Smt. Sonia Gandhi ji, what do her Numbers Say -2016 Forecast 2016?



Who is smt. Sonia Gandhi ji based on her birth numbers? She was the former Indian national congress president .what does 2016 hold for her? Discover all this by science numbers

Birth Date – December 9th, 1946;
Place of Birth – Lusiana in Italy;
Time of Birth – 21.30

Natal Chart /Natal Numbers Analysis and Future Predictions for Sonia Gandhi :

• smt. Sonia Gandhi ji is born on 9th , which is ruled by mars. Now mars is weak and has enmity with planet moon, note she lost her husband former prime minister of India late sri Rajiv Gandhi ji in year 1991= 1+9+9+1 = 20 = 2+0 = 2= MOON.
• Congress lost to BJP in year 2014 = 2+0+1+4= 7 = Ketu, it is closely connected to moon.
• smt. Sonia Gandhi ji married sri rajiv Gandhi ji in year 1968 = 1+9+6+8 = 24 = 2+4= 6= Venus, planet of love and it was a happy event as her planet mars is OK with this number.
• Her sun sign is Sagittarius, makes her open, freedom. humane and compassionate. Love for reading or knowledge is also indicated. Yes there is an excess of 9 energy that is to be taken care of as this could lead to tiffs and fights.
• We can clearly see her freedom and free spirit is confirmed by the thought that initially she was reluctant for her husband to join politics as she preferred her private way of loving.
• Her compassion of number 9 and energy is clearly shown that she forgave the killers of her husband late sri Rajiv Gandhi ji.
• Also the name number of Sonia Gandhi ji comes to number 9, again mars- but this excess mars energy makes a person prone to operations and family accidents, Mars deals with fire and explosives. based on her overall number chart. She lost her husband at a relatively younger age due explosion.
• Her destiny number( what she came into this world for) = 9+12 +1946 = 9+3+20/2 = 14/5. So she is here for travelling, having more experiences, she could do well in connecting and communicating to people. Number 5 is good for a statesman.

2016 horoscope predictions for Sonia Gandhi

• Year 2016 is =2=0+1+6 = 9= Mars, so again there is excess of mars energy- she needs to be GOD forbid careful of operations, and take good care of accidents for herself and family members.
• Over all an year of meeting and connecting people- but caution as well. One needs to speak and communicate with care.
• Fights and court cases are possible .The national herald case came by the 2015 end when 2016 effects had started is a clear indication of mars energy coming into play. But sure – things could be of mixed nature for her this year.

  • April 2016 could be a hard month for her .With she trying to do do settlements on various matters.
  • • Meetings/planning and introspection are the keywords.

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