Horoscope Strength Of Planets Fourth House Example Kundli Predictions

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what is this article about

  • Horoscope is a complex Thing to interpret- but knowing the strength of planet & also avasthas or states of planets that helps us to fathom the secretes hidden in the same about any aspect of Life .:)
  • This article discusses strength of planets in detail( what does it mean?) .
  • It also discusses as a PRACTICAL example impact of strength of Planets to the 4th house or bhava of the Horoscope.
  • additional it tells you how to measure the strength of planets .
  • and also a PRACTICAL application to interpret the Kundli or Horoscope of INDIA 4th house is used to explain.?
  • Next is that the 4th house or bhava of any Horoscope is also touched in regard to conveyances or car or the auto.
  • and also Housing and land industry of India and overall world image due to 4th house.
  • So as said above a PRACTICAL example in the article it uses the same principles of strength of planets and 4th house to any Individual chart.
  • that is analysing the various aspects to education, property, or land in India other things to India as a country.
  • So in this regards overall the strength or the power of the 4th house is to be studied well .
  • and the lord of 4th bhava has also has to be studied and occupants well.
  • Then only one can take a complete & accurate judgment on the 4th house.
  • so is the property or land of India, the education policy and family management in India.
  • Also the impact on strength of the 4th house lord and also its interpretation is considered and discussed at length for every Horoscope at the end of this article.
  • planet strength horoscope kundli calculation
    How is the strength of planets decided or measured?

  • Various planets in the solar system are moving around in various rashi.
  • Some are friendly, and some are not so strength gets increased or reduced due this fact.
  • Like mercury is not comfortable in moon sign cancer so placement of mercury int he cancer sign naturally makes budha or mercury weak in the horoscope or kundli.
  • the same applies placement of planets in god houses like Kendra bhavas or 1 , 4th,7th, and 10th and also trikona bhavas like 1, 5th and 9th bhava.
  • the strength is high so placement of any planet in the any of the above trikona or Kendra bhavas in the kundli or Horoscope suggest gains in the strength of planets.
  • The Vedic rishis s established the shadabala or 6 kinds of strength system to measure the strength of any planet in the Horoscope is given below.
  • shadabala six strength planet strength horoscope kundli
    what is shadabala
    The strength of planet is divided into 6 parts
    (1) positional strength of planet in the kundli or horoscope is Sthana bala.
    (2) Directional strength of planet in the kundli or horoscope is Diga bala.
    (3) temporal strength of planet in the kundli or horoscope is kala bala.
    (4) Motional strength of planet in the kundli or horoscope is Cheshtha bala.
    (5) Natural strength of planet in the kundli or horoscope is Naisargik bala.
    (6) aspectual strength of planet in the kundli or horoscope is Drika bala.
    shadabala planet strength horoscope kundli
    why do we need Shadabala for planets in any Kundli Or Horoscope?

  • This is a very detailed and precise method to know the strength and weaknesses of any planet in kundli or horoscope.
  • so 6 various kinds of strength as given above.
  • They give a very good idea of how the planet would function in any kundli or horoscope.
  • It defines what a planet can do for any one in any horoscope.
    so is the good and bad result defined by the shadabala of the planet.
  • gymnasium shadabala planet strength horoscope kundli

    what is kaal bala or Temporal bala ?

  • Now based on time of birth in terms of hour, or pakhsa the 15 days cycle or 6-month cycle of Ayana various strengths are given to any planet. they are categorized as .
  • (1)Nataunnata Bala
    (2)Paksha Bala
    (3)Tribhaga Bala
    (4)Varsh-maas-din-hora bala
    (5)Aayan Bala
    (6)Yudha Bala
    (7)Cheshta Bala or Motional strength
  • naisargik bala shadabala planet strength horoscope kundli
    what is Naisargik Bala or Natural strength for any planet ?

  • Now every planet gets some strength or shastiamsha based on the luminosity of the planet.
  • so sun the centre of solar system gets maximum points here and Saturn is considered to be darker planet or less luminosity gets lesser.
  • aspect drik bala shadabala planet strength horoscope kundli
    what is Drik Bala or Aspectual strength?

