE & ROMANTIC Life in Year 2016



The Valentine’s Day is also called the feast of saint valentine. It is basically a holiday celebrated on February 14th every year 2016. It’s a day in honour of saint names Valentinus. It’s a great cultural event, when lovers express their love to the loved ones.

The Valentine’s Day became associated with romantic love in 14th century within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer . By 18th century it came up as an occasion where lovers expressed their love for their loved ones- by offering of presents, flowers , toffee’s and greeting cards,

Know about Your Love and Romantic Life in Year 2016 Based on The Day You Were Born:

  • If You are born on 1st/10th/19th/28th of any month?

This year 2016 you will take extra initiative in love matters. Just avoid domination. Special care on love matters in march, april and noevember, december this year 2016.If cautious love and romance would be on your side. As this is the time when you could make the most love.

Just immerse in love and forget your ego.

  • If You are born on 2nd/20th/29th of any month?

Just take care of your emotions or emoticons J.Time when anger tantrums in you might affect the relationship. Just stay cool and loving as you naturally are.

July could be much better than months like January/February.

April, janauary, september and November are months of special care.


  • If You are born on 3rd/12th/21st/30thth of any month?

A great year 2016 for love and romance. have fun and do outings. March, june, November and December would suit you the most for the same.

Speak softly with care. Ensure you don’t dominate your partner or try to be too conventional or too much outgoing in your way of love.


  • If You are born on 4th/13th/22nd/31st of any month?

There could be un expected events this year 2016 in your love life. Take special care on april, july and November.

Rest of the year 2016 like march, December and may, June could give better results fro love and romance.


  • If You are born on 5th/14th/23rd of any month?

Time for travel and fun, but speak with care. Avoid impulse in talking else mis understanding could result.

Time for care is may ending and June and October.

But over all may might be a great time for love and so would September be.


  • If You are born on 6th/15th/24th of any month?


Great time for romantic love and passion. But guard on relationships- that is just be careful and wary. The months of care are sepetember, april and November.

May, June and October could be better months for you for love matters. Express your love and passion this time to your lover and you will get good results.

  • If You are born on 7th/16th/25th of any month?

Time to be cautious. Time to plan love well. May be a time to introspect and improve upon existing relationship[s. A trip to mountains or mediation or prayer would help now.

Family life need proper care- caution months are July, June and November.

March, December and October could work out to be great.