Astrology Longevity Meghan Markle Horoscope Life Span Kundli Predictions

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About this article?

  • This is very interesting and rare article based on Kundli or Horoscope of Meghan Markle the duchess of UK.
  • The article talks about Longevity or Lifespan and How longevity is evaluated for any Horoscope.
  • As a PRACTICAL example to Look at How Longevity or Lifespan of Meghan Markle evaluated based on Horoscope and Vedic astrology Principles
  • .All the basic and advanced methods of Longevity calculations Like Pindayu and other factors are considered in detail to objectively know about Longevity or Lifespan.
  • It later looks into the Horoscope or Kundli of Meghan Markle and check that what based on her stars of her Horoscope how she got a celebrity status 😉 In USA(united states of America) and UK(United Kingdom) both?
  • what planetary combinations or Yoga’s made Meghan Markle so famous in Hollywood? and who married the Prince of United Kingdom or England- Everything based on her Horoscope analyzed here?
  • It also talks about what planetary combinations in horoscope of Meghan Markle made her choose TV/Hollywood as a profession or Career & then achieve big Success ;)?.
  • Plus the article also Looks based on Vedic astrology on why Meghan Markle had two marriages ?.Plus Much more… very interesting article on Vedic astrology and Meghan markle’s destiny …;)
  • meghan markle longevity lifespan horoscope kundli
    How is Longevity or Life span actually evaluated for any one based on Kundli or Horoscope?

  • Now longevity or Life span is evaluated based on strength of the lagan or your ascendant and the 8th house lord.
  • Plus, the overall positive or negative energy distribution of benefic or malefic in the 4 Kendra( 1/4/7) or angular houses (1/5/9).
  • and also looking at placement of malefic energies like for Saturn(Shani), Mars (Mangal)or Rahu(dragon’s head) and ketu (dragon’s tail) .
  • in the naturally malefic houses like 3,6,8 or 12th house of any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Then for further accuracy and ruling of longevity the formal objective Pindayu method is used.
  • That gives the overall life force or strength of energy for a particular Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Here longevity for each planet from sun to Saturn is added to see how much natural longevity of life span one is born with.:)
  • Meghan Markle kundli horoscope
    Birth details & Horoscope of Meghan Markle the duchess of Sussex

  • Name: Meghan Markle
  • Date of Birth: Tuesday, August 04, 1981
  • Time of Birth: 04:46:00
  • Place of Birth: Los angles, US
  • Longitude: 118 W 15
  • Latitude: 34 N 0
  • Time Zone: -7.0
  • Meghan Markle longevity horoscopeMeghan Markle longevity horoscope kundli
    megan-sparkle-d1 Meghan Markle longevity horoscope life span predictionsd9-megan-sparkle Meghan Markle longevity horoscope life span predictions

    What is Meghan Markle’s longevity or life span based on her lagan or ascendant in her horoscope?

  • meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan
    Does the cancer lagan or ascendant of Meghan Markle play a role in her Longevity or lifespan?
    Her lagan is karkat rashi or cancer sign ruled by planet moon(Chandra) is in the third house of initiates and is at around 11 degrees in her kundli or horoscope.
  • moon Chandra meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan
    How is Moon or Chandra placed Meghan Markle and any connection to Longevity ?

    In her kundli or horoscope ,Meghan Markle’s Moon or Chandra is in the Virgo sign of kanya rashi ruled by mercury or budha.
  • mercury budha meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan

    what is the role of mercury or budha on Meghan Markle’s Longevity ?

