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About this Article ?

  • This article at depth covers the child Horoscope to see or check under what conditions a child may be born with say umbilical chord wrapped on the legs?
  • Or what
    combinations in the Horoscope cause a twin birth? or what is a condition of one having several mothers take care of the child?
  • Also a live example of twin celebrity Horoscope is given to show the efficacy of Vedic astrology as a PRACTICAL EXAMPLE.
  • The conditions and environment of birth of the celebrity have been pin pointed as well 😊
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    Birth of a Child New Born- How would be the Health & Environment of the Child:

  • The birth of a new born is always a source of happiness and some anxiety.
  • on hoping the child is not born with any birth defects and also impact of the child on mother’s and father’s health.
  • As a child is born in a family with his or her karma in alignment with the family members.
  • It was a practice in ancient India to get the horoscope of the child evaluated for this purpose.
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    How Would the Child Be born? Conditions or environment at Birth of the Child.
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    what planetary conditions in the child Horoscope or Kundli suggest coiled around the limbs?

  • The classics say if the ascendant or lagna is Aries(mesha), Taurus(vrishabha) or Leo(simha).
  • and contains planets like Saturn(Shani) or Mars(mangal) at birth in lagna.
  • The child is with a coil around the limb.
  • The corresponding limb is based on sign(rashi) or navamsha(D9 ) that is rising.
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    what planetary conditions in the child Horoscope or Kundli suggest Birth of twins?

  • There could be birth of twins when the person’s sun is in a sign that is quadruped sign or rashi and is strong enough.
  • then he or she could be born as a twin.
  • As sun represents the life force and sun in a quadruped sign means division of the life force.
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    what planetary conditions in the child Horoscope or Kundli suggest being taken care of by several mothers?

  • A person could be taken care of by several mothers if sun(the life force) and moon(representing mother) joining each other in one house or bhava and also in one Namvamsha(D9 chart).
  • For the first 3 months 3 mothers or caretakers would be there and then there would be nurturing by father and other relatives.
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    Twin child Horoscope or Kundli of a celebrity

  • now the lagna is Kumbha or Aquarius and has ketu or dragon’s tail.
  • but you please note the condition for twins that is Sun or Surya dev is in Aries or Ram a quadruped sign in 3rd bhava.
  • also additionally a planet for multiplicity that is mercury is also there.
  • There is a 9th aspect of rahu or dragon’s head as well here.
  • Mercury or budha also suggests a twin sister as mercury is a neuter planet.
  • so yes this person has a twin sister as well.
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) effect on sun makes them work on cinema or movies and films.
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    what are the birth conditions suggested based on the above Horoscope or Kundli

  • Now as the lagna or ascendant is Kumbha or pitcher and also Saturn lordship is there. So it could be an airy place.so the area would eb windy and dry in nature.
  • Saturn is in 12th bhava of Meena or spices.
  • Also Aquarius is 11th sign = 1+1=2= moon= water and so is Pisces sign or Meena suggest water.
  • So clearly there must have been a water body or lake around the same. That is a small pond also could be there.
  • We see Saturn is close to moon, so this confirms that water is there around for sure. In fact there is a reservoir that is the largest in the country that is there.
  • Debilitated Jupiter there suggests some woods or forest like structures are there, and also some greenery was there.
  • All the above has been confirmed for this celebrity and is 100% accurate.!
  • You can yourself see the power of Vedic astrology in predictions.