Indra Nooyi CEO PepsiCo ,Listed by Forbes Magazine -2016 predictions Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology

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Indra Nooyi  the current CEO of PepsiCo, Listed in Forbes List of One of the Most Powerful woman, with 17 million dollar salary – why is she like that and what awaits her in the year 2016? Know all this by science Vedic astrology

Name : Indra Nooyi

Date of Birth: 28th /October/ 1955

Birth Time: Not Known

Place of Birth: Chennai/madras, Tamil Nadu, India

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Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Indra Nooyi :

  • Based on her solar chart ,the lord of her ascendant rashi/sun sign Libra is planet Venus. The planet of beauty and comfort and home. She has a happy family, all comforts of life and yes money – all majorly due to Venus that is placed in her ascendant.
  • Please note that PepsiCo products are also products for home- we could put them in hospitality industry ruled by planet Venus.
  • The physique of this rashi is medium and it s biped sign/rashi. We know that she is of medium height  . So sign rules the west( so she is fine in the west= united states of America/USA), and she will do well.
  • As the lord of lagan sits on itself (the 1st house) , it gives the person physical strength and happiness. It gives person a bit restless disposition and good intelligence.
  • The rajasik guna are predominant. Now west/USA is action oriented country and this guna is strong in any case.
  • She could be a sharp administrator and ability to handle people due to her strong Venus.

2016 horoscope predictions for Indra Nooyi

  • This transit of Jupiter in her  10th house could give her exceptional gains and recognition in career.. It is good for Indra Nooyi the kids as Jupiter aspect (drishti) (drishti)the 5th house of kids and fun.
  • The transit of Jupiter is also beneficial for job and marital relationships due to aspect (drishti) (drishti) (drishti) of Jupiter to the 7th Suggests good relationships with her hubby.
  • Rahu transit impact on 11th house so could slightly reduce the impact of Jupiter transit. She needs to follow conventions of society and not to try something out of the blue- that is some very new experiment or initiative is not suggested now. Kids need to be taken care of due to rahu after July 2016. Due to aspect (drishti) to 5th house of rahu in transit.


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