2019 Capricorn Career Horoscope

capricorn career horoscopecareer horoscope capricorn 20192019 career

2019 Capricorn Career horoscope

  • In the year 2019 is eventful time with planets like Saturn or shani getting retrograde from may 2019 to September 2019 .also Jupiter is getting retrograde from April 2019 on wards till July 2019 .
  • Ketu or dragon’s tail has come in Sagittarius sign(dhanu rashi) and also Rahu the dragon’s head coming in the Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi .so overall as an impact of these major transits . The Capricorn sun sign people or even lagna people may feel more stress and events in the career front. they could be unexpected transfers & changes and health issues this year for them. The tough month is of April 2019 and yes September ending and November 2019 when Jupiter(guru) is weak in transit and Saturn has just become direct in movement.
  • Coming 12 Months- Month By Month(January ,February….to December)of Capricorn Career horoscope

  • January January could be a time when your health needs basic care. but overall this could be the time when your image in office could grow .there could be lot of hard work at work front and yes new relationships could build up now. for you overall good status and work flows this time. speak sweetly.
  • February In the month of February it could be a great time your overall. wealth and status would improve .your focus may go on taking more responsibility .but sure lot of agitation would be there. but overall work volume would increase and you’ll have to deliver more and with your discipline levels you’ll be able to deliver so that enhances your status in office naturally. 🙂
  • march March is a time when you will take new initiatives & new project will start for you .you will connect two new kinds of people and yes there could be more new faces or people around you . More connection with the colleagues and as Boss as well is there. You have to take well thought projects.
  • April April is a time which could be highly agitated time .you may have to spend some energies at home as well .so that could irritate you .your image needs care in April .and yes your driving or car also needs care.
  • May In this month of may , it is a time when your focus would go on more creative thoughts. creatively deliver in the projects. your responsibilities could increase. also delivery pressures could be there for you.
  • June this is the time when your health needs basic care. people would oppose you. so you have to speak with care. avoid aggressive speeches as such. communicate with care.
  • July July is the time when you could travel .you have to avoid any kind of anger that could come in relationships. relationships and job need special care and with proper cooperation and Collection of data at your end you can make you successful .
  • August August is a time when you have to avoid domination or any conflict the boss or senior people in your company and also your colleagues. Try to deliver work with your leadership . Your skills would come to test now. This could be an eventful time.
  • September September is a time when you could gain responsibility and respect in the office bring you of blue eyed boy of your manager or Boss this is a good time
  • October October is a time when your responsibilities could increase a lot your home front . so over all it could also deserve more energy that your front. also unexpected work roles and responsibilities good come to you
  • November In November it could be a very event full time. There could be a lot of stress but gains from friends also could be there. people may not be trustworthy and fight back. that may include friends as well.
  • December 2019In December there could be a lot of stress in mind and travel could also be there for career or job reasons. yes gains would be there. but there health needs care visit doctor immediately. take good care of the team and colleagues.
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