Shikhar Dhawan cricketer Horoscope Predictions

shikhar dhwan horoscope cricketer
What are certain interesting facts about Shikhar Dhawan the IPL cricketer ?

  • One of the interesting things about Shikhar Dhawan the cricketer is that he is right arm off break bowler and left-handed batsman . Shikhar Dhawan has played many IPL matches and other domestic matches . also his family hails from Delhi .
  • in 2015 Shikhar Dhawan won the World Cup and also he is the leading run scorer for India .Shikhar Dhawan also holds the record for maximum runs in twenty-twenty or 20-20 matches. In regard to international cricket Shikhar Dhawan, has top scored in 2004 in under 19? .also Shikhar Dhawan did great World Cup 2017 Champions Trophy tournaments
  • in the starting of his career, Shikhar Dhawan played for Vijay Merchant trophy
  • latest news about Shikhar Dhawan- Thumb fracture
    the latest news about Shikhar Dhawan hello now on June 11, 2019, that Shikhar Dhawan the Indian opener has been ended injured his thumb has been fractured .Shikhar Dhawan is under at the moment he is in England he’ll continue to be in England till he is n proper health.
  • birth details of Shikhar Dhawan
    5th December 1985 in Delhi. he

  • is born on a Thursday. as Shikhar Dhawan’s time of birth is not confirmed, so we take is Moon Lagna into consideration .Moon is in Leo or Simha Rashi for Shikhar Dhawan’s.

    shikhar dhwan lagna horoscope

  • What Makes Shikhar Dhawan a distinct cricketer and a unique personality?

  • the lagan or ascendant for Shikhar Dhawan’s is Leo. This is awesome. Sun or Surya is ruling the Leo sign (Simha Rashi).very clearly indicates that he will be a leader and innovative and aggressive in doing his thing. That applies to cricket or IPL matches as well. It is just like a lion goes after “shikar” or the prey. Shikhar Dhawan’s would go after the balls or play cricket .
  • For Shikhar Dhawan’s Sun or Surya sits in the fourth house of public image .that very clearly means that he will get a good image in whatever he does . that is even cricket as well he will get a good name. there in the 4th house of horoscope for Shikhar Dhawan with Sun, a lot of planets are there. that is Venus and Mercury is there .now Venus Shukra rules the 10th house of career so that very clearly suggest that he would get good name and fame in his career that is cricket .
  • Venus also rules action is the third house lord of Shikhar Dhawan, so very clearly Shikhar Dhawan will do exceptional & distinct in action. due to Venus or Shukra, he will have a lot of creativity as well . note despite being left-hand batsman he is a right hand off bowler . also Mercury rules is wealth and status is 11th house lord of gains. that is in the 4th House so clearly gives Shikhar Dhawan very good gains from cricket wealth money status.
  • Plus also gives intelligence to solve problems . Kindly note that Shikhar Dhawan was born on 5th of December 1985. 5 stands for Mercury are a number of Budha or Mercury . It is very strong. as Mercury means speed. so that helps him to make quick runs.
  • Shani or Saturn also rules the 6th and 7th house. so friendships with the managers in cricket(IPL) and otherwise the public of India or cricket fans would connect to him well. Shikhar Dhawan’s health and status lord Saturn connect to Sun his self or body. so that means he could have injuries on the ground as well in creating the shots .
    note Saturn rules bones as well.
  • what planetary combinations help Shikhar Dhawan make quick runs ?