  • Drik Bala here means the benefic or malefic aspect so planets on the specific planet .
  • so over all positive and negative energy is summarized for the planet. so depending on the degree of the planet the aspect is full, partial, or null aspect.
  • Pinda
    what is Shadabala Pinda ?

  • The shadabala is the combined strength of planets. this is attained by addition of all 6 balas or strengths.
  • Like one can add the Sthana Bala, Dig Bala, Kaala Bala, Cheshta Bala, Naisargik Bala and Drik Bala to get the full shadabala.so this is the final strength of nay planet .
  • vimshopak shadabala planet strength horoscope kundli
    what is Vimshopaka Bala ?

  • This strength is ascertained based on placement of planet in various varga or divisional charts.
  • so one looks at shad varga, the spata varga and dasha varga and also the sodas varga charts.
  • The total set of core Parashar divisional charts are 16 in number. The overall auspiciousness or being in auspicious is measured based on these 16 charts a well.
  • rahu calculations planet strength kundli horoscope ketu calculations planet strength kundli horoscope

  • Now the 6 ways of measuring or shadabala also applies to the shadow planets like rahu and ketu or dragon’s head and dragon’s tail.
  • But to calculate the strength of the same separate methods are used.
  • rahu or dragon’s head is number 4 and close to Saturn number 8 so its strength is taken as of Saturn.
  • Ketu or dragon’s tail is number 7 and similar to mars or mangal in suddenness and aggression so is taken to be equal to strength a mars or mangal.
  • strength planet strength kundli horoscope

  • The overall strength of planets is also divided in terms of i) degrees and ii) avasthas.
  • In fact the Jaimini system of Vedic astrology deals more with degrees for planets.
    The highest degree planet is taken to be as atma karaka planet or that is the soul of the horoscope and has higher influence on the individual.
  • so and so forth there are planets for wife or karaka the 3rd highest degree planet for wife and amatya karaka for the 2nd highest or the intelligence. this way degrees play a role in defining the significance and strength of planets.
  • So is avastha or state of the planet. It depends on zodiac sign it occupies and also degrees.
  • The avasthas are divided into 5 parts and there is a formula for it decide the avastha of the planet depending on the degrees the planet has form 0 to 30 degrees.
  • avastha planet strength kundli horoscope

  • The degrees in planet are like the Baladi Avasthas. so like planet is a child or in balyavastha is from 0 to 5 degrees it has in any sign.
  • strength of planets
    Isht and Kasht Balas

  • What is the impact of Planets in Dasha’s? The benefic and malefic inclinations of the planets or Grahas in the kundli or horoscope are taken, considering which the Dasha impacts can be chosen.
  • calculations planet strength horoscope kundli
    How do you decide that the planet has bright rays 🙂 for you? Benefic In the horoscope or kundli under consideration Deduct the planets or grahas debility point from its real position.
  • On the off chance that the entirety surpasses 6 rashis or sun signs, deduct from 12 rashis.
  • The said entirety ought to then be expanded by 1 rashi. The degrees and so on be increased by 2, which, when considered alongside rashis , will demonstrate the Uchch Rasmi(benefic rays) of the planet or Grah.
  • sun Rashmi rays planet strength horoscope kundli
    How to calculate the chestha Rashmi’s is given below Chesht Rasmi.
    IN the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart)Chesht Rasmi’s are to be figured from Chesht Kendra like Uchch Rasmi calculations.
  • The Chesht Kendra’s of Grahas from Mars(Mangal) to Saturn(Shani) have as of now been clarified.
  • calculations cheshtha rashmi planet strength horoscope kundli
    Calculations for Chestha Rashmi

