What Are The Causes of Loss Of Wealth (money),Financial crisis & Loss Status in Society?-Based on Vedic Jyotish


What Could  cause Loss of Wealth/Money or Status?
There are various astrological causes of Loss of wealth.

  • A weak lord of second and eleventh house in natal chart or in transit.
  • If a malefic like rahu/mars or Saturn sits in 2nd house  and is weak.
  • If a malefic lord of 6th/8thj and 12th house sits in 2nd  house or 11th
  • If the karaka for wealth Jupiter is weak or afflicted.
  • If the karaka for status sun is afflicted.
  • The other specific combinations are elaborated below.

 What Are The Causes of Loss Of Wealth (money),Excess Expenditure  & Loss  Status in Society?

  • If the lord of second house or dhana bhava is in houses 1/5/9 and also the lord of 11th houses(labha or gains) is also in trines or is aspected by /has a drishti or conjunction with Jupiter(Guru) and Venus(shukra)- good money flows would be there.
  • If the lord of second house is in an  bad or malefic house  6/8/12) and so is true with the labha bhava lord(11th house) and there is a malefic sitting in 2nd house( malefic are mars/Saturn/rahu).Money would be very less.If the lords of the above houses are com-bust or with malefic- then this problems would be right from birth.
  • If the lord of second house and eleventh house be in 6/8/12 house and mars(mangal) be in 11th house and rahu be in 2nd house. There could be loss due to royal punishments as mars represent government or the king
  • There could be expenditure for good reasons if the planet Jupiter(guru) is in eleventh  house or labha bhava , while Venus is in second house (dhana  bhava). While a benefic is placed in 12th house, also the lord of 2nd house has a benefic drishti.


What are the casues of Gains(2 Billion dollars!) & Losses for Nirav Modi? the Fugitive with Interpol behind him.

nirav modi loss of wealth money

Interesting facts  about Nirav Modi how  he is etc?

  • Nirav modi is 47 year old and has his full name as nirav Deepak modi. He is a businessman from Gujarat  and also a fugitive who is under investigation.
  • he is asked to for my Interpol or the international police. He is said to be involved in money laundering case. His brother as well Mr. neeshchal modi is also wanted in the same case since the august 2018.
  • The alleged fraud is to the tune of $2 billion dollars from the Punjab national bank of India.he has applied for bankruptcy and has taken asylum in UK or United Kingdom
  • He or nirav modi has founded Nirav Modi Global Diamond Jewellery House this was established around 8 years back in 2010 time frame

Birth details: of  nirav Modi

  • Nirav Modi
  • Born 27 February 1971 (age 47)[1]
  • Palanpur, Gujarat, India
  • Has Disappeared since February 2018
  • India
  • Status he is the Most Wanted Interpol looking for him
  • nirav-modi-1-surya nirav modi loss of wealth money surya kundali

    Capture-nirav-planet-degrees nirav modi loss of wealth money planetary dgerees longitudes

    What made Nirav modi so rich? the planetary combinations.?

    • In the surya kundali of nirav modi Jupiter rules the second bhava of wealth and status and is well placed in the tenth house or bhava. That is a raja yoga karaka and great for wealth. as Jupiter means wealth and also being in the friendly sign of mars(scorpio) is even better. so over all a great raja Yoga for money/wealth and status for  Nirav  modi
    • also note mars or Mangal is strong in the scorpio(vrishchika rashi) sign itself this is really a great combination for success by action. yes mars being a malefic it impacts Jupiter that causes loss of wealth as well. as we will study in the next section of loss of wealth.,
    • But still mars is far off at 28 degrees and Jupiter at 12 degrees in the sign of scorpio
    • Jupiter or Guru also rules the eleventh bhava of gains, it is again in the tenth bhava of karma indicating a clear raja Yoga for nirav modi. yes he would amass great wealth. which is 100% true.
    • mercury the representative of lord Vishnu and husband of lakshmi ji is in the lagna indicating one would posse wealth and intelligence to do so.

    From moon sign gains for nirav modi analysed

    • the lord of action or career is Jupiter or dev guru is in the ninth bhava or house of past life karma good blessings so this gives wealth to the person in abundance but with proper action and also dharma should be there.

    What planetary combination made Nirav Modi Bankrupt or caused loss of money?

    • Note the moon the lord of sixth bhava of debt and losses is in the second bhava of wealth and status so this indicates a possibility for family issues and one getting into debt situations here and then. which is the case now.
    • also mars with Jupiter impacts Jupiter and the wealth lord of the second bhava causing possibility of wealth & status loss for nirav modi.
    • he did diamond business so Venus, is strong Saturn sign but in the twelfth house of losses plus with rahu suggesting some under cover happenings which is true for nirav modi.
    • mercury or budha the lord of eighth house in the first bhava suggest issues or jail caused due to intelligence and also losses of wealth.

    From Moon sign loss of wealth analysis for nirav modi

    • From moon sign Aries is the second bhava and has weak Saturn in the second house suggesting a strong possibility of loss of wealth. also note that saturn is the lord of wealth and also lord of losses that is the eleventh and twelfth houses, so a strong chance fog loss of wealth is there.
    • Mercury the markesh and also the lord of relationships are in the twelfth house from moon or rashi for nirav modi. This could cause relationships to suffer.

    What are 2018-2019 predictions for nirav modi?

    • Saturn for , surya lagan is in the eleventh bhava or house of gains fro nirav modi, so blocking his money flows in this transit.
    • Jupiter in transit is in eighth from moon and ninth from the sun sign or surya lagna, it would get into his ninth from moon and tenth form surya lagna this could give him some relief as he enters the year 2019.
    • Rahu is very agitated for him and conjunct in the sixth house, so could cause all kinds of mental agony and career troubles.
    • but after July 2019 he or nirav modi would be better off. but sure October November 2018 onwards Nirav modi would see some relief for him. 2018 was indeed bad for him and yes state of India.
    • we wish India gets its money back .
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