    In her (Meghan Markle’s) kundli or horoscope ,So as mercury or budha not in line with moon energies.
  • Mercury and moon are in opposition. Moon is still at 429.49 shadabala or strength so still good for longevity.
  • lagna ascendant meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan
    is the lagna or ascendant for Meghan Markle badly placed impacting her Longevity or life span ?
    her kundli or horoscope ,The lagna(ascendant) has the benefic Jupiter or guru nearby though the lord of sixth bhava so somewhat malefic.
  • Also has Saturn or Shani nearby that is lord of the eighth bhava.
  • Saturn shani meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan
    Is Saturn or Shani dev in the secondary markesh bhava that is 3rd house for Meghan Markle and any connection to Longevity or life span for her?
    Saturn or Shani the lord of the eighth house or bhava control Meghan Markle’s longevity or life span and is placed in the third bhava.
  • this may cause her ear troubles- but more of issues with people around her.
  • life force prana meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan
    what is the strength for the life giver or longevity enhancer 8th house or bhava for Meghan Markle ?
    In Meghan Markle’s’ kundli or horoscope As mercury(budha) the dispositor of the eight lord is combust by sun and in the first bhava or Kendra, it it’s still OK.
  • We have to note that lagna or ascendant and also the eighth lord are one of the karakas or significator of longevity or life span.
  • Saturn shani ayushkaraka meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan
    How is the Saturn or Shani the ayushkaraka placed for Meghan Markle and its connection to Longevity ?
    Saturn or Shani is again Ayushkaraka, this connects to the longevity lord the eight-house lord is a good .
  • So the indication in that way for Meghan as far as longevity due to Shani or Saturn is concerned.
  • From moon or Chandra lagna , we have kanya rashi or Virgo , ruled by mercury or budha ,this is combusted and weak.
  • mercury budha meghan markle horoscope kundli longevity lifespan
    Does the mercury or budha overall strength help Meghan Markle Longevity and life span?
    Mercury is at shadabala of 452.89 so strong otherwise in overall strength.
  • This is good for Meghan Markle’s longevity predictions or forecast.
  • This tells us her age would be at-least 75 years , based on our internal calculations Using Vedic astrology
  • d9-megan-sparkle Meghan Markle longevity horoscope life span predictions

    What’s Meghan Markle’s longevity or life span based on her d9 or navamsha chart or horoscope(kundli) using Vedic astrology principles ?

  • How is the lagna or ascendant of Meghan blessed in d9 navamsha chart helping her Markle Longevity ?
    In Meghan’s kundli or horoscope The lagna or ascendant from d9 for Meghan Markle is cancer or karkat rashi again.
  • Moon is in Kendra in the tenth house or bhava.
  • Moon or Chandra is weak in Aries with malefic Saturn or Shani but blessed with Jupiter or guru energies.
  • what is the role of Saturn or Jupiter for Meghan Markle’s Longevity ?
    But kindly do note that Saturn or Shani and Jupiter both are functional malefic as well ruling the eighth and the sixth bhava or houses of Meghan’s horoscope or kundli
  • is Saturn or Shani dev indeed weak for Meghan Markle ?
    The eighth house lord is Saturn or Shani here; this again is very weak.
  • This affects the predictions of longevity or life span based her kundli or horoscope
  • How is the ayushkaraka Saturn helping Meghan Markle in Longevity ?
    In her kundli or horoscope , looking at Saturn that is Ayushkaraka as well and moon lagna is Aries(mesha rashi) with mars fairly placed. This helps better predictions for longevity or lifespan
  • lonegvity lifespan kundli Horoscope navamsha d9
    So longevity based on her d9 or navamsha chart is around greater than 65 years

  • So based on her(Meghan Markle’s) d1 or lagna horoscope or kundli/ascendant and also her d9 or navamsha chart her over all longevity would be at least 70 years.
  • meghan markle longevity pindayu kundli horoscope
    What is predicted Meghan Markle’s longevity based on pindayu harana- an objective calculation of longevity or life span?

