The Shodasamsa Divisional Horoscope OR Varga Birth Chart

The Shodasamsa Divisional horoscope( Varga Birth Chart) Calculation and Rulership of Various Divisions By various Energies
The Shodasamsa or the 16th harmonic( called the D-16), the lordships of the division of the sign starts from Aries for a movable sign(Aries=ruled by mars, Taurus ruled by venus etc) and from Leo for a fixed sign,And from Sagittarius(Ruled by Jupiter, then Capricorn ruled by Saturn onwards..) for a dual sign like Gemini.

The 16th part of a sign = 30 degrees /16 = 1°52’30”) are evenly distributed.
The deities or energies ruling them for odd sign are(4×4=16, so 4 repetitions of the sequence below):
• Brahma
• Vishnu
• Shiva
• and Sūrya or sun GOD

The above sequence of lordship is reversed in case of even signs like Taurus,Cancer, Virgo etc.

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