Indra Nooyi CEO PepsiCo ,Listed by Forbes Magazine -2016 predictions Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology


  • This article talks at length analyzes the planetary conditions in The Horoscope of celebrity Indra Nooyi on which stars or Yoga’s help her to become the CEO of PepsiCo and be world famous;).
  • The article looks at ,what role does Indra Nooyi’s Horoscope play to make a mark in the Forbes magazine and have such great Name, fame and wealth ;)? all analyzed in detail .
  • It also analyzes the causes of Indra Nooyi’s success, over and above the hard work and dedication Indra Nooyi has for her work- and also to the astrological root causes hidden in her Horoscope.
  • Like what planetary combinations and Yoga’s Made Indra Nooyi’s world image as a celebrity.
  • also which planets Indra Nooyi’s world class work, Indra Nooyi’s super success .
  • How the celebrity Indra Nooyi balances her family life .
  • What planetary combinations in Indra Nooyi gave her significant money and wealth situation.
  • What energies in the Horoscope or Kundli of Celebrity Indra Nooyi’s gave her name and fame 🙂 etc.
  • All based on her horoscope or Kundli.; ).
  • so be ready for a very interesting and exciting article about one of India’s greatest business woman Indra Nooyi :0)
  • indra nooyi horoscope kundli predictions
    About Celebrity Indra Nooyi Birth Details and Horoscope(Kundli) Predictions:

  • Name : Indra Nooyi
  • Date of Birth: 28th /October/ 1955
  • Place of Birth: Chennai/madras, Tamil Nadu, India
  • indra nooyi horoscope kundli predictions
    About Indra Nooyi Birth Details and Horoscope Predictions:
    Name : Indra Nooyi
    Date of Birth: 28th /October/ 1955
    Place of Birth: Chennai/madras, Tamil Nadu, India


    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Indra Nooyi :

  • luxury happy home questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    What does the Horoscope of Indra Nooyi say about her family life?

  • Based on her solar chart ,the lord of her ascendant rashi/sun sign Libra is planet Venus. The planet of beauty and comfort and home.
  • She has a happy family, all comforts of life and yes money – all majorly due to Venus that is placed in her ascendant.
  • questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli  hospitality
    What planetary Energies made Indra Nooyi Join PepsiCo Products?

  • Please note that PepsiCo products are also products for home- we could put them in hospitality industry ruled by planet Venus.
  • questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    What planets in Indra Nooyi’s Horoscope define her over all Physique?

  • The physique of this rashi is medium and it s biped sign/rashi. We know that she is of medium height .
  • So sign rules the west( so she is fine in the west= united states of America/USA), and she will do well.
  • Venus or lagna or ascendant Lord for Indra Nooyi is Venus in own sign. so strong value of planet Venus is there in her personality.
  • That gives her dignity and Opulence as well.
  • There is also influence of sun though weak, giving her dignified looks and presentable personality.
  • Also exalted Saturn makes her a hard task master 🙂 to get results done.
  • she could be very good at executing stuff.
  • This is for sure.
  • her Moon lagna is Kumbha or Aquarius so Saturn or shani dev once again.
  • so this again makes her picky about quality of delivery and good and delivering with processes as well.
  • This enhances Indra Nooyi’s tough personality to be a good executive who delivers results.
  • Saturn again is in the Libra sign or Venus, so clearly products like PepsiCo products is a good fit for Her.:)
  • As Saturn or shani dev is the karma karaka as well, which connects to Venus the planet of luxury for Indra Nooyi.
  • horoscope kundli indra Nooyi astrology
    What is Indra Nooyi’s inner personality?

  • As the lord of lagan sits on itself (the 1st house) , it gives the person physical strength and happiness.
  • It gives person a bit restless disposition and good intelligence.
  • Jupiter or Guru in Leo(simha rashi) gives her a personality of a leader a lion. also a person who loves green technologies.
  • Jungles and is blessed and forgiving as well.
    she has been donating books(scholastic) at the tune of 187000 books.
  • It also makes her highly dignified in her approach to do things .
  • A debilitated rahu(dragon’s head) in Scorpio also impact her so at times tempers could go High for 🙂 Indra Nooyi.
  • Moon or Chandra in Kumbha or Aquarius makes her very picky and choosy in her behavior.:)
  • she will not compromise with standards and always get new ways of doing things.
  • which her subordinates may not initially understand.
  • action management questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    What makes Indra Nooyi an Action Guru?

  • The rajasik guna are predominant. Now west/USA is action oriented country and this guna is strong in any case.
  • Mars and mercury are next to her jeeva karaka Jupiter or guru and gives her very quick and great intelligence.
  • It gives her high connection to family due to Virgo sign or Kanya rashi next.
  • Plus quick ability to take managerial decisions.
  • mercury also gives her good ability to deal with finances as well.
  • mars in Virgo sign gives her great ability to manage commerce or money and manage her decisions and make quick decisions for best results.
  • horoscope kundli indra Nooyi astrology administrative abilities
    From where does Indra Nooyi Get her sharp administrative abilities?

