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About this article ?

  • This article in depth covers how Longevity or Life span is calculated for any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Also to as a PRACTICAL example for learning the Horoscope Or Kundli or Hardik Pandya is discussed in detail.
  • All the core concepts and applications of longevity are used here in this article.
  • How Various Houses , planets and planet placements in any Kundli or Horoscope Make a difference for Longevity are also given.
  • calculations for lonegvity longevity lifespan kundli Horoscope
    How is Longevity Evaluated in any Horoscope or Kundli ?

  • Longevity or lifespan is evaluated differently in different systems.
  • so be it Parashari system( the most Popular),nadi shastra, or say Jaimini etc. Even within a system of Vedic astrology like say Parashari there could be several methods to do so.
  • All are accurate within their limits and scope.
  • here we talk of the most stable and Popular Parashari system, where the strength of Lagna or ascendant- be is main lagna or moon or Navamsha is evaluated.
  • so is the basic strength of Longevity provider, that is the 8th bhava lord considered.
  • Saturn or shani dev is the natural ayushkaraka – so strength and energies for Saturn are also evaluated.
    in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • So is the placement of benefics or malefic considered in the Horoscope. If say malefic are in benefic houses, then it is not a good condition for Longevity or Life span.
  • So are the transits or dasha periods very important.
  • we know that say a person is very healthy but a strong lung disease could cause his health loss or longevity issues.
  • as we experiences in 2020, 2021 in the wave.
  • so Only after well considering all the factors proper evaluation of Longevity to Life span or any Horoscope could be done.
  • Hardik Patel longevity life span kundli horoscope birth chart hardik Patel patidar Gujarat elections India 2017 18 predictions
    Birth details of Hardik Patel and horoscope

  • His Date of Birth : 20th of July, 1994
  • Time of Birth : unknown
  • Place of Birth : Viramgam,in Gujarat, India
  • hardik-Patel lagna ascendant longevity life span kundli horoscope birth chart hardik Patel patidar Gujarat elections India 2017 18 predictions

    Longevity or Lifespan considerations based on d1(lagna), the Horoscope or Kundli moon chart and the d9 navamsha chart for Hardik Patel

  • Given the fact that his exact time of birth is not available for hardik patel’s Horoscope or Kundli- we will work only with his surya kundli and moon kundli or Chandra kundli or predictions
  • The lord of the lagna or ascendant is debilitated but in trikona bhava or house number five in the surya kundli. This gives him average strength
  • The lagna or ascendant lord of Hardik Patel does not have any other dosha but is debilitated. Please note he is born on 20th July, now 20=2+0 =2 = moon and also July = cancer or karkat rashi.
  • Please note ‘0’ is for Pluto or Saturn or shani- so there is some dosha in moon by numerology as well and also Vedic astrology.
  • He has to think and then act n general.
  • Saturn or shani the lord of eighth bhava is OK in the eighth bhava or house – but is retrograde and aspect by rahu(Dragon’s head) and Jupiter both.
  • Jupiter or guru is lord of the sixth bhava or house or the vighna bhava as well in the Horoscope for Hardik Patel.
  • The markesh for Hardik Patel’s Horoscope are Saturn(shani dev) and sun and also Venus in certain situations.
  • From the moon sign or the Chandra kundli of hardik Patel, moon is weak as suggested earlier- this could make him very angry at times as well.
  • Saturn or shani dev the karaka for longevity or ayushkaraka is strong for hardik Patel’s Horoscope- though retrograde in its own mool trikona sign of Aquarius(kumbha rashi)
  • Mercury or Budha the lord of eighth house or bhava is own sign in the Horoscope or Kundli, but with malefic sun (surya) and mars(mangal) on the either side of the same.
  • So over all he would be at least Madhyayu(75 years) or even more.
  • longevity lifespan kundli Horoscope  politics hardik patel
    Can Hardik Patel reach the top of the Ladder in Politics?

