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About this article ?

  • This article interestingly suggest the what is Nishek Lagna or ascendant in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • PLus based on it how the person’s state in womb is judged OR Nishek lagna is used to predict the Longevity of Mother and Father.
  • The article also gives method to calculate the Nishek Lagna in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • As a PRACTICAL example Nishek Lagna for sri Narendra modi ji is calculated and longevity for his respected Mother Hiraba is Predicted .
  • To show the basic principles associated with Nishek Lagna.
  • interpretation predictions nishek lagna ascendant Horoscope Kundli Vedic astrology

    Interpretations based on Nishek Lagna or ascendant in any Horoscope or Kundli

  • Based on Nishek lagna/ascendant- the good and bad experiences by the person in the womb can be found out based on Vedic astrology principles.
  • That includes longevity of parents etc.
  • Like benefics in or aspecting 9th house of father and 4th house of mother or karakas of father and mother respectively( sun and moon) could mean longevity and good health to parents and in case of malefic it could be otherwise.
  • The mental state on the womb could be judged based on lord of 4th and 5th house respectively.
  • calculations nishek lagna ascendant Horoscope Kundli Vedic astrology
    How to calculate Nishek Lagna or ascendant in any Horoscope or Kundli?
    Nishek lagna calculations:

  • Vedic astrology is astrology of par excellence, it provides means of judging the experiences of the soul in the mother’s womb itself.
  • It is calculated based on angular distance in degrees, minutes and seconds between planet Saturn/shani and Gulik.
  • plus the bhava Madhya( middle of house or cusp of lagna) and the 9th house(bhava) mid .
  • Then convert the above number in to signs or rashis( 12 x 30 degrees = 360 degrees).
  • If the above sum is in the invisible visible half of the horoscope( 7 to 12th house), add the degree of moon( Chandra) within a sign /rashi to the above product, else not.
  • This would give you the longitude of nishek lagna.
  • nishek lagna narendra modi

  • nishek lagna narendra modi
    Now Locate the Nishek lagna or ascendant for sri narendra Modi ji

    What is the Nishek lagna of sri narendra modi ji ?
    Let us Locate the Gulik

  • Sun or surya in Virgo or kanya rashi 0.35 = 150 + 0.35 = 150 degrees and 35 minutes
    add to this 133 deg 20 minutes for Gulik makes it 133+150 + ( 35+20) minutes = 283 deg 55 minutes = 30×9 + 13 deg and 55 minutes = Capricorn sign (maker rashi) with 13 degrees and 55 minutes.
  • Also adding 1 degree 9 minutes simple add it to 14 degrees 55 minutes maker Rashi
    9th bhava Madhya is cancer around 1 degree 9 minutes.
  • That’s around 90 degrees + 1 degree 9 minutes.
  • = 91 degrees 9 minutes
    = 30×3 degrees + 9 minutes.
  • So Total = (9+3)x 30 + 13 degrees + 55 minutes + 9 minutes + 1 degrees + 9 minutes.
  • So total = 12x 30 + 14 degrees + 68 minutes = 12×30+ 15 degrees + 8 minutes = Aries sign or mesha rashi with 15 degrees and 8 minutes.

  • Now subtract longitude of Saturn or shani from the Gulik’s longitude(149 degrees 39 minutes= is in Leo 29 deg 39 minutes

  • 1 sign 15 deg 8 ‘ – 5 sign – 29 degree -39 minutes.
  • = -4 sign -14 deg -31 minutes.
  • = -120 degree – 14 degrees -31 minutes = -134 degrees – 31 minutes- is around 15 degrees Scorpio = Nishek lagan of sri narendra modi ji.
  • so Scorpio or Vrishchika rashi or Leo sign is the lord of sri Narendra modi ji’s nishek lagna or ascendant. It is the same as the current ascendant
  • narendra modi longevity nishek lagna ascendant Horoscope Kundli Vedic astrology
    How does the Nishek Lagna or ascendant in the Horoscope or Kundli suggest the Longevity of sri Narendra Modi ji’s respects Mother Hiraba?

  • the 4th lord from Scorpio or Vrishchika Lagna is ayushkaraka Saturn in the Horoscope .
  • or Shani and is placed in the Kendra bhava of 7th.
  • It is atamakarka, So mother becomes the guide and atmakaraka for Sri Narendra Modi ji.
  • As Saturn is also ayushkaraka so overall gives great longevity to the mother.
  • Yes, placement in 7th bhava may give some health issues.
  • The longevity lord of mother hiraba is the 11th bhava from Nishek Lagna or ascendant Scorpio or Vrishchika rashi rules by mars.
    That is mercury planet(Budha) or Virgo sign(Kanya Rashi) ruling the 11th house.
  • That is sitting in the own sign Virgo or Kanya Rashi along with Ketu.
  • so significantly enhances the longevity of his respected mother hiraba.
  • Sun or surya dev in the Horoscope or Kundli the lord of Leo sits close the mercury. so that longevity gets transmitted to the Nishek Lagna of Sri Narendra Modi Ji easily. the sun represents the self.
  • we know that respected hiraba’s age is around 100 years and we wish her 120 years of life.