The Shodasamsa Divisional Horoscope OR Varga Birth Chart

Shodashamsha  Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart)

About this article?

  • This article at length discusses the Shodashamsha(d16 Varga divisional Horoscope). It looks at why is the d16 chart needed to be studied in Vedic astrology? how is it used to study the luxuries any one gets in life like car or other things.
  • Plus, gains or losses from the luxuries based on various factors. Something very important in our live and luxuries are the heart of our life.
  • The article further looks at significance of various houses of the Shodashamsha(d16 Varga divisional Horoscope) in detail.
  • Like 12th house in d16 chart is losses due to luxuries and 4th houses in the shodashamsha chart is happiness from your luxaries. Also 8th house talks about possible accidents due to luxuries.
  • It then talks about How could calculate the Shodashamsha Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart) .
  • luxaries cars vehicles Shodashamsha  Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart)
    what is Shodashamsha Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart) ?

  • Now we look at what we investigate the Shodashamsha chart . we get this chart by dividing any sign into 16 division which is used evaluate happiness and luxuries we get from moving resources. Like our car or scooter or truck etc.

  • happiness luxaries Shodashamsha  Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart)
    Shodashamsha(d16 Varga divisional Horoscope) means movable pleasures like cars or vehicles . this Shodashamsha chart also helps to measure the happiness and mental satisfaction we get from these luxuries. It basically evaluates the overall nectar of life
  • moon chandra Shodashamsha  Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart)

  • we also note that for the Shodashamsha chart. It is the 16th divisions. This corresponds to the phases of the Moon right from Amavasya or dark phases to Poornima. 🙂 Now we know that moon is also indicator of mind.
  • That is how much a person can enjoy life is indicated by it.
    so as just liek we know moon or Chandra in Vedic astrology also denotes mental strength and weakness plus patience.
  • so does the Shodashamsha chart do the same. so from the strength of the Shodashamsha chart we get to know the pleasures which will or would never come and cause problems.
  • houses bhava Shodashamsha  Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart)
    Now what does the various Houses of the Shodashamsha chart talk about our life? 😉

  • The first house of Shodashamsha chart tells us about where the luxuries of life come from and it gives a measure of the quantum of the magnitude of the luxury
  • The second house of the Shodashamsha chart tells about the basic upbringing or the family life that shapes the person’s attitude towards the happiness or luxuries.
  • It also talks about the status of the happiness and accumulation of the happiness as well the person could have regarding moveable luxuries.
  • This house of Shodashamsha chart deals with the courage levels in a person to get the luxury as this house is malefic or market as well. This house could mean the indications for loss of vehicles as well and unhappiness through vehicles or cars etc.
  • The 4th house of Shodashamsha chart tell us about the happiness or unhappiness from the luxury we know it is the sukha sthana .
  • It talks about the luxurious or say poison or negative things one could get in life.
  • This house also talks about the attitude towards the happiness a person has . as this house deals with mind.
  • The 5th house of the Shodashamsha chart the house of the past life regarding the luxuries of this life .
  • The 6th house of Shodashamsha chart enemy or opposition from the luxuries one acquires. It shows how luxuries liek car could cause accidents, litigation or disputes connected to the vehicles for what we call moving luxury .
  • The 7th house of Shodashamsha chart talks about the partners of ours who enjoy or suffer from the luxury we have. This house also suggests people who could contribute to your happiness .
  • If lord of 4th house is connected to the seventh house of D 16 chart. It could mean luxaries provided by others as gifts . so, these are not treated as your luxuries.
  • The 8th house of Shodashamsha chart suggests long-term problems. It may mean vehicles that cause loss or fatal accidents due to cars. the dasha periods of the 8th bhava lord has to be watched.
  • The ninth house of Shodashamsha chart is the basic connection of luck factor or the Fortune connected to luxuries in life. It connects to distant Travels as well .A strong 9th House Lord makes one have good luxuries and enjoy the same.
  • The tenth house is basically of Karma that is to do with conveyances or cars or scooters etc. this action could be for good or bad purposes and actions .
  • The 11 house is basically to do with the greed for luxuries the person has. It is the core attitude of the person towards luxuries and Comforts of the life. If there is a connection of the eleventh house with the lagan the person will never get satisfied .
  • The twelfth House in Shodashamsha chart is basically house of losses means loss of amenities. This house in Shodashamsha chart could mean loss due to theft, accident or by legal issues if the sixth house is involved .
  • calculator Shodashamsha  Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart)
    The Calculations of The Shodasamsa Divisional horoscope( or d16 Varga Birth Chart)? What is the Rulership of Various Divisions By various Energies ?

  • The Shodasamsa or the 16th harmonic( called the D-16), the lordships of the division of the sign starts from Aries for a movable sign(Aries=ruled by mars, Taurus ruled by Venus etc) and from Leo for a fixed sign.
  • And from Sagittarius(Ruled by Jupiter, then Capricorn ruled by Saturn onwards..) for a dual sign like Gemini.
  • The 16th part of a sign = 30 degrees /16 = 1°52’30”) are evenly distributed.
    The deities or energies ruling them for odd sign are(4×4=16, so 4 repetitions of the sequence below):
  • • Brahma
    • Vishnu
    • Shiva
    • and Sūrya or sun GOD

    The above sequence of lordship is reversed in case of even signs like Taurus, Cancer, Virgo etc.