  • Now let us look at Shikhar Dhawan’s numbers .he is born on 5th that is Mercury and is a quick planet it believes in doing things very quickly . It reasons and also the total of numbers December 5, 1985, comes to 40. 40=4+0=4 Rahu(dragon’s head). that is Rahu(dragon’s head) nature and gives a different kind of nature. so Rahu(dragon’s head) may give Shikhar Dhawan have very high energy in some direction. IN the moon or Rashi chart it is in the Aries sign or Mesha Rashi.
  • Shikhar Dhawan plays powerful shots and stays on the ground for a while as the third house that rules his arms has powerful and angry planets like Mars and Ketu. This combination suggests that Shikhar Dhawan would have great courage to do things. plus very powerful shots as well. because Mars and Ketu both are very close to each other. Ketu in the 3rd house deals with your arms . and when arms of Shikhar Dhawan get the energy of Mars and Ketu that gives him very strong arms and very good action. It makes him play very great in cricket also . Shani or Saturn sitting in the 4th house gives in that is disciplined action but at the same time good score to Shikhar Dhawan.
  • Sun here in the 4th house gives Shikhar Dhawan good image .also note that Saturn is in Mars sign Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars or Mangal is the lord of 4th house . mars are sitting in the house of arms or shoulders of Shikhar Dhawan. It is getting good energy from Saturn, Sun, and Venus(Shukra) and also Budha or Mercury to help Shikhar Dhawan get creative shots in cricket or PLO matches.
  • The Rahu(dragon’s head) connection as full numbers of Shikhar Dhawan’s date of birth numbers to be 4 or Rahu, gives him the ability to deliver very powerful shots and also have good creativity in shots in cricket.
  • Shikhar Dhawan’s being a winner in IPL cricket and one of the best bowlers in IPL cricket game. is indicative of Sun and mars blessing gm for name and fame and action. ruling that connects with the third house there is a connection between the house of His arms and shoulders get blessed by mars and Ketu energy to deliver the best.

  • what is the predictions for 2019/20 for Shikhar Dhawan’s cricket? also what planets caused his Hurt in the thumb. the injury?

  • Recently it was heard that Shikhar Dhawan got hurt. Now let us look at what has what is happened base on astrology.
    Saturn or Shani dev is ruling his bad health house 6th and it is agitated in the fourth house in the natal horoscope of Shikhar Dhawan. but the current 2019 transit is coming in 5th house of Shikhar Dhawan . That is the Sagittarius sign or dhanu Rashi. of also Jupiter or guru for Shikhar Dhawan is debilitated it is in the 6th house of Shikhar Dhawan. It or guru/Jupiter rules the 5th and 8th house of Shikhar Dhawan Jupiter
  • Jupiter or guru aspects natal Venus or shukra in the horoscope of Shikhar Dhawan. also, Jupiter or guru at the moment is transiting the fourth house of Shikhar Dhawan. Guru is in retrogression and is weak till July 2019. Jupiter energy interacts with the Venus energy. now Venus is ruling the 3rd bhava of Shikhar Dhawan. so it rules the shoulders and arms of Shikhar Dhawan the cricketer. It indicates that it can create some issues in the arms of shoulders of Shikhar Dhawan. also, note that Jupiter sits in the 6th house of bad health as well in the natal horoscope. so carries that energy in itself.
  • also, Ketu or dragon’s tail has come into the 5th house of Shikhar Dhawan in dhanu Rashi/Sagittarius sign. Plus Rahu(dragon’s head) in the 11th house aspect the 3rd house of the shoulder. also having mars(Mangal) and Rahu(dragon’s head) there. Rahu is sitting in the Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi of Shikhar Dhawan in 11th house. so its aspect on Mars(Mangal) and Ketu(dragon’s tail) indicates breakages & problem . as Mars when Ketu combination creates exceptional energy and explosive situations in arms for Shikhar Dhawan.
  • Also, 2019 ending and 2020, in general, would be good for Shikhar Dhawan .soon July 2019 onwards Jupiter or guru gets direct and we can expect much more improvements in his performance and his fracture. basically 2019 November onwards Shikhar Dhawan would be playing really great. Jupiter would be strengthened. so would Saturn in 2020 January get in the 6th house of Shikhar Dhawan. clearing his obstacles and health problems. s all problems will be gone by 2020 .and it will be a perfect time for Shikhar Dhawan to win and have fun : ) . we wish him all the best in life