2019 Sagittarius Career Horoscope

2019 career horoscope Sagittarius 2019 career horoscope Sagittarius

Sagittarius 2019 career horoscope 2019

  • This year 2019 for Sagittarius people in regard to career or job may become a great year. The Sagittarius people or dhanu rashi people may get better jobs in profession or may be much more enhanced salary at office. barring the time period from May to July 2019 when Jupiter or guru is retrograde. In 2019 Sagittarius people will do very well in their jobs and expand their career very well. money gain should be there.
  • That is salary gains would be there . and the overall energy profile of planets of the year 2019 is very much in harmony with Sagittarius people. They would themselves observe that they will take lot of action this year. the action quotient of the Sagittarius people to do things or get things done at office or job would be very high in 2019.
  • coming 12 months for the Sagittarius people

  • January time would be just ok for Sagittarius people .yes there could be some increase in their wealth and status .and also they would speak with some seriousness and positivity in this time at the office. Good overall discipline.
  • The month of February there could be a lot of positive and constructive action in their office. they may start new initiatives this time. e Sagittarius people may show their interest in religion . It can go high now and they can do action to help colleagues or boss and others at office.
  • March is the time when the image of Sagittarians would grow in leaps and bounds .that’s a great time for Sagittarius people. they can expect good promotions also expect to get more money . they will keep the ball rolling out .this is a very good time for Sagittarius people and they should cash on the march 2019.
  • The month of April is the time when Sagittarius is people would feel charged with energy and action. The love and passion levels will grow for them in office. so passion is something which they need to control at office front and may be focus son on their subordinates and overall affairs plus Investments.
  • May month health needs care for them. yes growth in office matters and more roles and responsibilities may be there.
  • June is a time when health needs care but overall the Sagittarius person would find himself or herself involve in studies in get deeper into office work. he or she may find more meeting and Communications happening at the office in the month of June. Yes travel could be there and new relationships may be formed.
  • in the month of July relationships at office need care. but overall there is a blessing of Lord Jupiter so the suggest Sagittarius people would do better or well this time . Their status would grow they could go to distant travel or distant lands this time. health also needs care and also driving needs care.
  • August is a time best and the status of the Sagittarius people may grow and luck would favor them to get name and fame at office. They may become more action oriented and also aggressive . The latter part is what has to be controlled .unexpected Travels or unexpected issues can come up.
  • September is a time when there could be gains in work and some image at office. for Sagittarius people they may have more meetings and yes focus more on the responsibilities . dhanu Rashi would get fair share of work and success this time show .your knowledge levels would also grow
  • October is a time when focus on gains or money matters can come for Sagittarius people and responsibility both in office and job matters would be there. more creativity would be expected from the person. also connection to female employees can increase this time .the creativity of the Sagittarius person will increase .
  • November when more meetings would be there more communication with the colleagues or Boss would be there at office. yes growth by better communication is also indicated. this time positivism and optimism use it to your advantage. yes stress and unexpected travel cannot be ruled out. Yoga and meditation is much needed now. stress has to be controlled and health issues to be managed properly for best results. now one has to take care of conflicts at office and issue that may come in.
  • December is a time when you would grow in any way. people would focus on you and your image would grow. Your action and ambitionless would be high. You may connect to larger group of people. Your health may in general improve. You may get a bit bossy and dominating : ) just keep tabs on the same. yes growth in money and status is possible.