Health Irfan Khan Actor longevity Neuro-endocrine tumor cancer predictions

440px-Irrfan_Khan health irfan khan actor kundli horoscope birth chart longevity bollywood endocrine tumours cancer 2018 predictions

health irfan khan actor kundli horoscope(birth chart) longevity bollywood –Neuro-endocrine tumour cancer predictions

What is this article about?

  • This article discusses the Health of Bollywood actor Irfan Khan and also the planetary condition that made him a success in the films.
  • It also evaluates the Longevity or Life chart of Irfan Khan based on vedic astrology principles.
  • Birth Details of Irfan Khan the Bollywood actor

    Name: Irrfan Khan

    Date of Birth: Saturday, January 07, 1967

    Time of Birth: 12:00:00

    Place of Birth: Jaipur

    Longitude: 95 E 24

    Latitude: 27 N 14

    Time Zone: 5.5

    Irrfan-KhanH-suryakundli health irfan khan actor kundli horoscope birth chart longevity bollywood endocrine tumours cancer 2018 predictions

    Longevity Indications of Irfan Khan

    • Given the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan khan, The lagan Jupiter or guru is strong but in eighth bhava/house  but still ok.
    • The moon the lord of longevity or the eight bhava is weak and debilitated in the twelfth bhava – this could cause long term confinement to him in hospital, GOD forbid. Like is the case or situation now for he is facing in Neuroendocrine tumour
    • In the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan khan, Note cancer or karkat rashi and also eighth house hint towards the tumour or cancerous tendencies.
    • The eighth from moon is Venus which is in the third bhava, which again is a secondary markesh.venus is just OK
    • Though we don’t have his full horoscope – he needs to be bit more careful about his health and also dua or prayer is needed for him to be perfectly fine with GOD’s grace.

    What health problem Irfan khan is suffering from Neuroendocrine tumours/cancer?

    • Irfan khan is suffering from Neuroendocrine tomor (NETs) are neoplasm’s that arise from cells of the endocrine glands (hormonal) and nervous systems.
    • Many of such type tomor are benign, while some are malignant.
    • Such tomor have a higher chance to happen in the intestine, where they are often called carcinoid tumours, but they could also be found in the pancreas, the  lungs and the rest of the body.

    Planetary status in Irfan Khans Horoscope

    • Sun D   Sagittarius 22-52-53     Purvashadha    3    Friendly
    • Moon D    Scorpion   10-01-53      Anuradha  3    Debilitated
    • Mars D   Virgo    23-36-17   Chitra   1     Enemy
    • Merc C    D   Sagittarius 16-21-59     Purvashadha    1    Neutral
    • jupt R    Cancer 07-43-43   Pashyami     2    Exalted
    • Venu D   Capricorn   07-11-42     Uttarashadha   4    Friendly
    • satn D    Pisces 01-00-25      Purvabhadra  4    Neutra
    • Rahu R    Aries    19-35-31   Bharani 2
    • Ketu R    Libra    19-35-31   Swati   4
    • Uran R    Virgo    00-57-13     Uttaraphal  2
    • Nept D   Scorpion    00-18-22     Vishakha    4
    • Plut R    Leo 27-11-32   Uttaraphal  1


    What caused his health problem- neuro- endocrine tumour- Vedic astrology and Numerology

    • In the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan khan, One can clearly see moon is debilitated so cancer or karkat is the weakest and so is Saturn weak at 1 degree- .
    • Now Saturn or shani represents the nerves and also cancer or karkat means the cancer or tumour related issues. So he was prone to such problems based on his horoscope or kundli

    Some Numerology or Numbers for Irfan Khan

    • Now based on his numbers- he is born on 7th of January and also a Saturday. January is ruled by Capricorn sign – which in turn is ruled by Saturn or shani dev as per western astrology. Also irfan khan is Saturday born and Saturday is number 8= Saturn. So Saturn energy is high and malefic as January Saturn energy is not good as February, and along with ketu- that represents sharp objects and Saturn operation.
    • He or irfan khan is prone to nerve troubles(double & weak Saturn),sudden operations and also stomach related operations(saturn(shani) and ketu effects, he has a strong rahu-ketu axis in numbers as well )- also intestine and stomach could be impacted- and yes due to ketu being there- cancerous or tumourous tendencies are these specific to irfan khan .
    • What planetary effects caused Irfan Khan’s  success in Bollywood and where does Irfan khan’s talent come from?

