Lagna pada & India Horoscope or Kundli ninth House: Judiciary, Politicans,Corruption and Higher Education

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Lagna pada & India Horoscope or Kundli  ninth House: Judiciary, Politicians,Corruption and Higher Education

  • Different Matters from Lagna Pad

If in the  kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) On the off chance that the sixth house  from Lagna Pada is has  a malefic(Like Saturn, mars or ketu – or shani,mangal or ketu) and is deprived of a Yuti or conjunction with, or a aspect or Drishti from a benefic(like Jupiter, venus or benefic ascending moon- OR in Hindi Guru,shukra,Chandra or budha), the person will be a hoodlum.

  • In the event that Rahu or dragon’s head is in the seventh house If in the  kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart, or the twelfth house  from Lagna Pad, or gives an aspect Drishti to one of the said Bhavas or houses, the person  will be blessed with profound learning and be extremely lucky.
  • On the off chance that If in the  kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) Budh or mercury is in Lagna Pada, the person  will Lord over an entire nation, while Guru  or Jupiter will make him a know er for goodness’ sake as Jupiter or guru covers learning. Shukra or venus  in this setting means a writer/speaker (additionally . As venus confers good writing and expression skills.
  • if benefics(Jupiter,mercury,venus or benefic moon) possess the second house( of wealth and status) from Upa Pad If in the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart), or from the Lagna Pada, the local will be invested with a wide range of riches and be savvy( as this enhances the house of wealth and status- by benefic presence).
  • One will doubtlessly turn into a hoodlum(send house rules wealth status and speech), if the Lord of the second house from Upa Pad If in the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) is in Dhana Bhava and is there yuti with a malefic Graha or planet like Saturn, rahu  or mars.
  • if Rahu is in the second house from the Lord of the seventh house If in the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart, numbered from Upa Pada, the local will have long and anticipated teeth. Ketu in the second  house from the Lord of the seventh house( as second house refers to speech as well), tallied from Upa Pad, will bring about stammering and Saturn or shani  in the second from the Lord of the seventh, checked from Upa Pad, will make one look revolting( as Saturn is for rebellion from lower order people). Blended will be the impacts, if there are blended Grahas or various kinds of planets.

IndiasNationalHoroscope02_29112008 lagna pada india horoscope kundli ninth house higher education corruption judiciary dharma bhava

India Horoscope or Kundli  & the  ninth House: How it affects the Judiciary, the  Politicians,Corruption process  and Higher Learning

The  ninth house or the dharma bhava is rules by planet Saturn , also ninth bhava as such is called the dharma bhava.

Saturn sits in the third  house and is not very strong in third house.

But as Judiciary is also  represented by the law executed  Saturn or shani, Saturn ruling the 9th and the mooltrikona of Saturn in tenth house of karma and action and Saturn sitting in house of initiatives clearly suggest that judiciary would be more than normal active and would take initiatives time and again to resolve matters.

Now a strong sun ruling fourth house of public image and mass psychology of India in third connects with Saturn, both are enemies –so despite corruption being there in India the masses would try to over throw it. Aam aadmi party infact came into power due to the same.

The higher education planets connect with multiple planets in the third house- so giving a mix of energies . Sixth house lord venus is there so law related matters could get a thrust and so could IT or information technology as mercury is there.

Sun stands for optics and political science all these have special focuses and would help India come up in optical computing area.

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