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About this article?

  • This article discuss in detail Horoscope(Kundli) for Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma to look at Various Yoga’s and Planetary combinations to make her a big success in films or movies.
  • Also it looks at her horoscope to see what made Anushka Sharma get married to celebrity like Virat Kohli.
  • The article also evaluates the role of Rahu(dragon’s head), Venus( shukra), Mars or Mangal or Mercury & Jupiter(Guru) play in the Horoscope of Anushka Sharma to give her so much of beauty :0, and success, name, and fame.
  • Various Raja Yoga’s or Kingly Yogas existing in the Horoscope(Kundli) of Anushka Sharma are also evaluated in great detail.
  • birth details Anushka sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    What are the Birth details & Horoscope of Anushka Sharma?
    Actress: Anushka Sharma
    Birth Date: May 1 1988
    Birth Place: Ayodhya(U.P), India
    What were the planetary combinations in Horoscope(Kundli) of Anushka Sharma to get married to celebrity like Virat Kohli ?

  • We know that the Marriage house for anyone is a 7th house of the Horoscope or Kundli.
  • In the horoscope or Kundli of Anushka Sharma the Bollywood actress the 7th house is ruled by planet Venus or shukra, the planet of luxury and beauty :).
  • It is very strong in the second house of wealth and status for Anushka Sharma’s horoscope.
  • So this very clearly indicates that she will get married into a family of good honour .
  • or marriage of Anushka Sharma would be with someone who would be handsome Plus have a lot of wealth and status plus luxury :).
  • All this is 100% true for her spouse cricketeer Virat Kohli.
  • Pluto marriage love anushka Sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    How does Pluto and moon in the 7th house of Horoscope of Anushka Sharma suggest of her getting Married to a Celebrity?

  • We also note that planet of public image in the horoscope for Anushka Sharma is planet moon that is the lord of 4th house lord in her horoscope or Kundli.
  • Additionally for Anushka Sharma ,moon or Chandra dev is in the 7th house of hers with very powerful Pluto.
  • so Pluto along with moon the public image planet suggests someone of a kind of celebrity like Virat Kohli would marry Anushka Sharma :).
  • This Yoga or planetary combination gives exceptional image to husband or lover of Anushka Sharma ,and that is what Virat Kohli has.
  • As 4th house lord Moon(Chandra) and Pluto expands or significantly multiplies the qualities of the public image of the person Anushka Sharma gets married to.
  • so Anushka Sharma’s marrying a celebrity like Virat Kohli was written on the wall for Anushka Sharma.:)
  • Anushka Sharma Bollywood films Virat Kohli
    what special planets and Yoga’s made Anushka Sharma get into the film industry or Bollywood and also be a success :)?

  • In the 10th House Lord for Anushka Sharma there is Saturn or Shani dev .
  • We know that Saturn or Shani is a planet of public image and Saturn is retrograde and sitting the 9th bhava or house for Anushka Sharma.
  • Saturn shani karma anushka Sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    How does Saturn or Shani dev make Anushka Sharma Action or Karma oriented?

  • We note that the 10th House of the Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is ruled by Capricorn or makar rashi .
  • So this is blessed with Saturn energy and lagan(ascendant lord ) exalted Mars( or Mangal) in Capricorn in 10th house for Anushka Sharma!
  • so significantly increases the action quotient for Anushka Sharma , giving her more success in life 🙂 and as a Bollywood actress as well.
  • Having Mars or Mangal in the tenth house simply means that she will have lot of action in a career.
  • That’s for sure because mars or mangal are the lagan or ascendant lord itself for her. 🙂
  • sun Surya name fame anushka Sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    How does sun or Surya Give Great name and Fame to Anushka Sharma the actress of Bollywood?

  • so fame is there due to sun or Surya dev exalted in the Lagna or ascendant for Anushka Sharma.
  • that is mars or mangal in the 10th bhava for Anushka Sharma.
  • so this very clearly suggest Anushka Sharma would do a profession to do with public or people( film industry is one of them) and would go very high at peak .
  • jupiter guru horoscope kundli anuskha sharma Bollywood actress
    How does Jupiter suggests great initiative for success and fame in Anushka Sharma’s horoscope or Kundli?

  • also note that Jupiter or Jeeva karaka is with mercury and sun= for Anushka sharma’s Horoscope, so making her quick and smart in taking decisions. 🙂 .
  • It also is with sun or Surya, giving Anushka sharma Horoscope a great initiative.
  • we also note that she is born on 1st= sun= so this give great initiative to her based on anka as well. 🙂 that helps her to be a success and succeed well in life.
  • venus shukra horoscope kundli anuskha sharma Bollywood actress
    How does Venus suggests great i success and fame in Anushka Sharma in Bollywood based on her horoscope or Kundli?

  • Venus or shukra is close by and is strong, so clearly suggest that not only would Anushka sharma be greatly artistic and creative 🙂 .
  • That is much needed for the film industry.
  • but also would be a great success and get name and fame in Venus or shukra like ventures.
  • dragon's tail horoscope kundli anuskha sharma Bollywood actress
    Does Ketu(dragon’s tail) promise great success and fame in Anushka Sharma’s horoscope or Kundli?

