Chance of Loss Of Lover Or Spouse- Indications in Vedic Astrology

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Chance of Loss Of Lover Or Spouse- Indications in Vedic Astrology:

  • If Venus is in 8th house and the lord of seventh house is weak /debilitates the death of spouse can happen in 18/33 year.
  • If the 12th house lord is in seventh and the lord of seventh house is in 8th house- one could lose ones spouse in 19th year.
  • If malefic rahu is in 2nd house and mars(mangal) is in 7th– the person’s wife or spouse might die of snake bite in 3 days of marriage.
  • If the planet Venus is ins 8th house and the dispositer of Venus is in  the sign or rashi of Saturn(shani) the death of life partner would take place in 12/21st years of the person.
  • If the lagna lord be debilitates , and the lord of 2nd house is in 8th loss of spouse could happen in 13t year of life.
  • If the planet moon or Chandra is in seventh house from the planet Venus(shukra) and planet mercury(budha) is in seventh from moon(Chandra) and the lord of 8th is in 5th,there will be marriage (3/three), the karma year/22/33.
  • If the 6th,7th and 8th are in sequence occupied by mars(mangal), rahu(dragons head) and Saturn(shani) the person’s life partner may not live long as we have malefic mars and Saturn on the sides of house 7.What astrological factors could have caused early & sudden widowhood from Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji , for smt.sonia Gandhi ji based on her horoscope and kundali?Birth details of smt. Sonia Gandhi ji.
    • Name: Sonia Gandhi
    • Date of Birth: Monday(ruled by moon), December 09, 1946
    • Time of Birth: 21:30:00
    • Place of Birth: Turin
    • Time Zone: 1.0

    What is the Analysis of life partner of smt. Sonia Gandhi ji based on her lagna chart?.

    • The lord of the seventh house representing her(smt. Sonia Gandhi’s) husband Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji is Saturn. Now Saturn is a natural malefic and seventh bhava is ruled by less intensity Capricorn sign and the eighth bhava of accidents and sudden death is ruled by the mool trikona sign of Saturn or shani that is Aquarius or kumbha rashi.
    • Now this makes Saturn of smt. Sonia Gandhi ji a bit hard to deal with and could cause accidents and problems to her as well( as sitting in the lagan or ascendant) and aspecting the seventh bhava again and also to the husband .
    • Saturn is retrograde at 15 degrees so this retrogression of Saturn brings in somewhat more harshness in the behaviour of saturn.saturn is with the eccentric planet Pluto as well. So there is a strong conjunction in the lagna bhava for Sonia Gandhi ji.
    • The longevity lord for Rajiv Gandhi ji based on Sonia ji’s life chart is sun and it sis afflicted by ketu in the fifth house of the horoscope.
    • Mercury ruling the sixth house for Rajiv gandhi ji taking the seventh house as lagna is again a malefic impacting the sun the longevity lord for sri rajiv gandhi ji.

    Looking the d9 or navamsa chart for Sonia Gandhi ji for the life partner’s longevity

    • In the d9 or navamsa chart Saturn is in the tenth house and in aggressive sign of mars that are scorpio plus are agitated as well as Saturn and mars are enemies to the core. There is a strong aspect to family.
    • Once again in navamsa varga chart Saturn(shani) rules the lagan or ascendant and also the twelfth house of bad health and problems and aspects the family house the fourth house.
    • At the same time sun the lord of seventh house representing her husband Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji sits on the lagna so gets the energy of Saturn .

    what does her moon chart( Sonia Gandhi’s )say about her life partner’s longevity?

    • The moon of Sonia Gandhi ji is in the Gemini sign in the twelfth house of lagan horoscope. The seventh lord if Jupiter which would be true as Sri Rajiv Gandhi had all Jupiter traits of being handsome, nice and kind guy.
    • The seventh lord of Sonia ji is in the eleventh bhava forming a raja Yoga for Rajiv Gandhi ji. Suggesting great gains for Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji yes he was the prime minister of India we know, rest is history.
    • Venus the lord of twelfth house from moon or rashi impacts the lagan lord for sri Rajiv Gandhi ji that is Jupiter. so this weakens it a bit.
    • Now from the moon sign the lord of eighth house or bhava(longevity lord ) it is moon and is afflicted by presence of Saturn and also moon the lord of second bhava from rashi or the markesh bhava is in lagna. clearly indicating possibility of short life for her husband sri rajiv gandhi ji.
    • Longevity lord Saturn or shani is placed in the markesh bhava or house of second house for rajiv gandhi ji  greatly impacting the overall longevity as the lagna and eighth house form moon both are in the markesh or killer bhava of second and seventh house.

    what astrological factors were operating or Sonia Gandhi ji when sri rajiv gandhi ji was killed in a bomb blast  based on the dasha and transits?

    • It was a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai or earlier madras, in Tamil Nadu, India on Tuesday, 21 May 1991.
    • smt .Sonia gandhi ji runs Saturn rahu dasha on this date.
    • Saturn as we know represents her husband sri rajiv gandhi ji and is badly poised in lagna to impacts the longevity of sri rajiv gandhi ji as rules the eighth house as well.
    • so Saturn maha dasha suggest that long terms relationships could be suddenly impacted or prone to accidents.
    • Now looking from lagna, rahu carries bad energy from Uranus that is eccentric planet and also aspects the sun, the longevity bhava or house of sri rajiv gandhi ji.
    • Saturn becomes very negative as it is strong in a negative house of eighth in lagna so increasing negative in the makara rashi. Creating a strong Yoga for severance or breakage of the relationships of smt. Sonia gandhi ji suddenly.
    • There is a malefic aspect on the longevity bhava or the second bhava for rajiv gandhi ji, so impacts the longevity of husband as well.
    • Rahu is in makar rashi, so increases the suddenness aspect of the event and also indicates terror or hidden event as rahu rules the underworld and terror.
    • sun the longevity lord is afflicted by rahu and Uranus in transit in the eleventh bhava badly impacting the longevity of the husband.
    • Saturn or lagna for husband in the lagan bhava or the seventh house but retrograde causes all weakness in the horoscope.
    • Jupiter the sixth lord for Sonia gandhi ji and malefic for rajiv gandhi ji as it is twelfth lord is very strong and aspects the body of sri rajiv gandhi ji in the lagna. impacting his Saturn and overall health.


    • so all the combination of weakness of eighth lord and markesh sending energy to lagan in both moon, lagan and navamsa chart for the husband caused the attack on late sri rajiv gandhi ji.
    • when the planetary combinations were not favourable for rajiv gandhi ji by dasha and yes transit he had to face the terror attack primarily due to Saturn, rahu and Uranus and weakness of other life supportive factors.
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