Planet JUPITER, the Controller of Dharma(Good Deeds & Benevolence) in the Solar System.

Jupiter guru jyotish

About this article?

  • This article in depth discusses about the characteristics of Jupiter or Guru in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • How to know if Jupiter or Guru is strong in any Horoscope.
  • What are the benefits and losses of Jupiter strength in any Horoscope.
  • What are The Lucky colors and Lucky stones for Jupiter or Guru ruled people.
  • what are the lucky stones and months for Jupiter ruled people.
  • How do the classics or the maha rishis describe the Jupiter rules people.
  • so you get in-depth analysis about Jupiter.
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    What are the basic characteristics of Jupiter or Guru and people ruled by it?

  • The planet Jupiter or Guru is ruling Sagittarius and Pisces sign(Dhanu and Meena Rashi) of the zodiac, the 9th and 12 sign of the zodiac and rules number 3 in numerology.
  • People either born on 3, 12,21 or 30 OR on Thursdays or in December or March are primarily ruled by Number 3= Jupiter or Guru energy.
  • This planet gives, command, control, love for discipline and ethics but at the other end could make one dictatorial or too bigoted in opinions (religiousness gone to extreme).
  • Jupiter or Guru is said to be the law maker 🙂 or the legal person .
  • That is the person who lays down law- people influenced by this number want laws/rules- hence could make many enemies in the process.
  • Jupiter is karaka/signifactor of 5th and 9th and also 2nd house- so it does represents children, wealth flows, dharma and luck.
  • Jupiter or Guru In true sense it’s the planet of expansion.
  • It is a planet for friendships, socials and well being.
  • People influenced by Jupiter or Guru in their Horoscope or Kundli are generally ambitious and warm, but may be careless about money.
  • They invariably are at the top- but in doing so they might stress their nerves.
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    Aspects of Jupiter:

  • Jupiter aspects with maximum energy the houses, 5th, 9th and 7th from the place it is placed in your horoscope.
  • Unless ruling a malefic house ( 6th/8th or 12th), Jupiter is a great benefic and make you blessed!
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    How to Know if your Horoscope or Kundli is Ruled by Planet Jupiter or Guru?:

  • If you are born on 3,12,21,30 or Thursdays of nay month.
  • Or Jupiter or Guru is strong in your chart or your ascendant or moon sign is Sagittarius or Pisces.

  • How to Check How Strong is Jupiter in Your Horoscope or Kundli?:

  • See how your Thursday or dates 3,12,21 or 30 go in terms of happiness and growth of life.
  • Do you make good money, or you have good friends, you have great compassion and love for nature or you like conventions- then you might be a jupiterean.
  • Otherwise you are not.
  • health Astrology Jupiter Guru Horoscope Kundli jyotish
    What are the Health issues of Jupiter or Guru Ruled people ? :

  • Nerves need to be taken care of so is liver and basic digestion.
  • Skin has to be kept healthy with exercise.
  • color Astrology Jupiter Guru Horoscope Kundli jyotish

    What are the Lucky Colors of Jupiter or Guru Ruled people ? :

  • All shades of Violet or purple.
  • lucky stones Astrology Jupiter Guru Horoscope Kundli jyotish
    What are the Lucky Stones of Jupiter or Guru Ruled people ? :

  • Yellow sapphire or topaz.
  • yantra Astrology Jupiter Guru Horoscope Kundli jyotish
    Your Lucky Jupiter Yantra(Amulet):

    What are Some Interesting Facts about Jupiter or Guru Ruled people ?:

  • Note 9= 3×3 and 12=3×4, so one can clearly see that pure Jupiter value are in the Sign Sagittarius(9th sign = 3 x 3= Jupiter X Jupiter) , which is followed by the mental sign of Jupiter, that is Pisces( 12th sign = 3×4 = Jupiter X (Rahu or Uranus)).
  • causing Pisces people being insecure about money(Rahu/Uranus causes insecurity in minds- especially for money)- but rest of the Pisces qualities are mostly same as Sagittarius, as both are ruled by planet Jupiter.
  • classics Astrology Jupiter Guru Horoscope Kundli jyotish
    What do the classics say for Jupiter or Guru ?

  • Jupiter is a benefic by nature.
  • The units of movement of guru/Jupiter is 5-15 units.
  • Guru hives the knowledge and happiness.
  • Jupiter is amongst the ministerial planets and also venus.
  • The deity ruled by Indra.
  • It’s a male planet.
  • Planet Jupiter or guru represents space in terms of panchamahbhutas.
  • Jupiter and Venus(shukracharya ) are Brahmins by caste.
  • The planet Jupiter is sattvik(pure), Venus and mercury are Rajasik- it is a guna/quality, and mars and Saturn are Tamasic in nature.
  • Jupiter’s has knowledge of ancient texts and also modern texts of knowledge, it has a big body and tawny(yellowish brown) body and hair.
  • The phlegm is higher and Jupiter tends to be more intelliegent.
  • The abodes of Jupiter, that is where it can be found is treasure house.
  • Note Jupiter is ruled by number 3, the number for prosperity.
  • duration of month is for Jupiter, just like for muhurtha we look at moon position.
  • The taste of Jupiter is sweet, a weak Jupiter we know causes diabetes- that is problems with sweetness.
  • Jupiter is a planet of east so is strong in east.
  • People with strong Jupiter generally are born or get attracted to eastern cultures.
  • Trees ruled by Jupiter are with fruits.
  • Saffron colored robes are ruled by Jupiter.
  • That is of a monk.
  • During the dark half malefic are strong(that is sani/Saturn, rahu/ketu).
  • Benefics acquire strength in the bright half of the month.
  • Hemant ritu(early winter) is ruled by Jupiter.
  • Guru rules jivas.
  • Jupiter is exalted in cancer.