  • Add 3 rashis or sun signs to Sayan sun or surya (i.e. with ayanamsa), which will be the Chesht Kendra for sun or surya.
  • The sidereal longitude of sun(surya) ought to be deducted from Chandra or moon to get Chandra’s Chesht Kendra.
  • In the event that the Chesht Kendra (for any Graha) is in overabundance of 6 rashis, deduct it from 12 rashis.
  • Include 1 rashi and duplicate the degrees and so forth by 2, which will demonstrate the Chesht Rasmi of the Graha(planets) in any horoscope or kundli.
  • benefic rays planet strength horoscope kundli
    How to calculate the Benefic and Malefic Rays?.
    In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth chart)Include the Uchch Rasmis(benefic rays) and Chesht Rasmis together and separate by two.
  • The outcome will be promising beams or (Subh Rasmis). Deduct from 8 the Subh Rasmis to acquire foreboding beams (Ashubh Rasmis or malefic rays).
  • isht kasht planet strength horoscope kundli
    What are Isht and Kasht Tendencies in any Horoscope?. In the horoscope or Kundli Diminish 1 from each of Chesht Rasmi and Uchch Rasmi. At that point increase the items by 10 and include.
  • Half of the aggregate will speak to the Isht Phala (benefic propensity) of the planet or Grah. Decrease Isht Phala from 60 to get the Grah’s Kasht Phala (malefic propensity).
  • What is the Isht and Kasht and Sapt Varg Phal in any horoscope?.
    As per Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart) 60, 45, 30, 22, 15, 8, 4, 2 and 0 are the Subhankas (Subha Griha Pankthis, benefic focuses).
  • depending on the planet Grah’s situation in any Kundli or horoscope, separately, in commendation, Mooltrikona rashi or sign, possess, incredible friend’s, friend’s, nonpartisan, enemy’s, extraordinary adversary’s and incapacitate rashi.
  • On the off chance that Subhanka is deducted from 60, Asubhanka (Asubh Pankthi, unpropitious focuses) will develop. in different Vargas or divisional charts these are split.
  • A planet or Graha in Horoscope or Kundli is viewed as promising in the initial five of the said places.
  • In the 6th place it is unbiased, i.e. neither great nor awful. Furthermore, in the other three spots it is ominous.
  • diga bala planet strength horoscope kundli
    What is the Nature of Effects, because of Dig Bal and so forth?.
    In the horoscope or Kundli(Birth Chart) The directional quality of a planet or Graha is itself illustrative of the impacts, because of the course; and Kaal Bal itself is characteristic of impacts, because of the day.
  • Whatever quantum of Dig Bal and so on are gotten by a planet or Grah, will be the degree of propitious impacts, acquirable by virtue of that quality.
  • Deducting those figures from 60, the degree of foreboding is known. In the event that promise is more on account of a planets or Grah’s quality, the Dasha(directions) and Bhavas(Houses).
  • It is identified with that Grah will be favourable. These are banter if foreboding is overwhelming.
  • IndiasNationalHoroscope02_29112008 India fourth house or bhava  kundli horoscope birth chart  fourth house agriculture land property car vehicles construction business 2016 2017
    planets shadabala planet strength horoscope kundli
    what is The Value of Avasthas or state of planets in Vedic Astrology?

  • we know that when one is adolescent or in youthful state he or she is strongest. the same applies to planets.
  • so bala vastha and Kumara avastha is the strongest state.
  • The vridhavastha and mritavastha gets the weakest state and the energy of the planet is the least.
  • so planet in maturity or youthful ness and slightly in middle age or before being too old it is strongest.;)so in this state the maximum energy gets delivered to the horoscope or Kundli
  • rashi shadabala planet strength horoscope kundli
    The various states or avasthas of the planets for odd signs are given below.

  • Bal Avastha or this is the child or Infant State at 0 to 6 degrees
  • next comes the age of adolescence of Kumara Avastha or Youthful State at 6 to 12 degrees
  • Then next in the cycle is Youth or Yuva Avastha or Adolescent State at 12 to 18 degrees
  • then comes the middle age and old age – Vriddha Avastha or Mature State at 18 to 24 degrees
  • Then comes the super old age and end , that is Mrit Avastha or Old/Dead State at 24 to 30 degrees
  • The order or the sequence of the Avasthas or state of planets is reversed in case of even signs like Taurus, cancer, Virgo etc.
  • Strength Of Houses -India fourth House rain, agriculture car, vehicle, industry & Housing Industry

