Capricorn 2019 Horoscope

2019 capricorn horoscope 2019 capricorn horoscope

Coming 12 Months 2019 for Capricorn People

  • We are talking about the Capricorn horoscope for Makar Rashi predictions for 2019 . Now looking at the larger transits of Major planets like Rahu (the dragon’s head) comes into the what is the sixth house of Capricorn sign(Makar rashi) be nit by ascendant, moon sign or your sun sign is Capricorn all applicable.
  • The 180 degree opposite the Tail Ketu(dragon’s Tail) comes in the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. that is the 12th house of these people . Jupiter or Guru remains mostly direct in the sign of Scorpio he 11th house of Capricorn sign(Makar rashi) people. but it(Jupiter) remains retrograde from April onwards from July to August 2019.
  • the planet Saturn or shani remains retrograde for a while from April 2019 onwards to September ending 2019. that weakens the strength of this Capricorn sign(Makar rashi) people for these months . so status & overall gains in job and family life could be affected .
  • so over all the above transits of Gocchars could make overall this year 2019 of agitations for Capricorn sign(Makar rashi) people. As Capricorn is in conflict The mars or Mangal . so mars creates a lot of issues for Capricorn people this year 2019. so may be more discipline and hard work by people from the Capricorn sign is needed this year. Yes hard work and planning of number 8=Saturn in Capricorn people they can be a big success in year 2019!!! 🙂
  • For Capricorn sign people family needs care till September 2019 as Saturn is retrograde till that time. for Capricorn people love lover might cause stress now in the month of April and also November 2019.
  • For Capricorn people, Saturn is transiting cancer from Saturn is retrograde in Sagittarius sign. This could cause body pains throughout the body pains .family members need care till July 2019 till Jupiter gets direct in motion. In order now is transiting cancer Capricorn financial condition would increase after September 2019. There could be more influence of creative ideas. you may do the necessary action for success .
  • Capricorn sign people may be feeling under pressure for money matters if in business due to Saturn retrogression from may 2019 to September 2019. work pressure would be high in July 2019.
  • Capricorn people are also running the dreaded sade sati due to Saturn in Sagittarius or dhanu sign. so people with sun sign in Capricorn would feel these effects for 25% till September, 50% for if the moon sign or rashi is there and 80% if lagan is there in Capricorn sign.
  • The planet Pluto around November 2019 could give you issues in your domestic life. also issues with your career might come up somewhat. but get resolved soon. as Saturn looses power nearing the year end and gets into Capricorn sign one has to be careful.
  • One may have travels and trips related trips work and one has to be very careful while
    during the months of April 2019 and November 2019.Lot of agitation and unexpected events are there
  • Coming 12 months of 2019-Month BY Month
    Starting from January ..Feb

  • In the month of January one has to take things slowly. delays could be there. there could be unexpected events and agitation. Gains could be there but with well panned effort. Gains in wealth and status. but time could be eventful.
  • also In this month gains by well planned effort is there for sure. Your family needs more focus and energy. You need to balance the family life and work life .students will do better and fare well in the exams. This is a time for overall gains in life & relationships .
  • The February month means more of connections happening. relationships and partnerships need care. Gain in wealth and status. fights can creep in due to speech or any rough words. Family focus could be there- but more care is needed.
  • Your partnership need more care and so does your stress level needs care . there could be more workload in family front and job front as well now,
  • March is a month of communications . taking action and connecting to new people. take proper initiative to be a success now. connect to the right people. your work on dharma or philosophy may increase.
  • This month would be better time as compared to previous ones. as such relationships would improve. One has to focus on social and family matters. try to make best out of this situation and friends.
  • The month of April may mean more focus on home matters. drive carefully else prone to accidents. your image needs more care now. avoid tiffs and fights at home.
  • Your education and learning may increase. There could be stress at family front or the job front. students may need to focus more. property dealers may not find it a great time.
  • May take good care of kids. thinking has to be positive. Time to get elevated to better ranks but agitation is there. Life partner and home needs care.
  • focus could be more on home matters. avoid dryness at home & family front. speak with care .more Communications would be there at the job front . There has to be disciplined Communications . students studying may do well.
  • June is a time when people studying would do well. But stomach needs care. more fire & vata or gas in stomach is there. health needs basic care. gains in legal matters possible.
  • This is a time to be more disciplined in communication at the office front and also one has to be careful in communication at the family or home front. outings could be there and fun could be there for you . students may do more disciplined study now.
  • July = It is a time when new people may connect to you. travel is possible. new relationships are there. but sure dryness into the same is possible. Gains through people and office.
  • would be a month when mental depression has been taken care of .your mother’s or female senior’s health needs care . There could be unexpected work and responsibilities at home and office front .
  • august = Unexpected gains or losses possible. avoid fights and tiffs . loss of position and fight with seniors possible. so take care. Family needs care and so does driving need care.
  • is a month when one has to avoid conflict at office and home front .avoid conflict with senior people & health needs special care . this time to avoid fighting and sticking your head out.
  • September= Gains and success. recognition you would get. interest in religion and dharma. focus on parents or parent figures. school kids would do well in exams. good time for gains and property.
  • This is a month when you speech needs care. what you communicate is very important with care . friendly outings with your family is there. This could be a bit eventful month.
  • October = Focus on carer. gains in career are there. more success and money and name with well planned effort. yes some focus on family a home also goes this time. good time to deliver any project,
  • October is a month again when your family needs care .you might have some specialized work as well .you may connect to special kind of people. communicate with special friends. niche people of your family may connect to you.
  • November = Good for gains. connection to friends. but un-expectedness in life. changes and travels and movements. Gains in family or land or vehicle. but drive with care.
  • this month your relationships in office and home front both need care .students will feel mind away in regard to education. Good for friends and family people. but there could be lot a lot of agitations and fights now . stay relaxed.
  • December = stress could be there. travel is there on the cards. or at least more vata or stress. health needs care. ups and downs in career. students need care. business people and manager avoid big deals now.
  • this could be a better time .but stay away from slight depression that may come in relationships . Your performance improves and so does gains. Your social circle would increase now . you might take interest in philosophy
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