    • Now let us look at the greatness Yoga’s or Yoga’s that could take him to the top.
    • Sun the lord of second bhava or wealth and status and speech is in the first bhava on the karkat rashi or cancer sign.
    • This gives Hardik Patel distinct status and speech capability.
    • Yes a possibility to reach good position n, name and fame- we know he is popular. But sun(surya) is a fiery planet it in the cancer sign could make his fortunes changeable that also due to his own mind or behavior.
    • A weak Venus the lord of eleventh bhava of gains and fourth bhava of home/family life/conveyances and public image sits in the second bhava.
    • Hardik Pandya him god comforts infact Venus(shukra) the lord of fourth house could ensure that he has to take care of his luxury prone habits to maintain his public image.
    • Infact people pointed an accusing finger on him due to his luxury prone habits.
    • In hardik Pandya’s Horoscope or Kundli house of home could be of a high class and he would get fair enough comforts and has apart from a distinct speech he could speak a bit sweetly as well as times increasing his popularity in circles.
    • Sun the karaka for name and fame is on a watery and weak dispositer cancer or karkat ruled by moon(Chandra), so he may not be able to maintain his position always.
    • But generally when sun is strong in transit like in December 2017-2018 elections he has a higher chance to win as sun would be n the sign of dhanu or Sagittarius 15 December to at least 14 January 2018.
    • He would face opposition in this period- so his chances of winning are 40:60
    • gujarat elections hardik pandya longevity lifespan kundli Horoscope
      Forecast for hardik Patel 2018 Gujarat elections

    • AS said earlier December 2017- and January 2018 he has some chances to win- but more chances to lose. His chance to lose is 60% or at least he may face image issues and a lot of opposition to win the battle.
    • During the Gujarat elections dates sun the lord of the second house(markesh bhava for Longevity or Lifespan) would be in the firth bhava for him and also the first bhava from moon.
    • His image needs special care that time and he has to avoid ego hassles and possible conflicts at that time.
    • Hardik Patel has to be careful about quarrels, mis-understandings and There possibility of separations.
    • Moreover on the down side one has to be careful about being cheated and one may want to keep the nerves cool.
    • He may see a lot of sudden changes and surprises in December.
    • His chance of meeting his future wife or life partner is high- he is having a double moon influence in his horoscope for 2017 ending and 2018. He has to keep a control on hatred and being egotistical.
    • health can be improved by being positive, take care about what he eats
    • We wish him all the best for the year 2017 and 2018 .
    • hardik pandya longevity lifespan kundli Horoscope
      About Hardik Patel

    • Hardik Patel was born 20 July 1993 and is an Indian social & political activist who led and led the Patidar reservation agitation for the addition of the Patidar’s in the Other Backward Class (OBC) qualify for reserved quotas in education and government jobs.
    • Hardik Patel was an average student and a cricket lover.
    • Hardik Patel after completing his twelfth class started helping his respected father, Bharat, to run a small business that was to do with fixing submersible pumps in underground water wells.
    • His father Bharat, a former BJP worker, met then Chief Minister of Gujarat and also herself a member of the Patidar caste, Anandiben Patel, when she held the Mandal assembly seat, in which Viramgam is.
    • Hardik Patel is a graduate of commerce from Sahajanand College, Ahmadabad and earned a Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com.) degree.
    • When hardik Patel was still in college, he opened a potable water stand at the Viramgam Bus Stand for social service.
    • From the academic view point he did not do great
    • Hardik Patel On date of 31 October 2012 joined the Sardar Patel Group (SPG), a Patidar youth body, and shortly , became president of its Viramgam unit.
    • This group has around 50,000 strong membership revealed that Patidar youth faced challenges while securing private sector jobs because of a slow movement economy, while they were shut out of government jobs due of reservation quotas and the expectation of bribes.
    • The patidars generally dealt with the diamond industry
    • In the year 2017 in the month of February, it was announced that hardik Patel would lead the Shiva Sena’s campaign in the state of Gujarat.
    • He has been accused of luxury prone living