Fifth House in Kundli – Horoscope of Education & Learning, Divisional Or Varga Charts CV Raman Nobel Prize Physics Example


Fifth House in Kundli – Horoscope of Education & Learning, Divisional Or Varga Charts CV Raman Nobel Prize Physics Example

Introduction: The fifth house and Varga charts Impact:

  • Our thinking is controlled by the planet moon or Chandra and aspects and also the strength of planet mercury the planet of quick thinking and education, the planet Jupiter or Guru he planet of deep thinking and creativity and especially the fifth house of our education and learning and yes thinking as well.
  • As we know right kind of thinking and actions leads to success in education and life. Below are given various Yogas or combinations of fifth house and he number of varga or divisional charts in which the fifth lord is strong.
  • Then a real example of sri CV raman who won Nobel prize for physics in 1930 is taken for astrological consideration

Impacts of the Divisional Dignities of Putra’s or fifth house Lord.

  • Lord of fifth house Strong in two Divisional charts: On the off chance that Putra’s Lord(The fifth house of children or learning lord) is in Parijatamsa Or Varga Chart, the local will take to the branch of or study a subject , befitting his race,
  • Explanation: That is if the lord of the fifth house is also in strong in the varga or divisional charts (meaning is strong or exalted in at least two of its divisional charts varga charts) – which is quite obvious as fifth house is the house of learning and also sudden good luck or lottery.
  • Lord of fifth house Strong in three Divisional charts or varga charts : if  the lord of the fifth house in Uttamamsa Or Varga Chart(when three vargas are gained then the Uttamamsa or Kusumamsa), will have incredible learning
  • Explanation: Once again the fifth house of learning lord in good varga gives the good results in learning. Also the third sign is of the sign mithuna rashi or Gemini sign ruled by mercury – the planet of learning and quickness in learning.
  • Lord of fifth house Strong in four  Divisional charts or varga charts : If the fifth house lord if  in Gopuramsa Or Varga Chart(the Gopuramsa or Naagpushpamsa or Kimshukamsa or Chaamaramsa), will get overall respects,
  • Explanation: As strong in fourth divisional chart gives good dignity. Also the fourth house rules public image of the person.
  • Lord of fifth house Strong in five  Divisional charts or varga charts : if in Simhasanamsa Or Varga Chart(five – the Simhasanamsa or Kundakamsa or Chhatramsa), will turn into a clergyman,
  • Explanation : As fifth is the number of sign Leo or simha rashi- the sign of the kings the above result is there
  • Lord of fifth house Strong in six  Divisional charts or varga charts :  if in additionally Paravatamsa Or Varga Chart(six – the Parvatamsa or Keralamsa or Kundalams), will be supplied with Vedic Knowledge,
  • Explanation: The sixth sign is the sign of Virgo ruled by mercury so the fifth house lord of learning in the six amsas or divisional charts gives good knowledge of Vedas. As mercury and fifth house both deal with learning in some sense.
  • Lord of fifth house Strong in seven  Divisional charts or varga charts :  whether in Devalokamsa Or Varga Chart(seven – the Devalokamsa or Kalpavrkshamsa ), will be a Karma Yogi (entertainer of activities, common and religious rituals),
  • Explanation : The seventh sign and house or sign Libra(Tula rashi) have to do with work and job, so one is a karma Yogi here
  • Lord of fifth house Strong in eighth  Divisional charts or varga charts : if in Brahmalokamsa Or Varga Chart(eight – the Kumkumamsa or Brahmalokamsa or Chandanvanamsa), will be given to the Lord and,
  • Explanation : As eighth house and sign Scorpio or vrishchika rashi so give to hidden learning and spirituality
  • Lord of fifth house Strong in Nine  Divisional charts or varga charts :  if in Iravatamsa Or Varga Chart(nine – the Iravatamsa or Poornachandramsa), will be devout.
  • Explanation: As the ninth house and ninth sign of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi is of dharma or religion so making the person devout.


Analysis of the fifth house Lord  & varga charts of Nobel prize winner  sir CV Raman

Who was sir CV Raman?

  • Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman was an Indian Physic cist . he was born on (7 November 1888 – 21 November 1970).
  • He was born in Madras Province in India in the state of Tamil Nadu,
  • He did fundamental work in the field of light scattering, which got  him the 1930 Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • He had  discovered that when light traverses a transparent material, some of the deflected light changes in wavelength.
  • The above phenomenon, later was  known as Raman scattering, results from the Raman effect.
  • In the year 1954, India honoured him with its highest civilian award, the is the  Bharat Ratna.

Birth Details of CV Raman the Nobel Prize winner.

Birth date: Wednesday, November 07, 1888

Time at Birth: 05:47:01

Place at Birth: Tiruchchirappalli

 What are The Planetary combinations that made CV Raman so Learned and Illustrious?

  • The lord of the tenth house of career or job is moon- suggesting that the mind of CV Raman(the moon or Chandra) would always be there on doing work- the basic of his success.
  • Also the lord of the tenth house is in the third house of initiatives or his own projects( he conducted several experiments on his own initiative.). That is the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi the planet Jupiter(guru ) ruling the same and giving divine grace of right intuition to any person plus the planet of deep thinking.
  • That is his thinking was deep/conventional and blessed with GODs grace and always in action as in the third house apart from moon being the lord of tenth house.
  • His fifth house lord Saturn is ruled by Aquarius- giving him a different and philosophical outlook as well in thinking- giving him the discipline of experiments and studies the same for success- plus this planet is in the tenth house of career or job along with rahu the planet of non conventionality.
  • This could mean deep and philopsophical and disciplined thinking- but non conventional and above the rest of the people due to rahu sitting nearby.
  • There is an aspect of the planet Jupiter in the second house to the planet Saturn and rahu blessing the serious or disciplined thinking of Saturn or shani and also rahu with the grace of GOD.
  • The planet sun or surya the lord of the eleventh house of gains in ascendant or lagan assures him to get the right fame and status he deserves.
  • The lord of the fifth house or Saturn is strong in six varga charts or divisional charts(Shashtiamsha,Akshvedamsha,Khavedamsha,Saptavimshamsha,Shodashamsha,Dwadashamamsha,) Gives him good knowledge as the number six is for Virgo the planet of intellect and mathematics.

One can clearly see how Vedic astrology clearly delineates sir CV Raman’s thought processes and success cause in his Career as a Physicist

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