  • what is the more advanced pindayu method Meghan Markle Longevity predictions ?
    Now this method of pindayu calculations is scientific and based on strengths and vitality of each planet in the kundli or horoscope,
  • just like an Insurance agent checks your health of internal organs by measuring blood pressure/sugar /height weight/blood sample
  • How does the advanced Pindayu method help in prediction Meghan Markle’s Longevity even better?
    in this method based on your kundli or horoscope you get to know the internal strength of each planet in an objective form .
  • That is on how far away is the planet from normal, so you are able to make predictions or forecast more easily and better.
  • Sun longevity arc value is = 261.8312 in degrees. Contribution due to sun to longevity is = 13.818868888889 in years.
  • Moon longevity arc value is = 238.5781 in degrees. Contribution due to Moon to longevity is = 16.567923611111 in years.
  • Mars longevity arc value is = 220.2317 in degrees. Contribution due to Mars to longevity is = 9.1763208333333 in years.
  • Mercury longevity arc value is = 296.1922 in degrees. Contribution due to Mercury to longevity is = 9.8730733333333 in years.
  • Jupiter longevity arc value is = 291.8798 in degrees. Contribution due to Jupiter to longevity is = 12.161658333333 in years.
  • Venus longevity arc value is = 217.8167 in degrees. Contribution due to Venus to longevity is = 12.705974166667 in years.
  • Saturn longevity arc value is = 322.8494 in degrees. Contribution due to Saturn to longevity is = 17.936077777778 in years.
  • Contribution due to ALL planets to longevity is = 92.239896944444 in years. Overall
  • But Effective Longevity after deductions from a)Chakrapathiharana b) swakshetriharana c)aShtanga harana d) krurodaya harna PLUS addition due to lagna == 88.41097
  • CONCLUSION= What Over all Longevity & Life span of Meghan Markle?

  • so based on above detailed calculation s of pindayu based on Meghan Markle’s kundli or horoscope – the longevity or life span predictions of Meghan Markle is
  • 88 years
  • So the average longevity or life span predictions for Meghan Markle’s based on her kundli or horoscope would be near 80 years. which happens to be the average of 65/75 and 88 years.
  • does Meghan Markle need to take care of driving for better Longevity ? But at the same time she has to take special care while driving and otherwise in sun and Saturn sub periods.
  • Does Saturn pose any threat to Meghan Markle’s Longevity ? 2032/33/34 could be hard due to Saturn-Saturn period as Saturn is her markesh
  • Also sun period starts in 2094, too far away , she does not need to worry J, but sun sub periods and also mercury-mercury sub period 2051/52/53 could be telling on health GOD forbid.
  • what remedies could help Meghan Markle for Longevity ? Upayas of helping school kids would help her to relive this stress of planetary energies
  • We wish her a long life and a happy married life
  • Who is Meghan Markle?

  • She (Meghan Markle) is the duchess of Sussex now . She has recently married prince harry the son of prince Charles of united kingdom.
  • She has also been a Hollywood actress. She is half African and half Caucasian in blood her mother is of African American origin.
  • we want her (Meghan Markle) to live long and have a great life span and here in this article use the power of Vedic astrology or jyotish to evaluate her longevity or life span based on her lagna horoscope, navamsha horoscope and yes her pindayu calculations.
  • megan-sparkle-d1 Meghan Markle longevity horoscope life span predictions

    What planetary combinations in the Horoscope or kundli made Meghan Markle a Celebrity and world renowned?

  • what makes Meghan Markle such a creative and innovative TV actress 😉 ?
    now looking at the horoscope of Meghan Markle her lagna or ascendant is Gemini or Mithuna Rashi.
  • mercury or budha rules the ascendant it sits in the 2nd house of wealth and status. It is also very close to rahu(Dragon’s head) the planet for innovation.
  • mercury Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    Does the planet Mercury Give Meghan Markle’s greatness ?
    Mercury(3rd sign) with rahu(Dragon’s head) number 4= new skills, gives Meghan Markle very good expressive skills to express herself on TV or movies.
  • The lagna or ascendants in the second house very clearly means that the wealth and status of the person would be great .
  • mars Mangal Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    What roles does Mars or Mangal play for Meghan Markle to help her influence the masses or the world ?
    We also note that mars or Mangal 11th house lord is in the lagna of Meghan Markle, so this gives a very positive and dynamic personality to influence the masses .
  • Does mars or Mangal in the Horoscope also give Meghan Markle the ability to struggle and succeed ?
    Also as mars or Mangal is an aggressive planet it gives good action ability to Meghan Markle .
  • we note that sun of the third house of action and initiative and having to do with new things is in the second house of wealth and status. this means the initiative of Meghan Markle and her newness in any work would be very high.
  • rahu dragons head Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    does rahu or Dragon’s head give Meghan Markle a rebel nature at times 🙂 ?
    Also, rahu(Dragon’s head) staying close to sun gives her a Rebel nature of doing things differently. we also note that based on western astrology.
  • she is August 4th born. August is ruled by sign Leo(simha rashi) or Sun and number 4 is ruled by rahu(Dragon’s head).
  • distinction Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    which planets in Horoscope or Kundli in Meghan Markle’s indicate about her exceptional will power ?
    so, this very clearly means that this indication is clear that she or Meghan Markle will do something different and would have an exceptional willpower and ability to do things .
  • Venus shukra Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    Does the planet Venus play an important role in Meghan Markle’s Horoscope to give her the acting talent ?
    we have Venus the planet of acting and arts as well in the third house that suggest some initiative to do with acting or film industry as well or TV for her is there for sure :).
  • Meghan Markle TV shows
    What planets in the Horoscope made Meghan Markle Join TV shows and Hollywood Film industry?