  • The lord of the fourth house is sun and is old at 27 degrees in cancer. This indicated delays in matters.
  • We know India many times faces delays in monsoons and vehicle Industry is also solved to pick up and so is the housing.
  • Housing is ruled by planet Saturn or Shani, so it may gain strength when Saturn is strong.
  • These Industries get energy form house of career and fortune; we know India has been an agricultural products dominated country. The bhava Drishti bala is 45.57, which is average.
  • The fourth house or bhava shares the energy of the house of accumulation of wealth the second house mercury or budha and the Saturn or Shani lord of house of career(job).
  • and luck/fortune( the ninth House) and also Venus or shukra the house of debts and losses and also self-esteem. India connects its self-esteem with agriculture and yes housing as well.
  • The planet sun on surya shares a close energy with planet Saturn or Shani.
  • So that means India could be a world leader in agricultural products, Care industry and luxury industry someday.
  • It also indicates that as Saturn is close to fourth house- whenever Saturn is weak- it could adversely affect the overall revenues of India.
  • and also affect the property dealing or construction Industry severely. As Home Industry would depend on Venus as well.
  • We know as Saturn or Shani was weak in Scorpio sign or Vrishchika rashi with mars in 2016 , the property and land market hit a record low, it is bound to grow in 2017.
  • property 4th house horoscopefamily 4th house
    what does the 4th house represent for you?

  • The 4th house represents your family, it is also your mind and your mother.
  • It represents your education and vehicles/car and overall general happiness . Yes it is also your property as well how study to understand .
  • what is the impact on your destiny based on 4th house lord placement?

  • Now we will talk about the placement of Lord House of the 4th power in various houses in the horoscope or kundli. If 4th house Lord is placed in:
  • 4th house kundli horoscope
    What is the role of 4th house in any horoscope or kundli?

  • The 4th house in astrology suggests and points to your roots and family. that is your home or the mother or self-image etc.
  • as cancer sign or karkat rashi is the 4th sign so 4th bhava connects closely to the cancer sign.
  • also Moon or Chandra dev is the significator or karaka for the 4th house.
  • so, as mars is weak in cancer and so is Saturn or Shani dev weak here, so placement of mars or Saturn creates weakness if placed in this bhava.
  • kundli horoscope 4th house home family
    what are the areas of life that are controlled by the 4th house bhava of the Kundli or Horoscope?

  • The 4th house is for mother, lands and also your cattle or animals. this house or bhava also connects well to the real estate and connects to your basics or roots.
  • Mother & father again are roots of the person
    This bhava also connects to place you are born and your homeland. this bhava is also evaluated to check if vehicles or cars would give you proper satisfaction.
  • also, happiness in life is judged based on this.
    so is the body parts of lungs and heart connected to the 4th house of the kundli or horoscope.
  • as 4 is an earth number , anything below the ground like crude oil or petrol is also in its preview so is mining as mining is done below the earth.
  • so is land deals and constructing as construction means creating family and home connected to this bhava.
  • family 4th house kundli horoscope

  • the 4th bhava of house is primarily to do with home and family. as conveyances and family image closely connect to the same it deals with the same as well.
  • family society 4th house kundli horoscope