  • Ketu In Leo in horoscope or Anushka Sharma gives her strength to stand on her own feet.:) .
  • also analyse her failures and tale proper steps with dignity. Not easy to control her or use her .
  • as is the case in Bollywood ( casting couch etc). so she will stand strong on the same and also get good fame.
  • ketu and Leo combination in Anushka Sharma’s Horoscope or Kundli.
  • saturn shani horoscope kundli anuskha sharma Bollywood actress
    How does Saturn suggests great success and fame of Anushka Sharma’s horoscope or Kundli due to connection with past life reincarnation or Karma ?

  • A retrograde Saturn or Shani gives a lot of past life karma for her to work to and connects her to her previous re incarnation strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is in Sagittarius sign, or dhanu rashi. so Anushka Sharma’s Horoscope suggests that she may either plan nothing or plan a lot.
  • This spontaneity helps her to be a success in life.:) also get name and fame.
  • Saturn Shani raja Yoga Anushka Sharma Bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    Does Saturn or Shani dev create a Raja Yoga for Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma ?

  • The 10th House Lord Saturn or Shani being in the 9th house suggest Raj-yoga situation for Anushka Sharma.
  • Venus shukra films movies Anushka Sharma Bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    How does planet Venus or shukra contribute to Name and fame of Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma?

  • So Anushka Sharma’s fame and stature will grow for sure and also Rahu(dragon’s head) is in the 11th house of Anushka Sharma’s Horoscope , that means great gains of money .
  • Venus that represents the Bollywood film industry and luxury is very strong for her.
  • which gives Anushka Sharma very good beauty and also smart and handsome and husband like Virat Kohli ;).
  • so success in films and marriage to Virat Kohli go hand in hand.
  • jupiter guru anushka sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    What is the role of Planet Jupiter or Guru creating a Raja Yoga for Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma?

  • There is one more Raja yoga in horoscope of Anushka Sharma.
  • That is Jupiter or Guru that is Lord of 9th house that is sitting in the lagna or ascendant.
  • which helps her to grow in name and fame .
  • so Venus being very strong is very strong reason for Anushka Sharma’s quick success in the film industry of the Bollywood.
  • Also Rahu(dragon’s head) means Bollywood as well so being in 11th means great success for her :).
  • career job anushka sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    What does Anushka Sharma’s Horoscope Say about her & her Film Career in ? :

  • Looking at her basic chart she is born on 1st, the number 1 person. The Planet sun.
  • Anushka shahrukh khan Bollywood films movies

  • Anushka Sharma got her debut in with shah rukh khan – “teri rab Ney Bana di Jodi” in year 2008, now 2008 = 2+0+0+8= 10=1+0 =1= Number 1 = planet sun.
  • Anushka Sharma also got her hit Band Baaja Baraat in 2010, now 2010 is two thousand and Ten, Ten = 10 = 1+0=1= SUN.
  • In Anushka Sharma’s Vedic Birth horoscope(solar chart), her sun is in Aries sign or Mesha rashi, in Anushka Sharma’s ascendant.
  • Which makes her leader in any areas she chooses for sure. So sun is one of the key planets for her success.
  • Sun or surya dev is the lord of 5th house, the house of creativity for Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and gets blessed by a fair enough Jupiter the lord of 9th house or the lord of blessings.
  • So Anushka Sharma’s talent gets blessings of Guru the planet Jupiter.
  • This aspects her 7th house of career relationships.
  • That gives Anushka Sharma the chance to work with senior actors like shahrukh khan at the very starting of her career.
  • Anushka Sharma’s 10th lord of Career and 11th lord of gains lord Saturn is retro gate in 9th with Uranus.
  • This gives Anushka Sharma the success in new kind of films like band baaja baraat etc. that are innovative in nature. That is new kind of concepts and ideas
  • love marriage anushka sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    Love & Romantic Life of Anushka Sharma In Years?

  • The retrogressed mars or Mangal and Saturn or Shani dev in transit sit in her 8th house .Aspect Anushka Sharma’s 10th house of career.
  • The master benefic Jupiter or Guru in transit along with rahu(dragon’s head) aspects her 9th house of fortune.
  • So overall Anushka Sharma would gain well this year 2016. Saturn’s transit into Sagittarius in 2018-19 ending might cause some issues with her relationships.
  • year 2016 would go great energy for her, but yes with some bickering and fights on the emotional or romantic front.
  • Also there is an aspect of rahu(dragon’s head) on natal sun(surya dev) and which aspects 7th house of relationship and eyes affected 5th house of romance .
  • The benefic Jupiter or Guru would stop pacifying her rahu(dragon’s head) after august 2016.
  • This could cause sudden and unexpected troubles on romance & career front both for Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma.
  • But we prayer for the all the best for her.
  • anushka sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    Some very interesting things About Bollywood Actress Anushka 🙂

  • Anushka Sharma is an Indian Bollywood actress who was into modelling earlier. Anushka Sharma is one of the most popular actresses of this time.
  • Anushka Sharma was born in U.P Ayodhya and was bright up in south India (Bangalore).
  • Anushka Sharma made her debut in Bollywood from film Teri rab ney bana di Jodi in 2008, she has received film fare award for this.
  • The next hit movie was Band Baaja Baraat in 2010
  • conclusion anushka sharma bollywood actress horoscope kundli
    What is the Overall conclusion for Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma based on her Horoscope?

  • So all these combinations of greatness, name & Fame, and success in the film industry for Anushka Sharma.
  • It clearly indicate that she will do very well in the film industry and also in life!:)
  • we wish you all the best in life :)!!!