Sagittarius 2019 Horoscope

Sagittarius 2019 horoscope month by monthSagittarius 2019 horoscope

OVERVIEW of Coming 12 Months of 2019 for Sagittarius People

  • This year 2019 may great for you. In terms of growth in wealth, money, salary and every good thing in life for you. Better for family matters and also profession or career.
    Your knowledge levels may increase and you may be passionate to win. children need some care.
  • Over all your health and people who depend on you their health needs care.
  • Your children or people reporting you in job may do great. They could also travel this time.
    But sure their health needs care.
  • For Sagittarius sign people children and family needs care till September 2019 as Saturn or shani is retrograde till September October time frame. for Sagittarius people your love and passion may grow and so could work and family stress now in the month of April and November 2019.
  • For Sagittarius people, Saturn the lord of 2nd and 3rd house is transiting the Sagittarius sign or lagna. So giving them luck and fame.
    Also we know Saturn is retrograde in the sign that is Sagittarius sign. This could cause some stress and high action period for Jupiter rules Sagittarius people .family need consideration till July 2019 till Jupiter gets direct in the sign of dhanu or Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius financial condition would improve when Saturn is direct after September 2019. There could be enhanced influx of creative ideas. you may do the necessary action for success .
  • Sagittarius sign people may face money issues when Saturn is retrograde form may to September 2019 but improvement by July 2019 as Jupiter gets direct now. New projects should be started only after July 2019.
  • Sagittarius or dhanu rashi people are also running the sade sati due to Saturn in Sagittarius or dhanu sign. The planet Saturn is in the lagna. so people with sun sign or surya in Sagittarius would feel these effects for almost 25% till September, also 50% for the people with moon sign or rashi is there and 80% if lagna for the people if there in Sagittarius sign.
  • One may have short jaunts and trips related to job in April and November. Health needs care.
    Yoga is much suggested now.
  • Coming 12 months of 2019 starting from January ..February onwards

  • The January month means more status gains and people connections happening for you now. Your relationships and partnerships could be fine or improve. Good Gain in wealth and status. Speech would be disciplined now. Family needs more focus now.
  • February is a month of connection and communicating to people . You have to taking action and connect to new environment. You have to take proper initiative to be popular now.. your work or any initiative on dharma or philosophy may get a boost now.
  • The month of March family gets important. More gains and wealth flows. Good for buying vehicles. matters. drive well . your image would grow now. Family would be peaceful and enjoy the same.
  • April Your thinking and kids would get blessed now. thinking has to be optimistic. You may get elevated to better ranks but avoid indulgence in luxury. Life partner and home would be blessed.
  • May is a time when students may do well. Avoid indulgence into luxury. stomach needs some care. Tiff with loved ones possible.. health needs basic care. some gains in legal or court related matters possible.
  • June = It is a time when you form new partnerships. some kind of travel is possible. Your knowledge levels may increase. some new & refreshing relationships are there. Enjoy the same. Fair Gains through people and office.
  • July = surprises and gains and also losses possible. avoid fights & tiffs or health issues. . Guard on your position and fight with seniors possible. so take care. Family needs care and your mind may go for religion or dharma.
  • August= Good gain in position. Over all Gains and success could be there. Fair recognition you would get. Your interest in religion and dharma may increase. Father figures need care figures. Children would do well in exams. good time for gains and property.
  • September = Focus on job is needed. More work in hand and use of intelligence and brains is needed. gains in job related matters are there. You may get more success and money and fame with use of your knowledge & effort. yes some amount of energy on family a home also is there. Fair time to deliver any project,
  • October = Great time for gains. You may have guard on connection to friends. but there could be unexpectedness in life. You may connect to old friends. Gains from friends or people in good position for land or vehicle.
  • Nov = Travel and stress could be there. Health issues are there. Do more of Yoga. health needs care. There could be ups and downs in family and career. People into education need care. Job needs more focus and doing of Yoga for proper health.
  • In the month of December Great time and expansion for you. You will gain in prominence. there could be unexpected and positive events . Your Gains in self image could be there but with proper optimism. Good Gains in money flows and importance.