Arbaaz Khan IPL betting- mercury strength horoscope

Arbaaz_Khan arbaaz khan ipl betting loss mercury strength horoscope predictions

Arbaaz Khan IPL  betting loss- mercury strength  horoscope predictions

mercury-planet arbaaz khan ipl betting loss mercury strength horoscope predictions

      Mercury states or Avastha’s and predictions for each state or strength  in Horoscope

  • If in the kundli or horoscope planet budha or mercury is in the prakash avastha or state – the person will have kind hearted and is charitable and also shows mercury.
  • It means person   good merit, also as mercury rules discrimination- so good discrimination is there. Also mercury or budha gives the capability to destroy negative or evil people
  • -If in the kundli or horoscope the planet mercury or budha is in gaman state or avastha, the person may visit the great politicians or courts also one may earn a lot of wealth as GODDESS lakshmi would be there for the person.
  • If in the kundli or horoscope the planet Budha is in the agaman avastha or state the same effects would be there as the gaman avastha and also would come to fruition.
  • if in the kundli or horoscope planet mercury or budha is in the sabh state or avastha – the person would be affluent and also be meritorious in any situation. The wealth would be that of kubera as mercury is ruled by Vishnu the husband of lakshmi ji the goddess of wealth. He or she could be like a king or a minister or good politician and may also have his or her devotion to lord Vishnu or lord Krishna . His or her devotion may also be for  lord Shiva and the person could be full of virtues and would attain full enlightenment.


What is arbaaz khan the bollywood actor-producer betting of IPL matches case?

  • While interrogating sonu jalan the kingpin of the IPL betting racket – he has told to the police the name s of several prominent names in bollywood who had betted huge amounts for certain IPL teams or
  • This was given by the anti extortion cell of thane .
  • The bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan is also one of them and  he has  confessed to betting on IPL matches. and said he allegedly lost over Rs 2 crore on bets.

 arbaaz-d1 arbaaz khan ipl betting loss mercury strength horoscope predictions

Birth data arbaaz khan

Name: Arbaaz Khan

Date of Birth: Friday, August 04, 1967

Time of Birth: 5:30 morning surya kundli taken for him

Place of Birth: Mumbai

Longitude: 72 E 50

Latitude: 18 N 58

Time Zone: 5.5

What is arbaaz khan mercury strength and placement in his horoscope?

  • Given the kundli or horoscope of arbaaz khan,Mercury or budha is the lord of the 12th bhava or stress for him and is in the 12th
  • In arbaaz khan’s horoscope or kundli ,Mercury or budha is at 28 degrees 57 minutes so is very weak or old- hence his stay in foreign lands or anything to do with foreign connections like IPL-Indian premiere league ( foreign players or team members) could  lead  to losses in money matters to do with foreign lands.
  • For arbaaz khan horoscope,The lord of wealth mercury or budha in the 12th (twelfth) bhava, and as mercury is the karaka for wealth in the house of expenditure means expenditure of money and yes wisdom.
  • Kindly note that arbaaz khan is born on 4th august, now 4th= rahu, and rahu impacts the mind and may compel one to take rash actions.
  • As in arbaaz khan’s kundli or horoscope Mercury or budha also rules the 3rd or third bhava for him and has moon close to it at 20 degrees. So suggests that he needs  to take very well thought actions in regard to money matters or keeping in company with young guys, else losses could be there.
  • IN his kundli or horoscope ,Note the twelfths bhava rules  confinement or jail as well, so he has to be careful in this regard.
  • From moon mercury or budha rules the first bhava or the lagna and also he fourth bhava , as it is weak in strength- and also rules his fourth bhava the house of image- it could cause great harm to his image in public.
  • Mercury or budha has conjunction with moon(Chandra) the second house lord so suggest money to do with status and flows could be there for arbaaz khan.
  • Also from moon sign or rashi  of arbaaz khan’s horoscope or kundli ,the cancer(karkat) sign gets energy of Jupiter (guru) the seventh lord or markesh and this sends energy to the mercury or budha.
  • The planet sun or surya in arbaaz’s kundli or horoscope is the tertiary markesh and a malefic also sends energy to mercury(budha), which means issues with the state or the government

What are Predictions for year 2018 for arbaaz khan?

  • For the horoscope of arbaaz khan,Saturn or shani the lord of seventh (markesh) and eighth house(sudden obstacles) or bhava is in the sixth bhava(vighna).
  • In the kundli or horoscope of arbaaz khan ,As seventh is his markesh and aspects the eighth and eleventh house or bhava he has to be careful with the law and police.
  • Also aspect on wealth and status house is there- so he may face strong image and status issues.
  • June 2018 could be hard and he could face mild confinement like interrogation that is going on.
  • Rahu in arbaaz’s kundli or horoscope comes in his second bhava of speech- so he needs to know what to speak and what not to and remain without fear .
  • For arbaaz’s kundli or horoscope , his guru or Jupiter the lord of sixth bhava and ninth bhava is in the fifth bhava or betting. So vighna or issues/debts or losses due to betting is a possibility.
  • IN his horoscope or kundli,As aspect on the seventh bhava or house is there so strong impact on career and yes his relationships is there.
  • Yes as in arbaaz’s horoscope or kundlu the planet guru or Jupiter rules the ninth bhava of his father saleem khan, so relief from his celebrity  father and bollywood script writer is there.
  • June ending 2018 and July and yes august 2018 could be hard months for him and he has to play his cards especially in   July 2018 ending or august  month may mean a standstill like situations and many not so comfortable events happening  for him.


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