  • now 4th house connects to cancer sign or moon or the mind. so anything to do with public or society have to do with this.
  • money and lands and abundance is also represented by this.
  • It connects the energy to family its lineage and cultures and traditions.
  • travel foreign 4th house kundli horoscope
    The 4th house planets or planet sitting in 4th bhava would suggest what kind of mindset .
  • also it could tell us if the person would stay close to home or go away from home.
  • 4th bhava also suggest the place you are born or your home, so the 4th bhava gives gist of life.
  • horoscope house strength avasthas kundli 4th bhava
    How the placement of 4th house lord in various Houses of the Horoscope or Kundli Impact strength and yes interpretations for the same?
    4th house lord placed in 1st House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • The lagna(ascendant) or ascendant means the person would be important as self-image connects to self the 1st bhava.
  • He or she would very learn but may have some confidence issues in public speaking.
  • As public image is 4th bhava and 1st bhava is 10th from the same so some confidence issues may come in.
  • and also depending on if lagna(ascendant) is strong /medium strength or if it is weak- one would be born in a very rich family or moderate family or a poor family .
  • so basically there will be gradation based on strength of 4th house Lord .
  • 4th house lord placed in 2nd House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • if your 2nd house in horoscope or kundli has the 4th house lord in it. so as the second house very fortunate because second bhava or house deals with wealth and status.
  • so would give good wealth and status top the person.
    The person may also have good courage because the second house is the 11th house 4th house.
  • 4th house lord placed in 3rd House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • he or she may have a very curious or critical nature and yes the property inheritance in AS 4th house is for property, so the 4th house lord is in the third house is 12th from the 4th house it creates sickness in the person no because 4th house deals with heart and third house with action the heart.
  • This connection makes the person generous in nature.
  • He or she will make his family/home house or wealth by self-effort as 3rd bhava deal with initiative of the person . yes as 3rd bhava is 12th bhava from the 4th bhava so he or she may suffer from step Brothers and also mother in some cases.
  • 4th house lord placed in 4th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • If the 4th house lord is in 4th house so self-respect of the person is good as 4th house is for public image and strength of this lord means good self-image and public image.
  • he or she may have respect for the family traditions & may be inclining towards Dharma religion .
  • he would be there respected and happy and yes emotional connection would be high.
  • 4th house lord placed in 5th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • Now 5th house is 2nd bhava from the 4th house and 5 houses is for long-term thinking so person would get good respect from others and dignity .
  • the person may have dignity as well be devoted to Lord Krishna. by self-effort there could be gain in wealth or the status .
  • Good for vehicles and good for mother.
  • 4th house lord placed in 6 House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • Now if 4th house lord is in the 6 bhava or house , 6 house is of illness symptoms . also 6th is 3rd form the 4th house.
  • so good thoughts have to be created as the mind or the 4th bhava gets impacted.
  • One may also be moving away from home in this combination as 3rd bhava is malefic and so is 6th and if 4th bhava lord in 6th one may stay away from home.
  • 4th house lord placed in 7th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • If your 4th house Lord is in the 7th house means that means 4th bhava from 4th house.
  • so gives a positive mind. so he or she would be happy and will have a livelihood well.
  • as 4th and 7th both are Kendra’s. the person may deal with foreign lands also could stay near the birth place but depending on if whatever the sign of the seventh bhava is.
  • 4th house lord placed in 8th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • Now if your 4th house lord is in the 8th house. The 8th bhava is 5th house form the 4th house.
  • also note 4th house = mind and so is 5th house. so mid could be affected. sex thoughts may be on a higher side.
  • landed property could be lost and issues in property related matters.
  • 4th house lord placed in 9th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • now if the 4th house Lord in the 9th house that is the sixth house from itself(4th bhava).
  • As 9th house is a good house so the 4the bhava of family house gets good luck energy, good property energy and gets gains from father.
  • But in some cases to some problems and conflicts could also be there .
  • 4th house lord placed in 10th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • If the 4th House lord is in the 10th House that is the 7th house from the 4th house and 10th house is of career.
  • so person may get good success in the political and other matters. he may get good enough position.
  • will grow naturally because 10th is 7 from 4 that’s also Kendra both of them.
  • also as 4th bhava is of public image and public image in career bhava means great public image in career for the person.
  • 4th house lord placed in 11th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • Now looking at the 11th house is house of gains.
  • so the person could be self-made and generous because 11th house is of giving to other people or gains from others.
  • the person will be fortunate and has a chance of having stepmother because of being the 8th house from 4th bhava and 4th bhava means mother.
  • One may get success in selling lands.
  • 4th house lord placed in 12th House or lagna(ascendant) results?

  • If the 4th house Lord is in the 12th house .This house 12th bhava is the 9th from 4th house .
  • Now as the twelfth house is malefic one may have issues in mind and family.
  • yes finances and family may get impacted.
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