Exaltation & Debility Of Planets In A Horoscope

The planets like sun get full strength when they are in exaltation(like in aries), in own  rasi or sign (Leo).


The strength goes down if they are 7th from exaltation. Like Aries is exaltation of sun, then Libra the 7th sign is the point of debility of sun.


Planets Own Sign Exaltation & debility

Planet Own Sign Or Rasi(Mooltrikona) Exaltation Debility
SUN Leo Aries Libra
MOON Cancer Taurus Scorpio
MARS Aries Capricorn Cancer
MERCURY Virgo Virgo Pisces
JUPITER Sagittarius Cancer Capricorn
VENUS Libra Pisces Virgo
SATURN Aquarius Libra Aries
RAHU Taurus Scorpio
KETU Scorpio Taurus


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