      • In the Kundali or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan, Venus(Shukra) the lord of gains or the eleventh house is sitting in the second bhaav/house of wealth and status.venus(Shukra) in itself is a giver of riches and status also  sweet voice to Irfan khan the film actor
      • In the kundalini or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan the Bollywood actor, The Lord of gains the 11th house lord in the house of wealth and status the 2nd house , along with the benefic Shukra or Venus being the lord is a promise of wealth and status.
      • In the kundali or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan, His inclination to dharma and higher spiritualism like Sufism is clearly indicated by a retrograde Jupiter(guru), that is somewhat exalted in the cancer sign or karkat Rashi in the eighth bhava.
      • This combination again gives him a deep desire to investigate about occult/religion and spirituality and as his Lagna and moon the mind are involved- it would be strongly implanted in his personality.
      • In the kundali or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan, Jupiter or guru the lord of the kundali makes him benevolent,
      • Given the kundali or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan, The Lord of long-term thinking is Mars(Mangal) and also of troubles and stress and gains away from home or foreign lands is mars or Mangal.
      • This planet mars sits in the house of karma or career/job for Irfan Khan. To suggest he would do well in action or mar oriented roles like “Paan Singh Tomar” /”paan”  and also he would have struggled quite a bit due to twelfth house lordship of planet Mars.
      • For the kundali or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan, The Lord of the fourth house or his public image is Jupiter which is strong but in eight bhava or house. So he will get good effects or results in rebellious or aggressive roles. also, note Jupiter is retrograde for him.
      • In the Kundali or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan, The Lord of initiatives and lord of wealth the third and second bhava lord Saturn(Shani) sits in the fourth bhava, so clearly indicates a struggle to establish an image in the film industry or Bollywood.
      • A well placed Jupiter(Guru) gives him good image in the film industry(Bollywood) ruled by Venus or Shukra and also gains or support from his wife.
      • Sun or Surya the lord of ninth bhava and past life good karma blesses Irfan Khan and yes gives him good image and an image of a benevolent person having an independent view about religion or dharma(Sufism) _,
      • In the Kundali or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan Khan, mercury or Budha the lord of the tenth house of career and seventh house of relationships also is there with sun, so blessing his career and job and also partnerships or relationships with best and topmost people in the film industry.

    How would be the coming 12 months in 2018 and 2019 be for irfan khan

    • In the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan khan, Jupiter or guru should get into his twelfth bhava/house – which is not good by October 2018, but at the same time twelfth bhava is first bhava from rashi  or moon sign karkat or cancer.
    • So his cancer or tumour would get blessings of GOD or the benefic Jupiter(guru) by September 2018 and he should slowly recuperate from the same.
    • In the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan khan, Saturn(shani) would remain in the lagan- so it is a sade sati from sun and Saturn is a markesh in 2018.
    • For the kundli or horoscope(birth chart) of Irfan khan, Rahu is in eighth bhava and is impacting his lagna.Rahgu and cancer sign both indicate a possibility of tumour to the lagan or self.
    • Some interesting facts about bollywood actor irfan khan?

      • Irfan Khan also known as Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan was born on  7 of January 1967 in Rajasthan,
      • Irfan Khan has primarily worked for Hindi cinema/Bollywood and also for some British films
      • He is considered one of the best and natural actors and also very versatile in his roles.
      • Irfan Khan had his screen debut in 1988 with the Academy Award-nominated film or movie Salaam Bombay in Bollywood!,
      • Irfan Khan has also been awarded  the Padma Shri ( in the year 2011), which is  India’s fourth highest civilian honour for his contribution to the field of arts and films especially in Bollywood.
      • He also bagged the Best Actor award for his performance in the movie  Paan Singh Tomar.
      • Some of the notable films in Bollywood Irfan Khan has worked on  are  Slumdog Millionaire, Life of Pi, New York, I Love You, The Amazing Spider-Man, Jurassic World, and Inferno.
      • In the year 2018, actor Irfan Khan was diagnosed unfortunately with a the Neuroendocrine tumour. Which he is still battling with and we are sure he would come out of the same and win GOD willing.
      • This article focuses on Irfan khans talents/health and yes longevity.


      • He has a fair chance of having tumour or some disorder of blood and nerves of intestines this year.
      • He would improve September /October 2018 onwards as the benefic planet Guru gets into his lagna.
      • But he needs help of prayers as moon is very weak in Scorpio- so for his longevity prayers have to be there all over the world to almighty GOD. He should be fine with GOD’s grace.
      • My respected late father sahib and I myself are a great fan of irfan khan- I sincerely pray that this genuine human being and a nice actor live 120 years atleast!