  • She could be a sharp administrator and ability to handle people due to her strong Venus.
  • clearly Indra Nooyi has strong influence of sun in the lagna and also Saturn. Saturn is called the school teacher or manager of Managers.
  • so this gives indra Nooyi a very good administrative and management ability.
  • mars or Mangal next to jeeva karaka and also Virgo or kanya rashi with mercury there gives strong administrative ability to manage matters.
  • indra nooyi awards PepsiCo top position
    What are the planetary combinations made Indra Nooyi such a top position in PepsiCo company?

    money wealth questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    What gives Indra Nooyi Luxary, comforts and all good Things in Life? 🙂

  • For Indra Nooyi the Lord of the lagna(ascendant) is Libra(Tula rashi) and Venus occupies her Lagna itself.
  • which very clearly indicates great opulence, luxury, money and dignity for her.
  • Venus or shukra has to do with luxury and comfort(family). now PepsiCo is a drink and it is for luxury items or people food items .
  • Venus or shukra the planet of comfort or relaxation and luxury has exalted Saturn in it.
  • so karma or Job could create Opulence for Indra Nooyi for sure.
  • Also Venus is strong enough in own sign of Libra or Tula rashi, along with Kingly sun there. so Great opulence luxury and comfort would be there for Indra Nooyi for sure.
  • she will amass a lot of wealth for self. 🙂
  • Venus has debilitated rahu, next so she may donate things to old people or people who are not well accepted in the society.
  • she may also at times spend in haste.,
  • awards distinction honors questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    What makes indra Nooyi a Leader? ; )

  • As Venus rules the family and food items and sun(surya) the Lord of 11th house of gains for Indra Nooyi is sitting in the lagna .
  • This gives Indra Nooyi definite distinction in her career and leadership qualities.
  • we also note that she is born on 28 2 + 8 = 10 = to 1 + 0 is = 1 = number of Sun.
  • so she is born to lead she is lot of initiative and original qualities to do things or get things done/deliveries.
  • legend questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    What planetary energies in Horoscope of Indra Nooyi make her a legend and give her name and fame? 🙂

  • we also note that Saturn or Shani Dev which is Lord of public image the fourth house for Indra Nooyi and lord of her thinking her 5th house which is Aquarius(kumbha rashi) is sitting on the lagna or ascendant.
  • so this gives Indra Nooyi a very original approach to solve day-to-day business management problems .
  • From where does the inspiration Of doing things New way Indra Nooyi come in? 🙂

  • AS Aquarius in the 5th house of deep thinking gives her a very unique way of looking at things and being inspired and a leader basically much ahead of others .
  • The 4th house Lord the Capricorn(Makar Rashi) sitting in the lagna suggest she would have a great public image and connection of Saturn with sun gives very good public image.
  • Also Moon is in Aquarius or Kumbha sign or rashi, so gives her idealistic and different inclination to Indra Nooyi.
  • she may get rigid at times due to this, but over all a great lady. she can start new schemes and think differently.:)
  • Moon or Chandra here makes her a bit picky as well
  • future challenges horoscope kundli indra Nooyi astrology
    now what are special Gifts 🙂 and challenges in future predictions for Indra Nooyi?

  • How would coming year turn up for Indra Nooyi By November 2019 Jupiter(guru) would come into a 3rd house of Indra Nooyi .
  • so she may start expanding her operations and also connecting to better guys in her company or colleagues .
  • The people she connects to would be more ethical and kind minded to help her in her endeavors.
  • What specific steps could Indra Nooyi take in 2020 and in future?

  • sure Jupiter would also make her do new initiatives and expand the business and the overall dignity of the business of PepsiCo .
  • Saturn or shani transit in Capricorn by January 2020 in Indra Nooyi’s 4th house suggest that she take care of her mother or mother figures. Also her public image would grow for sure.
  • yes blood pressure is to be taken care of .
  • awards questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    Could Indra Nooyi gets an award in 2020?

  • As Saturn or shani connects with sun of Indra Nooyi in her Lagan or ascendant. So that means by hard work and discipline she will do really well in 2020.
  • Indra Nooyi might get some very different or distinct award as well in 2020 .
  • health questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli
    Does she have to be careful of her health in 2020?

  • yes because Venus is connecting to the Saturn and sun in lagna and also aspecting the 7th house.
  • Indra Nooyi needs to be bit careful whenever Saturn(shani)is retrograde in 2020 as that could cause serious problems health issues for her/family members.
  • Also her heart has to be kept healthy .
  • Indra Nooyi should be doing regular exercises & Yoga in 2020 to keep fit :). it would be great time and she would grow and scale a lot as well. 🙂
  • We wish Indra Nooyi all the best in life!!! 🙂
  • horoscope kundli indra Nooyi astrology

    horoscope predictions for Indra Nooyi

    • This transit of Jupiter in her 10th house could give her exceptional gains and recognition in career.
    • It is good for Indra Nooyi the kids as Jupiter aspect (drishti) (drishti)the 5th house of kids and fun.
    • The transit of Jupiter is also beneficial for job and marital relationships due to aspect (drishti) (drishti) (drishti) of Jupiter to the 7th Suggests good relationships with her hubby.
    • Rahu transit impact on 11th house so could slightly reduce the impact of Jupiter transit.
    • She needs to follow conventions of society and not to try something out of the blue- that is some very new experiment or initiative is not suggested now.
    • Kids need to be taken care of due to rahu after July 2016. Due to aspect (drishti) to 5th house of rahu in transit.
    • indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO

    • we know Indra Nooyi the current CEO of PepsiCo, Listed in Forbes List of One of the Most Powerful woman, with 17 million dollar salary !!!
    • questions indra nooyi predictions horoscope PepsiCo CEO kundli

    • How she could manage such a senior position? what the stars say about her.
    • why she is like that and what awaits her in the coming years? Know all this by science Vedic astrology

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