Sonia Gandhi ji, The Charismatic Indian Congress Politician – Horoscope Predictions!

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About smt. sonia gandhi ji :

Who is smt.  Sonia Gandhi ji astrologically? The former Indian national congress president.What is in store for her, in the year 2016? Discover all this by science  Vedic Astrology

Birth Date – December 9th, 1946;
Place of Birth – Lusiana in  Italy;
Time of Birth – 21.30

Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Sonia Gandhi :

  • Sonia Gandhi  Ji  is ruled by sign cancer, which in turn is ruled by planet moon. This gives her a very sensitive nature. A mind which could be very delicate and sensitive to human and other needs of mankind.
  • This sign is said to be of Brahmin caste and lives in forests. That is the preference of living for smt.  Sonia Gandhi  ji would have been a small place, not new Delhi if given to herself. She, in fact, wanted to return back to Italy one time and not to be part of politics.
  • Cancer Rashi/sun sign gain strength in night. So smt. Sonia Gandhi  ji  is safer in a night than moving around in day by virtue of her sign.
  • The nature of this Rashi/sign is sattva that is purity. Suggests the purity of mind of smt.  Sonia Gandhi, It is dominated by water, so she might be better off living near a river or sea. New Delhi has at least Yamuna river flowing.
  • Sonia Gandhi Ji ascendant lord is in 12th reduces the physical comfort of the smt.  Sonia Gandhi Ji.With an aspect from malefic mars sitting in 6th, the house of opposition and enmity. This combination could at times make any person angry due to aggressive  opposition.
  • The happiness would be less for physical comfort matter. We know respected  Sonia Gandhi  Ji  lost her husband former prime minister  late Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji at a relatively younger age.

What does this article about Sonia Gandhi Ji talk about?

  • This article analyzes the core personality of smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji based on simple parashari astrology and it then goes to analyze the same with jaimini astrology to see the coherence.
  • It also analyzes the seventh bhava or house of the same for her husband Rajiv Gandhi ji and how Vedic astrology predicts the nature of her husband plus the harsh destiny based on jaimini system.
    It also touches the sensitive period of Sonia Gandhi Ji in 2016.
  • About Smt Sonia Gandhi ji based on jaimini system

  • now based Lagna that is cancer sign and moon sitting in the twelfth bhava or house of the same. Now twelfth from the Gemini sign is Taurus sign and this is the arudha Lagna of Sonia Gandhi Ji. here Taurus has Rahu is there. which is exalted in the lagna.
    as jaimini gives the personality as perceived by others or the Indian masses. Arudha Lagna gives her the personality that is perceived by others as a caring mother as Venus is ruling the lagna. Venus plus Rahu makes her distinct. so this is how Indians would perceive her as a distinct but foreigner as Rahu is a foreign planet. also, people are sure of her innovative and different ways of thinking to deliver the best to the people of India.
  • Rahu also suggests that she has to power to solve political problems .as well because Rahu is a great political planet. now let us look at aspects that are coming to the lagna sun or sunray ruling the fourth bhava of image and also aspecting the arudha Lagna. The aspect of sun Cleary gives her a very good position in politics( sun+ Rahu) in fact she was head of the Congress for a long while after the sad demise of her respected husband Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji. Also, the sun gives her a very good image within the Indian population. also, we note that close to Sun we have Budha or Mercury. Mercury or Budha represents her children that is Sri Rahul Gandhi and of Smt. priyanka Gandhi Ji.
  • we also note that close to Sun we have Ketu or dhwaja or flag. This means a distinction in position or a very different position in society. all these energies( Ketu + mercury + sun) aspect on Lagna suggest that people will perceive Sonia Gandhi Ji as a
    distinct person different person who is smart and different from others.

    rahusonia gandhi horoscope predictions rahu + sunsonia gandhi horoscope predictions sun + mercury sonia gandhi horoscope predictions mercury+ ketusonia gandhi horoscope predictions rahu  ketu Equals= Sonia Gandhi jisonia gandhi horoscope predictions kundali

  • rajiv gandhi indian prime minister sonia gandhi husband
    what does Jaimini Lagna or arudha lagna say about Rajiv Gandhi ji Sonia Gandhi Ji’s husband and former prime minister of India?

  • The seventh Bhava from the arudha Lagna is which is ruled by Mars(Scorpio) is sitting in the 8th bhava suggest some issue in the longevity of the husband that is Rajiv Gandhi Ji.
  • We note that the combined energy of the sun, Mercury and Ketu sitting in the seventh Bhava of Sonia Gandhi Ji suggests that the husband of Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji would be a man of distinction and also very good intelligence.Plus very good thought because Ketu is also there.
  • now as planet Mars or Mangal is sitting in the second bhava from the seventh house so that is the eighth bhava. so these impacts the longevity of Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji based on Jaimini system. But the seventh bhava lord Mars is sitting on the Jupiter sign or Sagittarius sign of Dhanu Rashi. says that Rajiv Gandhi ji would be a blessed soul, and very loving to do good to others and also very helpful . as Jupiter is a very helpful planet. Scorpio lordship the 8th sign and sitting in the eighth makes him prone to accidents. May his kind soul rest in peace.
  • So overall jaimini system gives a very powerful overview of the situation for Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji, Sonia Ji and children like Rahu and Priyanka Gandhi Ji.
    we wish all of them the best in life

  • 2016 horoscope predictions for Sonia Gandhi

    • Jupiter transit in 2nd house gives gain in wealth flows and status. But at the same time fair enough opposition to her could be there due to this transit, which could have some impact on her image.
    • Aspect or drishti to 6th,8th and 10th suggests chance of recognition of her work , expansion in work scope or work as such. Her  Interest in religious activities & philanthropy  could increase much more this year..
    • Aspect to 8th house suggests some comfort or relief from the people who oppose you and litigation( 6th house aspect).
    • Transiting rahu could create some hurdles for her in terms of image especially by year ending 2016, October 2016 onward. Aspect of rahu transit is on 8th and 10th So one might develop interest in religion or might have land deals or property related work.
    • Aspect(drishti) on 10th house could give may be a lot of work for smt. Sonia Gandhi  ji at congress  office or some surprises  and travels.