  • Jupiter guru Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    what is the role of planet Jupiter or Guru for Meghan Markle horoscope or kundli to give her great distinction ?
    Now the question is why Meghan Markle is in the film industry ? now if you look at the 10th House of Meghan Markle .
  • It is ruled by the Pisces sign that is Jupiter energy and Jupiter is a planet of dignity.
  • which planets indicate inclination towards singing for Meghan Markle ?
    Also, Jupiter or guru sits in the very good sign Virgo or kanya rashi. this sign is the 6th sign and is very close to Venus or shukra.
  • this gives interest inclination towards the song for Meghan Markle.
  • films Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    which planet plays a role in giving success to Meghan Markle in movies ?
    we also note that Gemini lord mercury sitting in the second house with rahu(Dragon’s head) and Sun .
  • It is also getting energy from Venus of the third house this means that Meghan Markle will get good planetary energy for films and movies.
  • moon Chandra Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    How does moon or Chandra help Meghan Markle to play sensitive roles ?
    Moon or Chandra is a very sensitive planet and for Meghan Markle its aspect the 10th House of career. the moon is a planet of sensitivity and emotions and in Dramas /TV Dramas/films etc.
  • so emotions would play a very significant role for Meghan Markle films. her luck Lord Saturn or Shani dev is ruling the ninth house and is in 4th house.
  • suggest that she will get good distinction in movies and films and aspect to the career house means she will do great in her career. 🙂
  • Meghan Markle marriages
    What Makes Meghan Markle Marry twice?

  • what is the role of mercury the planet of duality or 2( Gemini sign) for Meghan Markle to marry twice ?
    For marriage matters let us look at the 7th house of Meghan Markle. the 7th house is Ruled By Sagittarius sign or Jupiter .
  • Jupiter is Ok but on a weak dispositor n Mercury or budha that is also in combustion in the second house.
  • good status Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    How does the horoscope of Meghan Markle indicate that she would marry someone of good status ?
    so it is very clear that because mercury sitting in the second house of wealth and status Meghan Markle would marry someone with the proper status though breakages in marriage possible.
  • in fact Meghan Markle married actor & the producer of Hollywood films Trevor Engelson from 2011 until their divorce that happened in 2013.
  • Then Meghan Markle in 2017 married prince Harry grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, and she moved to London.
  • Saturn Shani Meghan Markle horoscope longevity
    How does Saturn work to impact the family life for Meghan Markle ?
    Looking at the 7th house lord Jupiter in the navamsha d9 chart of Meghan Markle horoscope.
  • malefic Saturn(Shani) is in the family house with moon . again, Saturn is ruling the 9th .
  • Does the d9 or navamsha also suggest 2 marriages for Meghan Markle ?
    that very clearly means that she could have Breakup in marriages or multiple marriages As Jupiter is ok and Venus the lord of the 7th house in the d9 chart is good enough in the 11th house of gains.
  • so this also clearly indicates multiple marriages for Meghan Markle. Gains mean more additions . simple 1+1.
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