Sagittarius Ascendant In Horoscope Or Kundli (Dhanu Rashi Lagna in the Birth Chart ) Based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

Sagittarius ascendant lagna dhanu rashi kundli horoscope birth chart

Sagittarius Ascendant Or Dhanu lagna any Horoscope Or Kundli

What is this article about ?

  • This article talks at length about the Physical and Mental traits or characteristics of Sagittarius sign lagna or ascendant.
    Then it discusses the horoscope of Indian revolutionary Veer Sarvarkar or Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.
  • What is the Core Personality of Sagittarius Ascendant or Dhanu Lagna people?

    What is the mental attitude of Sagittarius sign people pr Dhanu rashi people?

  • now we know that Sagittarius sign is ruled By Jupiter the 9th and the 12th sign. 9 is a number of completions as 10 the next number is the start of a new series. Keen interest in religion or helping others (number 9= compassion) could be there . so could the philosophy as well be there in a Sagittarius lagna(ascendant) or dhanu Rahsi person.
  • They may also have keen interest in astral sciences like astrology, numerology and Tantric, Ayurveda or yantra etc. The planet Jupiter or Guru would provide them great mastery or capability for all these things. Sagittarius Being 9th sign of zodiac gives then a giving, compassionate and also impulsive nature. Sagittarius being an active sign just like Leo(Simha rashi) one would find them active and also enterprising in their approach.
  • What are key physical traits of sagittarians or Dhanu rashi people?

  • Now let us try to figure out how to recognise Sagittarian amongst us. ๐Ÿ™‚ sagittarians or dhanu Rashi people could get obese or have a larger body . There could be brown skin could be there or tawny colored. They have good looks and the teeth are good as such good can they have come .
  • Other Interesting factors about sagittarians?

  • Jupiter or number 3 gives more conservative views as per numbers. s they could be very sympathetic loving and friendly people. yes Jupiter as the Lord of 3 numbers it makes them restless and anxious as well . and they could be and curious about matters and uncaring for money matter.
  • Sagittarians may show a love for GOD ( as Jupiter is dharma or religion as well ) and also for philosophy. They could also in general strictly follow religion.
  • Now Jupiter or Guru being a being a Sattvik planet they take good care of what food they should take. while drinking and also in sex matters they show discreet behaviour. in the relationship with the opposite sex also proper conduct and discreetness is observed. now Sagittarius being a phlegmatic sign so in an advanced age say beyond 60 years Jupiter strength reduces o they should take care of lungs and pains in the body.
  • Additional Views on Sagittarius Sign or Dhanu rashi- what makes is unique?

  • Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi is a fiery sign & is ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter(Guru) that rules dharma, luck, gyan or knowledge and fortune. Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi is the mooltrikona sign of Jupiter. This sign of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi if ascendant in the kundli, is ruled by the great benefit Jupiter.
  • So these people are friend of friends. They are highly ambitious, friendly and dominating as a rule.
    They donโ€™t like to be dictated- but they themselves may follow conventions closely.
    They generally do good deeds.
  • They are generally truthful and may have good family life if Jupiter is strong enough as their fourth house is ruled by Jupiter.
  • As Jupiter is karaka for money โ€“ they could be clergy men, stock broker, professors โ€“ that is anything to do with education ,religion, dharma or money(stocks).
  • They generally have very good powers of concentration and will power makes them successful in life.
  • One has to avoid being selfishly ambitious and help the fellow beings
  • Health for Sagittarius Ascendant or Dhanu Rashi lagan in your kindly or horoscope (birth chart )

  • People with dhanu or Sagittarius in their ascendant have to take care of rheumatism. Delicacy of throat, lungs and skin trouble.
  • If Jupiter is weak- liver and diabetes is a concern.
    If the planet Jupiter or guru is strong Sagittarius or dhanu rashi people enjoy good health else they are vulnerable to problems like anemia,poor digestion( as guru or Jupiter rules liver),gas, disorders of liver,jaundice,high fever, diabetes, rheumatism and trouble in hip and thigh.
  • The Sagittarius people or dhanu rashi people are also prone to over indulgence in eating like people of mars ruling. Mars is number 9 and Jupiter is number 3( 3×3 =9).
  • Physical Appearance for Sagittarius Ascendant or Dhanu Rashi Lagna in your kindly or horoscope (birth chart )

  • As per the classics they Guru or Jupiter dominated people have a big body as the planet itself, tawny hair and tawny eyes, is phlegmatic, intelligent and learned in religious or other books.
  • Vinayak Damodar Savarkar horoscope Sagittarius freedom fighter india Vinayak Damodar Savarkar horoscope Sagittarius freedom fighter india
    Sagittarius or Dhanu Lagna and SRi ViNaik Damodar Savarkar ji- how does Sagittarius fit in the personality of his?

  • Sagittarius is ruling the lagna of horoscope for sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar the freedom fighter and Revolutionary . The horoscope of sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar or Veer Savarkar is ruled by Lord Jupiter or guru and is sitting in the 7th house for him and aspecting the lagna or ascendant.
  • So that makes it a very strong rashi of Sagittarius energy ๐Ÿ™‚ in Veer Savarkar ji’s horoscope . we have to also know that total of the birth date for sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar ji may 28 1983 is=9. now number 9 also means 9th sign or e is the Sagittarius sign . so sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar has all the capability of Sagittarius once again confirmed by numbers as well!
  • this means that he will have very good knowledge and depth of Indian culture( Jupiter represents Indian cultures and ethos and at times south American as well). so love for Indian culture can be very well seen. sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar ji would be very keen to study or all the previous Vedic cultures in India .
  • sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar was a freedom fighter and fought against the British rule.
    Now let is look at c Chandra Lagna for Veer Savarkar ji.
    from the ascendant the lord is Jupiter Again which is in the markesh bhava or 7th house. so it is very clearly influences sri Vinaik Damodar Savarkar by Jupiter and also Pisces e energies of the Rishi or Vedic culture of India.
  • What does the Chandra lagan for sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar say?

  • now from the Moon Lagna moon of sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar he has Aquarius sign and Aquarius being the 11th sign. this makes sri ViNaik Damodar Savarkar ji think very differently from others and give him full will power to fight against the British people. The kumbha rashi or Aquarius sign gives veer savarkar ji that philosophy and inspiration Aquarius(Saturn) plus Jupiter energy of Sagittarius to fight problems against the domination of the British.
  • What is Ascendant or lagan and why is it so Important?

  • The ascendant house is seen as vital in Vedic crystal gazing or jyotish as it is the foundation of your horoscope. At the time a man is conceived, the sign which climbs in the sky is known as the general population ascendant and the sign which comes in this house is known as the ascendant sign. The ascendant assistants in registering granular points of interest of any one’s life through Vedic crystal gazing or jyotish. .The ascendant decides the 60% vitality accessible in the horoscope-so turns out to be vital in translation.